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  1. Ive played scottish bagpipes for approx 25 years in bands, solo playing, military tattoos, weddings, funerals, graduations and many other public events. In retirement, I decided to find a way to play publicly in small settings with my talented music teacher wife(piano, cello, bass guitar, etc) so I resurrected a set of lately used shuttle pipes (440 pitch) and we used them for several years..pre-pandemic Given the limited range and keys available for that instrument, I looked for something else. I now own a beginner 30b english stagi and find it a good fit to play with
  2. looking for an english concertina I can play duets with another instrument (Cello or piano) with wife. Less scottish style music and more popular for senior listeners. With pipes, I do a lot of that genre already Thats why Im focused more on english key layout. Franks concertinas look fantastic yet Im not looking for an anglo at this time Im getting my stagi repaired over next few weeks and will keep plugging away on that until a suitable upgrade finds me.
  3. I was initially with Georgetown pipe band (5 years), then moved to Streetsville Pipes and Drums (11 years), then Lorne Scots (2 years)..When I retired and moved to Meaford, I played with Beinn Gorm Highlanders in Collingwood (4) and Beaver Valley Pipes and Drums (3 years). All non competitive..Done a lot of solo event playing over the years so am always pushing myself. started at 44 years of age with 2 of my 3 sons so will never reach grade 1. Played in some nice military tattoos over the years and helped with Queens york rangers at Fort York for a few years I have played shuttle p
  4. Ive spent 25 years playing the Highland bagpipes and started my concertina journey a few months ago. Unfortunately the 30 button stagi style english model now has a broken spring on a C note (on staff) and need of tuning on a D note (under staff)..sounds like D# is there anyone you recommend that could address those 2 issues? alternatively, I dont mind looking at better models since I find the stagi action a bit restrictive (yet currently acceptable) Brian Wood Meaford, Ontario
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