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  1. Some time go I found on Youtube Videos showing an Irish Musician pferming tunes at the same time on Concertina and JHarmonica )Moutn Organ= Habe tried top vind jhim agani, and serached for jhim, but no success. Somebody can infomr me how to find him again ? Thaks in advance Joachim
  2. Some time ago I fund cntact to member called Anglo Iris Man or Concertina Player, or Irish Abnglo.... performing Down to Sally´GArden. Hes has an own homepage. Can locate it again. Who can help to find him ? Thaks in Advance JS
  3. Have been very busy and have read your message only now. Yes, I am delighted with the idea to inerchange smoe Music and learning one from tghe other. Presumably we ae omore or less of a similar level as players. Give me please a bit of time, I shalll leave for Spain, holyday and vbusiness, and when I cme back I shall try,perhaps together with my freind Phillip to record some music for you,., which I jhope you wil like Think I shal send ir to you to mail address. Can imagine easily, tha we shall enjoy together and learn or get some mpulses for new tings. I am very jhappy with the idea. Regards Joachim We play generally Folk : Irish ,German Basque tunes (Ilike very much) some Russion and also some pouular music. Perhaps some day we can met in _Slovenia or in Germany and can play diretly together.:)
  4. thnak you vwery much. The Midi file is assistance enough, easy to play. Wht do mneab wuith cores ? Do you mean notes. Yes u can see and understand note sheets, uin cnditon I am magnifying them enough.m but when magnifying enoujhg, thanoften I cannot rwead several notes at the same time,I mustread note by noet, not a impossible misson but tedious and time consuming. Anyway yoiu have helpend me Thamnks.
  5. Me to I wolöd like tolearn to play the tune. But I am low sight handicapped and I am learnig to play by ear,notg too badly. Do you know of any sound sampleor cold you play anad record for and send me. I am wellpreapred to do so for others who want to learn different tunes. Thaks for your attention.
  6. Love it, inspiring ! Perforemd nn a D/G tuned Concertina ? Is it yuo, who plays teh tune Edelweiß? I am learning to palydifferent styles, but I like also to play in a ximilar way as you do. Me alone and together with my fiend Phillip we are playng similar tunes occasopnally in one or the otehr Biergarten. And people enjyo it. Kenn to learn more fromyou, I amredy to record some of our beautiful tunes for you and you gie memroe of your stuff ?
  7. I am actually ion the spot to buy an odl McCann duet, which nees to repair.I want to learn to playit. Wantto understand. Fod info and even tutor burt for Crane or Jeffries Duet. I amconoscient, taht the JHaydn duet is eaier to learn that the old Deut cncertinas. Do you agree? Waht are the main differnces between the metnionned Duet cncertinas, eg Fgeffries and McCann. Any aadvise how to learn to pllay teh McCAnn ? Than you ikn advance for your comments. Joacim De,öp
  8. Thank you ! Like it very muhc. Marvelous ! JD
  9. Gut gespielt ! Bravo! Will ich auch lernen ! Der Wunsch nch einem Treffen, ist jetzt stärker n och geworden ! Mein leiner en kel, würde jetzt rufen: Mehr, Mehr ! Herzlich Joachim
  10. Who can help me, giving me a step b y step explnation, how could do what the title is asking Thank you in advane Cheers JD
  11. Now I have seen it, my mistake not tyoing the i. The corrected address should ow be working Please excuse my mistake !
  12. Thanks for your reply ! Yes have one for you.. Pleasew try again to my emal: bamboomotion@gmx.de I may have made amistake, when informing my addess earier. Wait your notice Codially Joachim
  13. Ha ve not forgottenm here we are celbratin Easter fiests. May be I cannotz giv e some more concrete info until Tuesday. Regards Joachim
  14. Would like to learn what kid of Concertina may b e the Wheastone no. 21. Would be gatef ul if you infor me by desrition and or goto . Thak you in advane
  15. MattA have you tried to cntact me ? I have been travelling ad could not attend my mail box, as I would hav e liked to do. and it semed t me that I have seen soeting, but cud find your message or ogically readit. Pleae epeat and f want : here is my mail address: bamboomoton@gmx.de Regards Joachim
  16. Dear marxstadter after the secod world war USA helped Europe Thank you merica for the Marshall Plan , for the US airplaines in the sky of Berli, etting sall seet bombs, cn taiing cccolate and other desirable thing which eere scare at this times. Thank you cigaetes, Music, Elvis Presley Babys etrc. To give you b ack a little bit too, now it is our term to help you generously Now serious: If you yet not been able to resolve this magter, I supported b y Mr. Harry Geuns can help, smost likely any you need + advice how to doit, in copndition you send or photgraps plu descipion of this parts and its location inside the Bandoeon. So, I invite you, tell us n detail what is needed, what does not work properly documentating as detaied and good as possible, and shal hav e in stock, Harry´s stock or mine, and if not together we can find what may b e needed oherwise. Harry is a well kn own B aneon Rsorer and Build, ein earler times he aslo has buil the Euns Concertina, in its time qitte wekk know in the UUSA. A geins hybid conrtina was ,my first goo cncertina. I I have admade you curious, here is teh ink to Harry´s web seie, which can perhaps can transmoit you an impression, what this kind man is capable. He is not only a good and expeience Bandeon Maker, he is also a very good, exellen fllow. I have not asked him if I am alllowed to menton is name here, an d in the beginning I did not thnk to do so. I guess he agres. Want to make clearthis is no promotion letter, m, neither him nor me, we do not need, speciallly him does not need such a thing, Well, no it is your turn, wrie me abd we sha reply you quicly and shal try to asssit ou, so teh Arnold can be working again a fes days. Joachim http://bandoneon-maker.com/contact/ There ill be no invoice for a few spares !!!
