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  1. A fun tune to play. The chord progression from C, to CAug, to C6, and finally to C7 is unique to me (at least in my musical experience). Very bouncy. Birabuto_Kingdom.pdf
  2. The Bygone Days, from the Studio Ghibli film Porco Rosso. Not seen the film, but was introduced to this track, and quite liked the sound. Been some changes to my work life recently, and so this song fits nicely with my mood currently. TheBygoneDays_JoeHisaishi_PorcoRosso.pdf
  3. I do not, as it is not a song I have attempted to arrange. I know a version exists though; Ryo Concertina on YouTube. Unsure if you could learn from watching his finger placements.
  4. Reviving an old post, but over a year ago I transcribed @Timv's playing, did a few tweaks of my own, and uploaded my score to MuseScore. But in the end I never got around to making a recording. Re-visited it again recently, did a few more tweaks, and got a recording of my own. @Smcd I know it's been over 2 years, but if you're still interested in the sheet music it is linked below. Have a great day everyone! The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island_Theme__Michael_Z._Land__Concertina.pdf
  5. I learnt about Stan Rogers via The Dreadnoughts, and The Dreadnoughts via the concertina. Was looking for how some of the shanties in Gary Coover's book should sound, and found the Dreadnoughts had versions of Fire Marengo, Paddy Lay Back, Whup! Jamboree, etc. Listened to more and really enjoyed their version of Northeast Passage before realising it wasn't their original song.
  6. Arrangement for Anglo Concertina of Dear Old Stan by The Dreadnoughts: The hardest bit was trying to match the beat of the lyrics, they're all over the place! Overall, very satisfied with the arrangement. Maybe just a bit more "oomph" needed during the chorus. As always, sheet music attached. TheDeadnoughts_DearOldStan.pdf
  7. Really nice rendition. Never heard of this song, but I shall have to look it up now. I grew up just over the river in Maryculter (early 90's to late 00's) back before the bypass and when the Old Mill Inn was still standing. My partner grew up in Peterculter. It's a small world.
  8. When @Samuel Chapman approached me for my help (and not knowing anything about the song he was working on or show it was from), I found myself whistling it for days after. I became enamoured and also wanted to pursue a version, so I double checked it was ok with Samuel first (he approached me for help with the song, I didn't want to take anything away from him). To ensure I wasn't stepping on Samuel's toes, I approached it in a different key; going a semitone up into Dm/D, instead of C#m/C#. These keys are much easier for harmony with a C/G Anglo, and although not in the original key still sounds fairly similar. Big thanks again to Sam, whom I never would have known of this song's existence without. Over_the_Garden_Wall_Into_The_Unknown.pdf
  9. This was all you, dude! @Steve Schulteis did most of the heavy lifting for me with his great MuseScore plugin.
  10. I played Accordion for 2-3 years back in 2008, stopped playing during Uni. Got really bored during lockdown here in the UK (I also got into 3D printing and slingshoting over the same period due to boredom), and eventually gravitated towards the concertina. I knew they had existed for years and was mildly interested, but the cost put me off. 2021 I had a job and could afford a cheap one, I was reminded they existed playing Sea of Thieves during lockdown with friends, and bought a cheap Scarlatti 30 button C/G. It weren't great, but it got me hooked. The size was far easier to pickup and play than the accordion, so I found myself playing it more. Plus I've always been a fidgeter, and as @Cathasach mentioned it doubles as a great finger fidget toy. After 6 months I began hitting walls with the limitations of the cheap concertina, and began saving for a better one. In 2022 I bought a Marcus Music concertina, and have been having a blast since.
  11. Bit of an issue with the sheet music, I may have left home for Christmas without uploading it to MuseScore 😬 It may have to wait until Thursday 28th at the earliest until I upload it
  12. A Christmas-adjacent tune, from a snowy level in a video game. The original sounds sort of like an Irish Jig, with whistle and violin. Perfect for a concertina.
  13. It's coming into Christmas, so it's Christmas tune time! Not a movie from my own personal childhood, but it was for my partner. Still a nice tune to play, can't go wrong with a bit of John Williams. Somewhere_In_My_Memory.pdf
  14. Another video game classic tune, from the Game Boy games that started it all. Nothing too difficult to play here. Some of the F chords are lacking the F and more heavily on the C, but it's due to bellows direction constraints. Sheet music coming shortly! PokemonOpening.pdf
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