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  1. Looks like there aren't may players thereof out there. Moving on...
  2. Yes I'm getting no reply whatsoever regarding an order placed in early April. I assume Mark is out of business permanently?
  3. I wasn't, erm, suggestion competition. At least not in a good way. I'll call before I order from someone else. It shouldn't be necessary for an online business, but like someone said he hasn't been well. Fingers crossed.
  4. well then, I'll just feel neglected and develop a complex. but in all seriousness, what an odd way to run an online business--to take orders but ignore emails. The Amazon model, I guess.
  5. I'm dealing with the same issue. Order placed, acknowledged, then radio silence despite multiple attempts to contact him. Unfortunate--I hope his health problems aren't serious but it seems like a slowly-going-out-of-business scenario.
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