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  1. Thank you kindly, Defra.    I said nothing rude or insulting to anyone, and I also expressed my ability and willingness to ignore all this Zuckerbergian nonsense if that is what people here want.  The fact that expressing my own distaste for it in a waggish manner has so many panties in a twist is shocking . . . yet not surprising, unfortunately.   Part of the new social-media groupthink is that one is rude and a troll if they  don't jump enthusiastically on the cattle car of the day. 





    1. Defra


      Yes, but I do find it shocking that people on this site, of all places, are jumping on the band wagon too. That shows there really is no hope. Oh well, back into the shadows for me but at least your reaction shows that at least someone else shares my views.

      Keep up the resistance.


      All the best,


    2. Don Taylor

      Don Taylor



      I agree with you and with Defra's response.  I tried to post a reply in support but I see that Paul decided to have the last word and then lock the topic from further discussion.  He should have remained neutral before doing so.

      Ah well, I fear that this Zuckerbergian nonsense will destroy the group.  Maybe it is time to take up the Melodian...

      Best wishes,



    3. Defra


      Cheers Don, but please, anything but the melodeon...

  2. [[[Was looking at how you managed to swipe my signature]]] It was the old, Copy + Paste caper.
  3. Whoa, thank you, roving eye. These are so nice. That carpet-bag full of concertinas that Cormac lugs around is the GREATEST. This shade of robin's-egg blue on the walls is perhaps my favorite color, and excellent way to take a convent to its next existential phase. Can't get over that fresco of a cherub with a CONCERTINA!
  4. If it's the Beaumont, I advise going for the option of tipo a mano (AKA "TAM" or "hand-type" or "hand-finished") reeds. It's not that much more expensive, and the response is a tad quicker and suppler. Not saying the "super Durall" factory reeds they use as standard are horribly resistant, just saying, the TAM response is a little faster and more supple. The TAM reeds do sound a bit brighter, which some don't care for in the high notes, but I like the response as well as the clarity the added brightness gives you in the mid-range and low notes. I've got the TAM reeds in two Morse Geordie
  5. RE the OP's question. The bandoneon has all notes. Obviously the chromatic bandoneon has all notes in both directions, because it is unisonoric. With the main two types of bisonorics, nearly all notes occur on both the push and pull, though this differs. According to maker and player Klaus Gutjahr, the German layout gives you this, while the Argentine layout has a couple of notes on the left side that don't recur in both directions. Some makers now offer Argentine-layout bandos with some extra notes over the traditional 142, to close that gap. But that is a different question from,
  6. Chromatic bandoneon is a bandoneon. Bisonoric bandoneon with Argentine layout is a bandoneon. Bisonoric bandoneon with German layout is a bandoneon. They are all bandoneons. It is the reeds, the size and shape, etc. No one in the real world of music understands them as anything but bandoneons. They are built, played, and sold as bandoneons, because that is what they are. The added descriptives will tell you what type. Chemnitzer, while viewable as a bandoneon, gets the chemnitzer appellation due to having different number/voicings of reed sets.
  7. Yes, wondering from the badges if this concertina has post/lever rather than riveted action?
  8. This is the idea behind the 37-key trebles some of the hybrid makers do. Morse, and I believe, Marcus. I think Wakker also does an EC with fewer super-high notes. Nobody plays those high notes for trad music, and losing them lightens and quickens response a bit. I like a 48--a TENOR 48, that is. Or a BARITONE 48. The high notes on a treble are a ridiculous waste of the ergonomic area where your fingers fall comfortably on an EC. If I'm going to have more than 37 ish EC notes, I prefer lower notes--on a Tenor, they are are delightful for adding some bass sounds as well as for playi
  9. [[[is that the recording aspect you're struggling with, or rather the recording process?]]]] I don't know how you mean "recording aspect" versus "recording process," but it is the tech aspect I'm allergic to. I don't even post photos when I've sold instruments on the internet, allergic to figuring out how. I sell in person, price fairly, and describe truthfully, and they've always found homes with delighted purchasers.
  10. Peter, I don't think I've seen that photo of her. It is luminous and numinous, and thank you.
  11. I've bought a few of the releases by Raelach, and always buy the CD version. But I must admit it's very convenient with that label that if you buy the CD the price includes digital download and unlimited streaming of the recording. I do tend to listen to tangible formats---LP, cassette, CD. But the realization that so much stuff I consider vital portions of the Trad Alexandria is disappearing, has me thinking about putting the stuff on the hard drive and then making my own homemade 2nd-copy CDs to play while keeping the original in the pantry. Much for thought in all this. I was readin
  12. There is gentleman playing tango on an Aeola, on YouTube. And it sounds lovely. Different from a bandoneon, bien sur. But lovely all the same. The search words are: Tango on Alto-Aeola. Then there is a minor-key, "melancholic" Polish tango on Crane duet. The search words for that one are: Polish tango ostatnia niedziele
  13. He appears to be fingering the tune on his EC on camera, at least, more or less. But the track on the sound doesn't seem to be what he is playing on camera, does it. There's also something un-concertina-sounding about what's on the track. But it doesn't sound particularly accordionish, either.
  14. I remember Dympna O'Sullivan telling me she would not reissue her original solo CD, "Bean Cairdin," once the original run was gone. And lo, I see this beautiful recording is not available anywhere. Custys only has the second one. I've really been in the dark and out of touch RE, the status of all this. Your point is well-taken, Peter, but it's sad. Perhaps those in a position to decide, will make some of these recordings available again as mp3s. I always like a tangible object, but it's wonderful to have the mp3 option as an alternative to, nothing. The Lucy Farr solo fiddle record
  15. I've never posted audio or video to the internet. I don't know how, and have always felt enervated/appalled at the process of trying to figure out how. I guess sooner or later I've gotta break down, and will probly start with audio at that point. RE what the tangueros call the arreglo for rendering "La Boheme" on EC, I probly won't attempt 100% continuous bass oom-pah throughout the entire thing. WIll probly attempt touches here and there under the melody, plus bass oompah in the gaps or spaces where the melody pauses between phrases. This is not a hard tune. It will be easy to g
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