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Monti's Czardas


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As far as I know there are only two piccolo-sized trebles in existence ( correct me, if I'm wrong! ), both metal ended. One is in New York in able hands. I was lucky to buy the other one on ebay off Chris Algar a couple of years ago. But unfortunately mine is a late model, and I never liked the action and the ends... But I found out that with a little twist the ends can be swapped around with a normal piccolo Aeola! However such a small instrument uses a lot of air, so the original sixfolders didn't quite do the job. Hence I asked Steve Dickinson to make me a new set of bellows to fit the reed-pans of the metal ended piccolo-treble and the ends of my Amboyna piccolo! Out came the finest concertina I ever had!! A normal treble now seems bulky to me...




The original bellows and ends are in the process of being converted to MIDI...

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I wonder if this tune has been successfully attempted on a top quality Anglo ? It requires some extremely fast and nifty changes of bellows direction but ( in theory ! ) it is perhaps not an entirely unrealistic challenge ?


I imagine it would be possible, but as you say a challenge, on a 38 or 40 button anglo, but I ask myself what more the anglo could possibly bring to the table? It seems such a perfect piece for the English system? I think the fingering patterns on an anglo would make it more difficult to get up to speed. But anyone going to try?



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