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  1. They don't come with blocks; you have to make those to fit your specific instrument. The advert says: Approx Internal Dimensions: Height: 16cm Width: 23cm Depth: 17.5cm I don't have one here to check how accurate that is.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will apply for an EORI number.
  3. If you're looking for a new hard case for a standard sized instrument, Hobgoblin have these: https://hobgoblin.com/scarlatti-deluxe-concertina-case-std
  4. In theory it's possible to connect USB class compliant audio devices to most Apple phones and tablets using the Lightning to USB3 camera dongle. The dongle doesn't supply enough power to run things like powered mics, so you need some other way to get power into the device, e.g. by connecting a powered hub between the dongle and the device. I have used this method to connect a Steinberg UR22 MkII audio interface to my iPad, which I can then use to hook up standard analogue audio gear, e.g. a pair of condenser mics with phantom power. I assume there is something similar for Android devices.
  5. I don't really understand EORI numbers. Should I have one, as a non-VAT-registered sole trader exporting goods from the UK? Nobody has asked me for one yet.
  6. Only one small data point, but I exported some spare parts to the Republic of Ireland (£50 worth) earlier this month via Royal Mail, and they arrived a couple of days ago without any extra tax or handling fees. Perhaps they are currently overwhelmed and only bothering to tax higher value shipments?
  7. Something else just occurred to me. When I book a courier to send one of my products, I have to pay VAT on that (which I can't reclaim because I'm not a VAT registered business). I suspect that if I'm sending it to the EU, the recipient will then have to pay VAT on the full cost they paid including the courier's fee, so the delivery fee will get double-taxed.
  8. Also, because Mark is not VAT registered, he will be paying 20% VAT to the UK government on the cost of his leather, card, linen, glue, tools, etc. and is unable to reclaim that expense, so he has to pass it on to his customers in the form of a higher purchase price, which further increases the tax due to the Irish government on import.
  9. Usually true, but there are exceptions. Perhaps @Ciaran Algar would care to comment?
  10. I've not heard anything about a tax exemption for musical instruments. And yes, I have several EU clients on my waiting list who are now facing a significant extra cost.
  11. Does it? This is one of my major points of confusion. I wonder if, once COVID is more under control, a way around it in some cases would be for an EU based concertina player to travel to the UK with their instrument for a short holiday, playing music (not for profit) and doing touristy things. While they are here they take it in to a local repairer to have some work done on it, then they carry it back home with them when they return. Would that break any regulations?
  12. I don't know anything for sure yet, but it seems my EU customers will now have to pay VAT at their local rate when they import an instrument from me, which they didn't do previously (and my UK customers still won't), because I'm a small trader who isn't VAT registered. I initially thought the free trade deal meant there wouldn't be any customs duty, but I've since heard a number of conflicting things about that.
  13. You might also try asking the same question on melodeon.net as they use the same sort of reeds in their instruments.
  14. It was used during wartime, pre-radar, to listen for the distant sound of enemy aircraft. The listener would rotate it to find the loudest direction, then read the bearing to find the direction of the sound. Two or more bearings from different listening stations could be plotted on a map to triangulate the position.
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