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  1. Cheers for the headsup, Bill. The next time I have to open it up for whatever reason, I shall consider doing the replacement.
  2. Ok, took it apart again this morning. It was a friction fit, however the seal had been partially glued between both the outer shell and the action, so a scalpel was needed to cleanly separate the two. Turns out there were 2 issues I could see. Firstly, the button shaft wasn't sitting snuggly in it's little canal; it was able to wiggle back and forth, more so than the other buttons. A few pinches with a long pair of pliers was able to reduce that. Secondly, I think the scraping was coming from some gunk buildup underneath where the button connected to the shaft. It's pro
  3. Cheers for the reply, Bill. I did give it a little pull, incase it would come apart, but being inexperienced I didn't wanna break anything. I'll maybe try give it a firmer pull. I think I remember the fabric seal was sortof glued on, so removing it to have a look might require more glue to reattach. But hopefully I can just expose a little bit of its to have a look. I expect if it's screwed near the edges that there'll be more than one screw, so I won't need to pull apart the whole edge if I don't find a screw after a certain amount. I wanna make sure I've got a firm pl
  4. Hello everybody, I am wondering if anyone can help me get access to the action of the left-hand side of my Concertina. I am a new concertina player, and own a cheap Scarlatti to learn on. I have recently found my left-hand G/A button (button 5 by Gary Clover's tablature) is starting to click/slight-grindy-crunchy-noise, and sometimes becomes hard to press in. Something is not quite right with it, but I am unsure what; the mechanism might just require some lubrication, or something bent back into place. I am hoping the issue will become apparent after I can see the mecha
  5. Hey Gary, Thanks a lot for this, I shall give it a try and see how I fair! Martin
  6. Link seems to be working now. This is an incredible resource, thanks for sharing!
  7. Hey Gary, Nice to chat to you, and thanks for helping me out. I am not from Arkansas (I googled Arkansas and razorback to find out you were meaning sports teams), it's just a username I chose as a kid, whose reason/origin for picking is now shrouded in mystery. Any hints on what kind of music book you'll be producing next? Martin
  8. Hey David, Thanks for this. The original song does actually jump to the key of Em halfway through, and changing to this would allow me to play on the first 2 rows. All the F#'s are all still on the pull, however, so we'll have to see if that'll be an issue. The chord progression will be: Em, Bm, Am, B | Em, Am, G, Am, Em, Am, B/Bm, Em Em: Push only Bm: Pull only Am: Push, and pull in a higher octave (sounds wrong) B: Pull only G: Push or pull Bm: Pull only Had a quick look of chords on the left hand, and as far as I can see this is the
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to these forums. I'm from Scotland, I have been playing accordion on/off since 2008, and recently picked up a concertina from Red Cow Music. I've started with a cheap 30 button anglo c/g Scarlatti concertina, as I am just starting out and didn't want to buy anything extravagant to begin with (until I know if it's something I want to continue with). I have been playing through Gary Coover's Easy Anglo 1-2-3 and Pirate Songs books, and enjoying them so far! I am finding the bellows control to be much more important than with the accordion, and that little air intake b
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