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    English concertina, irish flute, spinning, weaving, basketry and astronomy
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  1. This looks like an interesting beast. https://www.ukauctioneers.com/auction_catalogue.cfm?itemID=20E9CB0FD7D62CF5D3E5FECEFF580CE4E929A3C3&auction=21EAC30AD5&action=6&rangepage=12&currentpage=1&showLots=50&sortBy=lotsort&lotView=list&imagesOnly=N Chris
  2. One of my port of calls, when I visit the main university campus. They pretty well always have a few squeezeboxes in. (pricing is at the usually at the high end though)
  3. It's a mobile number, so may be set not to accept international calls .... they can cost you large amounts to receive as well as to send!
  4. Roy and his family, or the concertinas? :-) concertinas flying south for the winter, a nice thought
  5. Roy did some repairs to my concertina last year, he was good at answering emails. The address is on the Accordian Magic website. (He did say that they sometimes fled to warmer climes in winter though) Chris
  6. A bit further afield, there is a monthly tune session at the Eldon Arms in Knutsford around 9pm on the first tuesday of the month, ie this tuesday - 5thapril, where you'll usually find a couple of EC players (myself and another regular) plus a few melodeons, fiddles etc.
  7. In Stockport, you could try the Folk club /sessions at the Midway. http://www.midwayfolkclub.co.uk/ Linda (pictured on the webpage) plays EC and is a regular. Chris
  8. Our local auction house. We'll probably go along and look (DH wants to check out the fiddles). I don't expect any bargains here!
  9. Ladeeeees and gentlemen! Now for something completely different. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UkTl1ecJ46QQ (I was alerted by a photo in our local newspaper), but missed the performance in Tatton Park) Chris
  10. See here: http://rowlhouse.co.uk/concertina/pictures/index.html Looks like the rowlhouse site is down at the moment.
  11. The tuning of the two reeds is also likely to be marginally different which might give the feel of a different tone, especially if played as part of a chord.
  12. Having just listened to BBC radio4's saturday afternoon drama "Dead Girls tell no tales" on the 60th anniversary of the killing off of Grace Archer, it thought that the ARcher's intro music should count as about as English Trad as you can get, so maybe I can find an arrangement of this. (Its actually a piece called "Barwick Green", a "maypole dance" from the suite My Native Heath, written in 1924 by the Yorkshire composer Arthur Wood) ah-ha ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thearchers/entries/cf86ac12-7540-362d-8030-a2c3dffabe1e nope - links are gone. This maybe better http://www.gasworks-scratchy-folk-orchestra.co.uk/onlinescores.htm
  13. http://www.concertina.com/chambers/lachenal-production/ Have a look at the chart here - there are some confirmed serial number/dates to reduce the date span. perhaps mid 1890's
  14. My first Lachenal with the plastic ("erinol") buttons was a 60000 series number (Chris Algar reckoned it must have been almost the last one out of the door in ~1936) It seems the plastic buttons started around the late 1920's so your concertina will certainly predate that. (I think that you should be able to find the serial number at both ends - but wait for someone who knows better to confirm!) edited - crosspost - I see you've found the number :-)
  15. I always try clearing the browser cache if a forum starts behaving out of line.
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