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  1. Hallo from Germany I am sarting building my fist set of bellows, repairing 20 button Lachenal. I sahh try and trust to succed to replace its old 5 fold bellow. Fou nd in time today this topic and want tell you that I found very helpful all the information here exposed. May inform laer my expereince. Less bad, taht I have two Concertina Makers not too far from my place, eady to give me their advise. I try it inspite of my Low Sight handicap, so thir guide and control is needed. However I trust, taht making the third set, I may be not a master, but able to produce smeting satisfying my needs. Regards and good wihes to everybody. Case my work has acceptable results, I may take fotos and show it here, for others whjo wánt to do teh same.
  2. Simon, unable to recover your post to my PM, please repeat to my e-mail addres bamboomotion.. Thanks in advance JD
  3. Hi DAvid, Have sent my message to Like succesfully. Thnnk you so much ! JD
  4. Thanks DAvid. I understand Always learning new tings. Very helpful. A pleasure to have met you here and having found your inspiring Music. Cordially Joachim
  5. My admiration to Alex and David, great minds: To Alex for all the echnical information around Concertina Building. If I could afford I would like to buy one of your instrumetns ! To David: Have been listening right nos some of your tunes Dr. Sleep, particulary Coilsfield House which is one of my favorites. Womderfully performed I understand on your Duet Concertina. I think I shall use some of recordings as an inspiration to look how much I can adapt yoour playing and play myself on my Anglo Wheatstone Mayfair, actually in repair. Ehre wem _Ehre gebührt, more or less meaning Honour to whom honour deserves ! Joachim
  6. I thank you Alex and you David for youur attention, 🫠Ian afraud it may appear to be stupid, but I do not know what to do or how to use @Luke Hillman, is this a complete e-,ail adress, or possibly I shoould write e.g. concertina.net@Luke Hilman ? Please help and explain me which would e the correct address for contacting Luke. Thnaks again. Abd David ; 😃 Great minds think alike ! If I understand right on teh bse of my defectous and limited knowledge of the English langauge, than it sounds very kind and nice to me. Animating or MOtivating. I do not think that it really needs great mind for thinking with empathy. Best wihes Joachim sallyconc.mp3
  7. Thank you, Simon, for your quick coment. I am a low sight handicapped peson and I am learning mainly by ear Actually I am trying to omprove my playing level, learning onöline with Edel Fox from OAIM Here at the time I am learning new fingerings, playing across the rows, I am a beginner. Due to my limited sight capacity, I see easier the red and green lights, at least it helps. By the way, Edel uses this system only with the beginers lessons. I admit sometimes this lighjts sometimes are causing a loss of concentraton. So I would say, the idea to search for the mentionned light system comes mainly to me, due to my personal limitation, but also I think it can be of help for one or the other person. Eventually one could install such a system in a way, one can connect it or use it if one feels that it could be of help, at least when starting at the beginning. Forgetting about my sight problem, I would tend to share your opinion. Once more thank you again. I think I shal follow my search and learn ho compcated it maybe to be installed properly. But your advbise will certainly make me think a bit more about. There is also time to decide, snce I shall anyway neeed time to prepare equipment and to learn to produce Videos properly. I have seen in your concertina.net profile, that among many other intersting things, you are also an experienced person, producing Video. If you want to give me general adice and or tip, I wold be grateful. Eventually yoou could transmit such information to me persnally. Best regards Joachim Delp
  8. Would like to contact Luke, but did not find any mail address. Planning to prepare some Video Tutorials for Beginners on the Anglo Concertina I am searching for information referent "Optical infomration in form of clored lightening cricles showing which Button is pressed and if pushed or pulled". How could be the correct denomination of such an electronci optical system, allowing a research? Working with Luke Hilman´s Tutorial "Orange Blossom"m he uses in his video such a system, which I find qite usefu. Also in some videos worked out by Edel Fox such a system is used. Anybpody, please, can indorm me whre to find such system, software or whatsoever,? Thanks in advance . Regards Joachim Delp
  9. Some time go I found on Youtube Videos showing an Irish Musician pferming tunes at the same time on Concertina and JHarmonica )Moutn Organ= Habe tried top vind jhim agani, and serached for jhim, but no success. Somebody can infomr me how to find him again ? Thaks in advance Joachim
  10. Some time ago I fund cntact to member called Anglo Iris Man or Concertina Player, or Irish Abnglo.... performing Down to Sally´GArden. Hes has an own homepage. Can locate it again. Who can help to find him ? Thaks in Advance JS
  11. Have been very busy and have read your message only now. Yes, I am delighted with the idea to inerchange smoe Music and learning one from tghe other. Presumably we ae omore or less of a similar level as players. Give me please a bit of time, I shalll leave for Spain, holyday and vbusiness, and when I cme back I shall try,perhaps together with my freind Phillip to record some music for you,., which I jhope you wil like Think I shal send ir to you to mail address. Can imagine easily, tha we shall enjoy together and learn or get some mpulses for new tings. I am very jhappy with the idea. Regards Joachim We play generally Folk : Irish ,German Basque tunes (Ilike very much) some Russion and also some pouular music. Perhaps some day we can met in _Slovenia or in Germany and can play diretly together.:)
  12. thnak you vwery much. The Midi file is assistance enough, easy to play. Wht do mneab wuith cores ? Do you mean notes. Yes u can see and understand note sheets, uin cnditon I am magnifying them enough.m but when magnifying enoujhg, thanoften I cannot rwead several notes at the same time,I mustread note by noet, not a impossible misson but tedious and time consuming. Anyway yoiu have helpend me Thamnks.
