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  1. Hi Mike, it wasn’t me who asked what an arrangement was, it was Rebecca. Nice reply though!
  2. Thanks so much, CrP, I’m glad you like it! The recorded sound was quite straightforward in that the accordion was fine straight out of the phone I videoed it all with. The Anglo however prefers a small handheld recording device. I panned the two slightly away from each other but there aren’t any effects
  3. You sure can get some interesting chords on an accordion! Mind you, quite impressed by the anglo in terms of interesting dissonances! But yes, it doesnt half punch through with a strong melody!
  4. Thanks Jim! Goodness, that looks so much fun! I miss a good dance. That is very toe-tapping indeed. Do you tend to mostly play the tune in that ensemble or the lovely acoompanied harmonic stuff we listen to here? How is it playing standing up for long periods? I have done that on a piano accordion but for some reason I just havent ever played standing up with an anglo yet - I should! I wonder if it can lend more of a weight/emphasis.
  5. Thanks for that! So useful. The Anglo is really taking the lead there with the accordion doing a light rhythmic accompaniment throughout - I like the added harmony notes in the Anglo (I would definitely like to play around with adding in more harmonic material!)
  6. Lovely! From a listen, am I right in thinking that could be doable (to a large extent?) on the 20b apart from not having the all those gorgeous low notes!
  7. Thanks JimmyG! From the discussions on the piano accordion thread recently I assume you play?
  8. To be specific (I generally play harmonically on 20b anglo) When I came up with one of my first tunes, it started as a single line melody (they dont always. I love the shapes of chords you can get on the anglo! So some things might come from wanting to explore a chord shape and what happens when you move that shape on different buttons). I wanted to have a quieter slower, more thoughtful version (with smoothness so fewer bellows changes but also quite a bit of freedom in the tempo, slowing down or getting a bit faster). I wanted that bit to reflect how one might sing it (a
  9. Hello! I call an "arrangement" when I think about how I am going to play a tune on the concertina (in my case 20b anglo). Any style/genre of playing can involve arranging tunes. What is the mood of the piece (or within the piece how does the mood change?), how fast am I going to do it, what sort of articulation (do I want a section smooth or articulated differently? Am I going to highlight a repeat section by treating it differently? Might that mean a choice of buttons to use and whether on the push/pull.) How will I use the bellows in different sections to
  10. I forgot to say! If anyone has any videos/examples of piano accordion and anglo combinations that you think work well, I'd love to see/hear them! Many thanks
  11. This is not a harmonic treatment of my 20b, but me playing around with what sounds nice on piano accordion with a single line on anglo - as a start to exploring a bit more what the two instruments can do together. I have more than one piano accordionist friend locally who I love meeting up with, so its nice to start working up some ideas. Can't wait to see what we can do with a harmonic anglo + PA (I suspect being quite sparing and subtle with the PA might be the way forward but who knows..!) Early days..
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