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  1. I’ll repost it in buy/sell. I thought that’s where I posted the original. Whoops!
  2. Whoops I accidentally posted in the wrong section. I don’t know if there’s a way to move it? Joe that sounds good. Let me know when you’re back and we’ll figure it out. Thanks
  3. Selling my beautiful Kensington C/G 30 button, special Jeffries layout, 7 bellows. It is #88, new in 2020. It's a modern handmade anglo with handcrafted concertina reeds. Warm, vintage sound. Check Dana's website, Kensington concertinas, for audio sample. It has ergonomic handrests. Dana includes a pack of tools along with instructions on care, which will be included. This includes a Pelican Storm case (model # 1300) waterproof, shockproof, fully lined and fitted. I'm buying another musical instrument. $3200 + shipping & insurance (required). continental US only. Donation made to concertina.net
  4. Anyone have any experience with the Irish concertina company? They have 3 models, I’m particularly interested to hear about the Vintage and the Eiru. Both have concertina reeds and sound fabulous. Just checking out options to buy. Thanks
  5. Can you tell us more about the Jeffries? Thanks


    1. Bernie Doehner

      Bernie Doehner

      Oops sorry I didn't see your message until I was trying to respond about the Morse. In New Hampshire. Needs a new right strap. Has a C drone, may need a new bellows. I'll try to post both shortly if I can get in via the phone.



    2. Bernie Doehner

      Bernie Doehner

      Hi,  Just posted pics to Buy/Sell group. Any questions please let me know!


  6. He’s been out of town for a bit but it’s back and planning on doing next week as far as I know.
  7. For some unknown reason, I am locked out of done deal. Is this still available? Would it be possible to hear some audio/video, even something recorded on a phone? Are you willing to ship to the Us? I’m in Portland OR. Thanks Mary
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I’d have to rob a bank. Good luck
  9. This ad is on concertina.net. A G/D
  10. What are you asking for the John Crabb Anglo? Thanks
  11. Hi Pentaprism, thanks for taking the time to pass along this info! Very helpful!
  12. Can I get more info on the Anglo that’s 30 buttons? Thanks
  13. Thanks very much for the info. I too had an Edgley briefly but didn’t care for the tone. Nothing wrong with the Edgley, it just wasn’t for me. A friend has a Kensington and I love the tone. Good to hear that you’re hanging onto it. You mentioned you found the action slightly slower with the Kensington. Just wondering if you have any thoughts about that?
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