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  1. Okay, I just ordered the manual & also realize I already own another 30 button, so there’s my back up. I started playing concertina with an inexpensive 20 button, quickly moved up to an inexpensive 30 button. Played it like mad for 3 months at which point one of the buttons quit working. A local accordion repairman fixed it but warned ALL the buttons would probably fail because the instrument was so poorly made. That’s when I got my Phoenix. So now I’m pleased to remember the previous 30 button cheapy which plays just fine. I’ll receive the repair manual in a few weeks which will give me time before the music festival to open up the Phoenix & see if I can sort it out. My husband is also very handy with instruments so I’m feeling very positive once again! LOVE concertina!
  2. Thanks, guys. I will definitely get that Maintenance manual, & I am relieved my concertina can be set right agin. Yeah, not needing to be tuned has been very much appreciated, after years of playing stringed instruments whew! I’m still feeling uneasy about going to this small music festival out in the sticks…I’m liable to be the only concertina there & so unable to count on anyone knowledgeable there to assist me, if needed. Yet I wouldn’t know what “next” concertina to buy as a “spare”, since I’m so happy with my Phoenix. Thank you for your helpful replies!
  3. I started playing one year ago, & got a nice Phoenix concertina from McNeela a few months later. I love it, & play at least an hour daily. Each time I pick it up, am struck with the pretty tone. However, now the (E-F) 4 button on the left side sounds really off: no longer clear, flat in pitch and in fading off sounds increasingly flat…brings to mind a baby calf, bawling. I know nothing about troubleshooting or any maintenance that might be required. How much do I need to know? There is an accordion repairman nearby, but I’m wondering if I should learn some general “fixes”. For instance, I’m going to a music festival in about a month & it occurs to me I’d be stuck if something were to go wrong. Hmmm…sounds like a good excuse to buy a second concertina :^ ) Any tips re: learning DIY maintenance, or the particular problem I described would be appreciated. BTW, I’m in Kansas City, & would love to connect with other enthusiasts.
  4. Oh my, my head is spinning from all this information, & enthusiasm. And thank you Kathryn for the link to your beautiful melodies which show me what is possible with 20 buttons. I’m coming to understand that i will have choices to make, & limitations to accept from this fun little instrument. I’m having so much fun playing my Anglo box, I will get one with more buttons & just see where that takes me for a while. I appreciate everyone’s input & suggestions, & look forward to hearing everyone’s music.
  5. Dana, thank you for your detailed response, full of good information, & I understand what you are saying, and why. I’m drawn to concertina because it challenges me to an acceptable level, as opposed to fiddle, a previous instrument. I am enjoying the fact there are several ways to play the same note, which requires strategy in playing a song, very cool! Though I read music well, I know to play in a music jam I need to play by ear, & have begun jamming with others already. I like that I can play softly in the background - much like a guitar - until I am confident. I looked at your website and am very tempted by starting with a beautiful instrument like that, but I think I will pay my dues with an inexpensive 30 button for a while. Then I’ll know more about what I want or would appreciate in a quality instrument. It has been really fun for me to now be able to play some beautiful old fiddle tunes that I couldn’t accomplish on the fiddle. I keep cranking up the metronome to increase my speed. Finally, I love the sweet & simple sound the concertina creates :^ )
  6. I’ve been playing a 20 button Anglo Trinity College concertina for about three months, and I love it! My goal is to be able to sit in with friends at music jams, such as bluegrass, folk, jazz, whatever is available. It is my understanding that a 30 button concertina is fully chromatic such that I would be able to play in any key, correct? If my goal is to be as versatile as possible, should I go ahead and get a 30 button now, rather than investing more time learning my 20?
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