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  1. American Toursiter Train Case for singles. Pelican Storm for doubles.
  2. Sometimes I hate this site. Sorry for multiple posts.
  3. LOL, I bought the last on on Amazon. It now says Out of Stock.
  4. Very cool. I have a fiddle book with a very large number of Civil War tunes that I play from, but they don't always translate well. I will buy your book and give it a try. I have spent some time sitting under a tree at the Manassas Battlefield playing Civil War tunes on the tina. Hope I pick up a few more from your book.
  5. General Purpose Barbed Tape Obstacle and I are good acquaintances. I already planned on calling it an accordion, good to hear that helps.
  6. Taking a domestic flight within the US in a couple of weeks. Would like to take one of the concertinas on the trip, anyone have experience with TSA?
  7. None of my animals pay the slightest attention except for Cyrano de Birdiac. He likes it, and makes a great concertina prop perched on my shoulder. PS looks like Cyrano pic did not attach. Will try again.
  8. Just a bit more dramatic than when I played Silent Night for the family gathering last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuZ1g2pYmZE
  9. I joined the Florida Accordian Association and started going to monthly meetings for a venue to play. I was astounded that these guys had no idea what a concertina was, and had never seen one. I have never come across another player. Closest I ever got was someone who invited me to see the concertina that deceased grandpa had left behind. I went looking for a treasure, and found a very cheap plastic toy. As it was I could do a scale on it, which was apperantly more than grandpa ever accomplished.
  10. LOL Bob, I was just loggin in to post this link. Loving my new Standard, perfect tune with the Baritone.
  11. I thought the Rochelle sounded pretty good. It is ugly as sin, and has stiff bellows, but they will refund the full price when you move up.
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