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Irish Musican, palying hinself simultanously Concertina and Harmonica


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Some time go I found on Youtube Videos showing an Irish Musician pferming tunes at the same time on Concertina and JHarmonica )Moutn Organ=


Habe tried top vind jhim agani, and serached for jhim, but no success.


Somebody can infomr me how to find him again ?


Thaks in advance Joachim

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4 hours ago, Ken_Coles said:

Ken Sweeney in the northeast US also does this (two instruments at once).

Ken, like all the examples in the videos above, plays the English concertina while playing the harmonica. I would think the Anglo would be a better fit with the harmonica, as they’re both bisonoric, but perhaps it’s not so simple. Does anyone know of someone playing Anglo and harmonica simultaneously?

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4 hours ago, Takayuki YAGI said:

This looks anglo, but I am not sure, might be duet...

Yup, it’s an Anglo (30 button). You get a good look at it at the end when he takes his hand out of the strap, although from the way he’s playing it, it was clear long before that. He’s hardly playing it while’s playing the harmonica, though. Just playing drones on A/E and G/D (and a rare E/B) to back up the modal tune in A minor. Not nearly as sophisticated as what he plays when he’s singing or what any of the EC/harmonica players in the videos above are doing (none of which, by the way, come close to what Ken Sweeney does, playing a reel full of 16-notes—semi quavers—while playing a harmony line at the same pace).

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20 hours ago, David Barnert said:

Does anyone know of someone playing Anglo and harmonica simultaneously?

I regularly play a 30 button Anglo and a 10 hole harmonica in a rack at the same time.  It looks a lot harder than it really is.  I play in a duo with a singing cittern player, and it fills out our sound nicely on a few of our numbers.  I can't imagine the kind of brain it would require to play English and harmonica together though.


Edited to add:  I played harmonica for about 40 years before I picked up an Anglo, and remember when I was starting out on concertina that I had a tendency to hyperventilate, as I would breathe in and out along with the push/pull of the bellows!


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