  17. Yes I am well ! Thank yu Seth. But I annonced to tell the tota truth And for one or the other it may remind to smilar expiences. So: Ahuman fing clicked the button "Biy Now " not eally inntionted and the accdent happned. The concertina has bee bid and won as it would haven desiraby b y me. But, ???, I don´nt stil excatly how it could happen. The concetina sas bee payed from my wife´s Paypal account. And she thiks I am v ey ill and cazy speding too much money for conertinas and cannot understand why I am doig this. We can establis a far and raional comnication abut thi isshe- For netter understanind i mst say, that my family only a few weeks ago, had o live nearby he limits of a reasonable standard of Life. And only some short time ago, I receive luykjly at the age of 73 !!! a pension from the Spanish Government, where I ahve been living and working the bigger art of my Life and addianally it happened, that I received back draw payent of about 12 montsh. 12 x motlhly monthly pension, which has bee some thousands of Euros. this allowed to pay off all my debts, accumuae over the years !!! And the rest now is pend and translaed in a nice numbrt of Concertinas. a ew beautiful ones,. nice payable ones, and the b igger numb er for leaning even allowing me to destroy , in my learning by doiong process. And I couold alllow me to order to Dana numeer 093 Angolo, which is ow in cosruction and mayb e piked by me personall still this year. It is supposed to be the best instrument Dana will have ever made :), :). That is our deal !!!! Well my wife at abut 1.00 h am shouted deseparately to heaven, when she fund sseth´s concertina on her account, sayingh bad words about my son´s father. My so did d all he coud to mae possible that this money could return to his mother´s account, used my Paypal account to transfer the amout to his mothes accoutunt. As revenge and men of pressure she kept the oney and did not return to me as a kind of compenation of her Concrtina sufferings from my side. When I came back home from cinic, i supported the situation peacefuully , trying to re-establlish peace- Meanwhile I have received my moey back, just a few days ago, And yes, I mzst confesss, I suffer from Concertinitusm and I am very happy with ikkness, and hae done meanwhile my firt succesful repair and progress. And I culd convince my wife, that she is my b eloved nd b eatiful wife to whjom I owe prt of my health and hainesss. But long time relationships somestime it occurs that frome heaen n young years,. ne entres into a hell after sme 4ß yeas of partnership, but I achieved also that she s ccepting with pain, that her young husband, finay - when not to far awy from........... finally will not support educational presure from anybvod, but onl wil accept kind adie and tpps, but at the end will do what his conscience and sense if resonsabitly - yes, I have it :), allows him to do. I am tgrying to ive finally my live, withut presusure of a great men, but terribe father, teachers, still beatin g the kids in the olde times, and the the dicty<roship of a well tinking bu equivted wife, and teh demans and pressure a man suffers nd enjoys hwen is under the pressur and obligation to care and educate children succesfully, and withut bein my exlsuve merit, has now 5 sonderful daghters, one well appeared you ngman and hard working son, plus six grand- schildren, plus the bew memer of my marvelous family, son in law, aughter in law and artners all well aduced, sme extremeyl succssfulll ylready in youn g years, well about 18 pesons to love and to enjoy. Well, I ahve now surpassed by fr, what i prende to wirte and most likely not reaaly of your nerst. Butg it is done. Perhaps there is one or the other smiling now. I am afraid I am ot the ony one whos occasioallly has been or is on conlct with his relaes and the world, due to his illl and crazy relation ship to fre reeds But we are ot only happy, we are living fulifilled Life thnnks tothe concertina nd the music and our forum and concertina friends We are sometimes adly treated Minority in tis world, with our own Langauge, Culture and Lawa:) We shuld demand and fight for Autoomy fr our Gvernmenss Viva la Cncertin a ! Bye Joachjm the chattyx concertinist an
  18. No Seth, this interpretaton is also not toally correct, but you do not kow alll details and background I don´t feel acused and don´t feel the need to deend myself, since are ot accusing me. This is understoodd. Ishal give my version within a day or two, since now without almost hae slept enouugh and have to keave home for r#travelling all day today, I do not do it know. I am still half drunk due to lack of sleep. iT IS NOTHING DRAMTIC; BUT FUNNY AN PRIVATE. Nevertheles for entertainment and lougin the story is good enough, the totally true story I am called a chaty Concertinist, and tis is I am afaid true, but ceranly not only chatty. And the most important point for me, that my stomach tells me Yiu are a great fuy and it must be a pleasure o do business with you.
