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  1. Hi, Yeah, sorry for the confusion. It's a Rochelle, I ordered it through http://www.concertinaconnection.com/.
  2. It's time to pass this guy along. It was my first concertina, and I played it for about a year. It's a couple of years old, and still functions as it did the day I got it. Asking $200 + shipping Cheers!
  3. I would much appreciate the serial number for your Lachenal concertina (stamped on the reed pan inside each end).

    My guess is around 150000. Thanks for considering my request.

  4. For sale here is this great Lachenal Anglo. I picked this up from the button box about a year ago, and I've really enjoyed the time I've gotten to spend with it. They dated the instrument to c. 1912 era. I've been told that this is amongst the more highly prized of lachenals. The button box performed all of the normal maintenance/repair work that would be expected: new valves and pads, freshly tuned reeds etc. The Bellows are nice and seaworthy. It is in virtually the same condition it was in when I bought it. The action and reeds are very nice and responsive, the instrument is quick and easy to play. The tone is very sweet, not overly bright at all. This doesn't get played much anymore, so it's time for it to find a new home. Bone buttons. Metal ends. Wheatstone layout. Comes in the box on the table in the video I paid 3,150usd to button box, so I think something in that neighborhood would be appropriate for an asking price. Thanks! Willie
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