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  1. Oh my, my head is spinning from all this information, & enthusiasm. And thank you Kathryn for the link to your beautiful melodies which show me what is possible with 20 buttons. I’m coming to understand that i will have choices to make, & limitations to accept from this fun little instrument. I’m having so much fun playing my Anglo box, I will get one with more buttons & just see where that takes me for a while. I appreciate everyone’s input & suggestions, & look forward to hearing everyone’s music.
  2. Dana, thank you for your detailed response, full of good information, & I understand what you are saying, and why. I’m drawn to concertina because it challenges me to an acceptable level, as opposed to fiddle, a previous instrument. I am enjoying the fact there are several ways to play the same note, which requires strategy in playing a song, very cool! Though I read music well, I know to play in a music jam I need to play by ear, & have begun jamming with others already. I like that I can play softly in the background - much like a guitar - until I am confident. I looked at your website and am very tempted by starting with a beautiful instrument like that, but I think I will pay my dues with an inexpensive 30 button for a while. Then I’ll know more about what I want or would appreciate in a quality instrument. It has been really fun for me to now be able to play some beautiful old fiddle tunes that I couldn’t accomplish on the fiddle. I keep cranking up the metronome to increase my speed. Finally, I love the sweet & simple sound the concertina creates :^ )
  3. I’ve been playing a 20 button Anglo Trinity College concertina for about three months, and I love it! My goal is to be able to sit in with friends at music jams, such as bluegrass, folk, jazz, whatever is available. It is my understanding that a 30 button concertina is fully chromatic such that I would be able to play in any key, correct? If my goal is to be as versatile as possible, should I go ahead and get a 30 button now, rather than investing more time learning my 20?
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