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  1. Please do send me a private message for more photos as uploading them here is a nightmare with the size restrictions
  2. This concertina has already been sold.
  3. This concertina is now sold. Thanks for looking
  4. Price reduced to £800 but still open to offers.
  5. ** NOW SOLD** Hi I’m selling this rosewood anglo Lachenal which has recently come into my possession from an antique shop. It is in original condition, unplayable and needing quite an intensive restoration. Seems to have been well used and abused throughout its life but luckily the reeds have not been destroyed and are in rather decent condition. The serial number is 157289, and the reed layout corresponds to that of a C/G model. I will let the photos speak for themselves but I’m happy to answer more questions and provide more photos privately. It comes with its hexagonal case. The asking price is £700 or nearest offer + shipping. Would prefer to ship within the UK only but might consider shipping abroad at the buyer’s expense. I accept PayPal and bank transfer. Located in Buckinghamshire. Thanks for looking.
  6. Left and Right hand (ignore the numbers).
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