  13. Me to I wolöd like tolearn to play the tune. But I am low sight handicapped and I am learnig to play by ear,notg too badly. Do you know of any sound sampleor cold you play anad record for and send me. I am wellpreapred to do so for others who want to learn different tunes. Thaks for your attention.
  14. Love it, inspiring ! Perforemd nn a D/G tuned Concertina ? Is it yuo, who plays teh tune Edelweiß? I am learning to palydifferent styles, but I like also to play in a ximilar way as you do. Me alone and together with my fiend Phillip we are playng similar tunes occasopnally in one or the otehr Biergarten. And people enjyo it. Kenn to learn more fromyou, I amredy to record some of our beautiful tunes for you and you gie memroe of your stuff ?
  15. I am actually ion the spot to buy an odl McCann duet, which nees to repair.I want to learn to playit. Wantto understand. Fod info and even tutor burt for Crane or Jeffries Duet. I amconoscient, taht the JHaydn duet is eaier to learn that the old Deut cncertinas. Do you agree? Waht are the main differnces between the metnionned Duet cncertinas, eg Fgeffries and McCann. Any aadvise how to learn to pllay teh McCAnn ? Than you ikn advance for your comments. Joacim De,öp
  16. Thank you ! Like it very muhc. Marvelous ! JD
  17. Gut gespielt ! Bravo! Will ich auch lernen ! Der Wunsch nch einem Treffen, ist jetzt stärker n och geworden ! Mein leiner en kel, würde jetzt rufen: Mehr, Mehr ! Herzlich Joachim
  18. Who can help me, giving me a step b y step explnation, how could do what the title is asking Thank you in advane Cheers JD
  19. Now I have seen it, my mistake not tyoing the i. The corrected address should ow be working Please excuse my mistake !
  20. Thanks for your reply ! Yes have one for you.. Pleasew try again to my emal: bamboomotion@gmx.de I may have made amistake, when informing my addess earier. Wait your notice Codially Joachim
  21. Ha ve not forgottenm here we are celbratin Easter fiests. May be I cannotz giv e some more concrete info until Tuesday. Regards Joachim
  22. Would like to learn what kid of Concertina may b e the Wheastone no. 21. Would be gatef ul if you infor me by desrition and or goto . Thak you in advane
  23. MattA have you tried to cntact me ? I have been travelling ad could not attend my mail box, as I would hav e liked to do. and it semed t me that I have seen soeting, but cud find your message or ogically readit. Pleae epeat and f want : here is my mail address: bamboomoton@gmx.de Regards Joachim
  24. Dear marxstadter after the secod world war USA helped Europe Thank you merica for the Marshall Plan , for the US airplaines in the sky of Berli, etting sall seet bombs, cn taiing cccolate and other desirable thing which eere scare at this times. Thank you cigaetes, Music, Elvis Presley Babys etrc. To give you b ack a little bit too, now it is our term to help you generously Now serious: If you yet not been able to resolve this magter, I supported b y Mr. Harry Geuns can help, smost likely any you need + advice how to doit, in copndition you send or photgraps plu descipion of this parts and its location inside the Bandoeon. So, I invite you, tell us n detail what is needed, what does not work properly documentating as detaied and good as possible, and shal hav e in stock, Harry´s stock or mine, and if not together we can find what may b e needed oherwise. Harry is a well kn own B aneon Rsorer and Build, ein earler times he aslo has buil the Euns Concertina, in its time qitte wekk know in the UUSA. A geins hybid conrtina was ,my first goo cncertina. I I have admade you curious, here is teh ink to Harry´s web seie, which can perhaps can transmoit you an impression, what this kind man is capable. He is not only a good and expeience Bandeon Maker, he is also a very good, exellen fllow. I have not asked him if I am alllowed to menton is name here, an d in the beginning I did not thnk to do so. I guess he agres. Want to make clearthis is no promotion letter, m, neither him nor me, we do not need, speciallly him does not need such a thing, Well, no it is your turn, wrie me abd we sha reply you quicly and shal try to asssit ou, so teh Arnold can be working again a fes days. Joachim http://bandoneon-maker.com/contact/ There ill be no invoice for a few spares !!!
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