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  1. I do like to look at ridges across a foreground of fields
  2. Thankyou, I do love a good bit of scenery!
  3. Yes, now you mention it I can really hear the French influences. Isn’t it funny that you don’t always notice things like this at the time. It’s possible there’s a classical waltz influence behind that somewhere. But basically it feels good under the fingers!
  4. That’s what I was thinking of, yes, violinistic. In the sense of “lies under the fingers, feels good to play” sort of way. However the concertina version sounded strange hence having a laugh!
  5. Whilst I can see the use of having tunes that people already know, it would also make a lot of sense to have easy tunes that lie well under the fingers and are concertina- istic (if that’s even a word 😆)
  6. I agree, the recording app on my phone is an absolute godsend!
  7. If that's a malady, then I heartily wish you never recover!
  8. This is a warm and wistful waltz for 20 button anglo. It came about after a walk into the sun through trees on farmland just west of Worcester. I'm not quite sure why it came out like this, but it all got just a teeny bit Sound of Music somehow! I shall probably whirl around in a meadow come the late spring! The first section of this tune uses the melody in the left hand, accompanied in the right. The middle section swaps roles. It feels good to play and just dances along.
  9. I am reminded that this one has a relentless restless, frustrated energy, letting loose! https://youtu.be/lpiDeZRWIMs
  10. Thankyou, I see what you mean. It’s really interesting and useful to find out how a tune comes across to others! I can’t always guarantee where my tinkering around will take me, as usually I’m channelling a feeling or playing around with an interesting pattern of buttons or movements! Perhaps I need to get lost and frustrated on trips more to produce more like this one 😆
  11. I got the bug for anglo concertina by being given a Scholer anglo by a friend who had seen it in a charity shop. It was in Eb/Bb and the arrangement of the notes was the same as a 20button anglo (rather than the one the OP posted) i.e. enough to intrigue me. I even came up with a couple of new tunes on it. So, yes, they're definitely useful!
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