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    Concertina, melodeon & accordion enthusiast and repairer. Retired from repairing recently after 30 odd years, but still do the odd fix for friends.
    I play anglo and English, but not at the same time!
    My style on both is akin to a frustrated duet player. (Also have a Crane aeola).
    Happy to assist with concertina problems and give, hopefully, helpful advice.
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    Woolgoolga, NSW Australia

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  1. malcolm clapp

    46 Button Maccann Identity

    Looks very Wheatstone to me. I can't recall seeing wooden-stemmed metal-capped buttons by any other maker from this period.
  2. Ditto the Pacific :-( Don't know of a workaround, so guess I'll just have a beer instead....
  3. malcolm clapp

    squeaky reeds as mounted on top of the reedpan

    As previously noticed in the seller's photos, a good place to start might be to reduce the length of the chamber by adding another divider close to the tip of the reed shoe. And it perhaps wouldn't hurt to check that the reeds are securely screwed down....
  4. malcolm clapp

    Wheatstone 56 Key Aeola Amboyna Concertina Unbelievable Condition

    It is not uncommon, especially in older literature, to find a C reference pitch rather than the A which is commonly used today.
  5. malcolm clapp

    Who Made These Reedpans

    If it is a Wheatstone serial number, then certainly it would seem to have been built during the late Chidley period of ownership of the Wheatstone company.
  6. malcolm clapp

    Who Made These Reedpans

    Almost looks as if some of the valves (in the chambers) are mount on the other end to usual? Hmmm. Didn't think of that.... Any sign of other holes or remains of pins in the chamber walls, Ken?
  7. malcolm clapp

    Who Made These Reedpans

    The position of the number would indicate Wheatstone to me. Unfortunately, the number falls into the period when the sales ledgers no longer exist (or haven't yet been discovered???) I've not seen a Jones English with such a high number. Not saying they didn't; just that I've never seen one. One interesting(?) feature is that the valve pins seem a long way back towards the fixed end of (most of) the valves. Or are the valves just longer or further forward than usual?
  8. Whilst not suggesting, Halifax, that your original post isn't food for thought, I can't imagine quite how dropping a concertina might result in a cracked reed A cracked reedpan maybe, but surely not a cracked reed. Or am I missing something here?
  9. malcolm clapp

    Social Media Circles?

    Never had a problem downloading content with the (free) SoundCloud Downloader add-on under Firefox. The only drawback is that it is only available as 128kb .mp3
  10. malcolm clapp

    Social Media Circles?

    The radio, John? Is that what we used to call the wireless? And don't forget the somewhat elitist Third Programme. In our house, Dad hated it: Mum loved it! Can't recall much of the content, but I remember the rows disagreements Ah, nostalgia indeed.....
  11. malcolm clapp

    “Damp” Concertinas

    Mr B may have been a typo. Mr H (Hemmings) is much more likely as the description is obviously of the Abingdon Morris, though un-named. See http://atmd.org.uk/the-mayor-of-ock-street/ Also http://www.aaahs.org.uk/files/Morris.pdf and many related pages.
  12. malcolm clapp

    Squeezers In Sydney?

    Pity you were not there last weekend :-) Well, not exactly Sydney, but around 400 kms southwest at a folk festival in a little place called Numeralla in the Snowy Mountain region. Some nice sessions with three or four anglo players present at the "quiet" campsite, and a few others up with the noisy crowd at the top camp. Enjoy your trip, Stephen.
  13. malcolm clapp

    Anglo, English, Duet Relationships

    What's in a name? Did I not read somewhere that early Wheatstone anglos were described as "Anglo Duets" or something similar in the ledgers? And the Crane/Triumph was once described as an "English Duet".
  14. Think I'll call mine a Lachenal Palindrome on account of its number, though I'm sure there are many other examples around. First I've come across though....
  15. I've been working on an identical model recently, no.25152. Luckily, the ends on mine are not as badly cracked, despite a slight concave to both ends. Quote: "...and while the inimitable model looks most similar to this, I cant seem to find anything exactly identical....Any ideas what this is per se?" I was under the impression that the rosewood "Inimitable" model had less fretting than both yours and mine; the fretwork is more akin to that found on the ebony ended "Excelsior" model, so I'm as mystified as you regarding the model name (if any). "Inimitable with Excelsior-style fretting", or perhaps "rosewood ended Excelsior" might be suitable descriptions...or not! I'm not sure what features other than the fretwork and the finish distinguished these models apart; old Lachenal price lists seem to specify little else.