  19. You could also contact me to my email, you fin in b perile.
  20. Absolutely worth to be repaired- I am locaed n Ermany and i repair modestly old German Concertinas. Have seveal old Concertinas in stock fpor spare and for beeing repared or upcycvled. I am in contact here with some Erman REpairers and Makers, have one specially in mind I bopught from him a schepaer but beautiful ccnertina. This man should ba capab le to help, presume and he is a fine guy. If you athorize me and if you cannoz quicly resolve your problem in your place I offer my assitance. I am sitting nerer to the fountain and I am going qute frequently to Klingenthal, Chemnitz and Dresde. In Chemnitz I know a BAndoneon Club. Might be worth to take contac with them in my labuage. So, tell me if you want me to do some effoprt, what I wuld do with a great pleasure. Joachim
  21. I feel the need to explain a bit better, what I have stated bbefore: I mpretended to buy from ermyn a concertina he offered at ebay. It id not function due to my faults. He resolved the problem I have created, partially due to my low sight problem quickly . If you Seth read this, i apologize once more,that i caused problems to you.- Hope to meet Seth, when tavelling this year to USA, if Covid wil allow. I am o sure if I should or not have written this, but I felt s I had to do it. Joachim
  22. Congratulations ! Fine instrument, loooks beautful and sounds well. And I want hee to confirm, that al you say about Sthe Hamon is right. And I would say more after having had some story with him. I appreciated him as being very fair and generous. Joachim
  23. Hello Concetina Fellows out there This reflects more or less the big smille, I am having on fce, produced by one of the above mentionned instruments afer a long waiting time, due to Covid and I crry this smile ininterruably on my face until today, bacaus my new instrumetn makes me enjoy som much. U have b een readingher sme comment about Mayfair vs. other modernmade hyvrid concertinas and I there may b e some interest to read what I have to say. The one I got, from UK for a fair price, not perfect, nut in good working condition, makes me happy and provoques to play it much more frequently, than I ahve used my China Mad Tina, distributed in ireland. When I say n ot perfect, I mean it has most likely never perfect, to accomplish with the premsses, under which these Concertina may have b een build in its time. And ot perfect due to some minor defects, which I can fix or shall make fix by moe qualified püersons than I am. Bellows: 7 fold for harmonic playing, very smooth , flexiuvblble pushing and drawing, a lot of air Action; quick and no noises Reeds: Sounding very nice, not too mch different fomr traditionl Concertina reeds. I undersand the reeds may b e Italian ones, but I wonder who has made them, Excellent, good dynamics from origina, I think , but can be improed, by adjsutments and fine tuning. Acuall there are some reeds which respond at equale or similar Air pressure a bit differently. Butons: I have some sticking ones, thos buttons should remain in a slightöy deeper position, when not pressed. When pressing their is produced some braking and slight stucking, since the point of the keay soes not enter cleanly into the hoe. I think I know how to dot, some fine adjustment n the levers, I guess. Oover all: Beter than double pripced vintaeg Lachenal, I have received earler. Beter than the not b ad Swans, Blackthorns etc. Comparable to some modern hyb rid accordion reeded middle class instruments, Not a good than the higher priced hybrid concrtinas when new in some details. This is compnsated with difference by the chame and feeli ng of this vintage instrument. And it can be easily improved, avoidig the stickings, valving me of the reeds or b etter al of them, improving to a almost proessional type dynamic. I am in love with this instruments, which is no beauty queen, but is, as i like, more and better function and service than it appears. NOt fancy at all. The meal ends could be of a more beautiful dsign, but once cleaned and polished up softly, also the appearance will be impoved. It has imprved my playng so much, that next Tuesday I shalll be some hours moving through the streets of Damrstad and make Music. Curious if omevody will ask to sstopü producing ugly loud nosises or if people will pay me for running away, or if I shal receive some little money, because my playing may be capable to produce one or the other smile. If somebody wants to know about my experience as a newby as street musician, he can ask me. If smebody wants to selll his Myfair, i would be happy eceving offers. Bye 😄
  24. Alex, thank you ! I shall reply with mor detaul tomorrow, maybe I had written aleady quite a lot, most likey anyway too much, and now it makes me angry and it is n o fun to write all again. It is again already midmight here, and i do not sleep enough these days, so....
  25. Hi Dana, you make me smile. So much honor for me ?😃 I share this opinion, in condition that I understand it correcly, only one post, but a helpful one + the offer to ask fore help if needed. That is more tha enough, I amvery glad. and less work to reply to to other friendly felllows 😄 How is ging numger 093 ? I am here speaking with the creme d la creme It seems I am a VIP Thank you
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