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  1. There is the Wayne Collection of Concertinas and Free Reed Instruments at the Horniman Museum: https://www.horniman.ac.uk/explore-the-collections/musical-instrument-collection/
  2. In physics it was definitely the WheatSTONE bridge (the same guy) but I've always gone with LIVINGstun for the explorer. As to the original question I've never had need to pronounce it out loud but in my head it has always been La-shenal.
  3. Looks to me more like he is holding a lantern and a lighted candle with which to light it!
  4. I found a silly application today and couldn't resist pointing a few of our concertina related You Tube's at it: Concertina Cube Give it a few seconds and drag the cube to spin it around ... A bit of fun I thought Andy
  5. Hi Lady De T, Not me no. Can't say I even know what it is :-)

  6. Hmmm. Given that you'd need a complete paper trail to cover this I'm a bit lost as to how many laws will be being broken in the UK or US. Certainly any company willing to engage in such practices would never get a bean of my cash, as if they're willing to act in such a way they could hardly be considered honest & trustworthy. So the obvious question is..... What would be the best make of Concertina to play in prison? My favourite would be a Dipper Oh! They should be ashamed of themselves and sit there in remorse
  7. In Jurgen Suttner's "Concertina Maintenance" lecture, given at Eigse Mrs Crotty last year, he said that the single most important thing that you could do with regard to concertina maintenance was to keep the concertina in its case (prevention being better than cure). Andy
  8. You certainly did - it's in their 'Collection', includes real ale, postboxes, stiff upper lip... http://www.icons.org.uk/theicons/collectio...on/monty-python Andy
  9. ON a similar topic (well british TV at least), has anyone seen the latest Phones 4 u advert? Ever so slightly bizarre... http://www.phones4u.co.uk/info/adverts/Paddling.mpg
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