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  1. And one more thing --- It does pay to do a little light research before doing these things. If I would only have read THIS before creating the label copy, I wouldn't bumbled the number. Oh well. Live and learn..... and repeat the process.
  2. I just knew that somebody around here would notice that. Even as I was creating the .svg file in the previous post, I suspected that I'd have to catch a whoopin' for getting the address incorrect. And I do believe it is incorrect. Upon reviewing your much clearer photos, I believe that the correct address should be 350 because I basically just guessed while tracing the label shown at the Concertina Museum website. That image is neither very large nor particularly clear and so, faced with uncertainty, I pointed the mouse and pressed "fire". The file is easily corrected - I created it using Inkscape - and I will happily do so if consesus is that the number is 350. Or you are all free to download a copy and put in any number you like. It'll probably only matter to owners of Jones 'tinas but I enjoyed creating it on the sly when I was supposed to be working on boring routine design work.
  3. A reasonably clear scan of an existing Jones label can be had http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00343.htm here. Or if you'd like a cleaner scaleable version have a look at what I did here. and here
  4. Aaaaaiiiieeee! So close, and yet, so far. Your right here in the same state. But it's still over 200 miles. One way. Is there anybody further north?
  5. Very tempting. But I'd like to see a list of song titles....
  6. its real shame is it was my 'go to' place for ABC conversion. btw. yep I've been away for a while from cnet, but I'm back. lol Um, the Convert-o-Matic is still there, you know. If you hurry, you can still do tune searches and download via the Wayback Machine. use this: http://web.archive.org/web/20120813020642/http://www.concertina.net/tunes.html to access an old copy. The browse function still works, or if you know how to manipulate the URL's arguments, you can still search for keywords. Hint: play with adding/modifying this: ?action=search&keyword=trumpet (at the end of the link).
  7. You might try Smythe's Accordion Center in Oakland, though I'd suggest calling first to see what he's got in stock. Smythe's is a delightful place. And on my last visit he'd had a bulletin board listing all sorts of area happenings involving squeezy-box thingys. Sadly, I have yet to find anyplace between Oakland and Medford (Oregon) that even knows what a concertina is, let alone sells them.
  8. Actually, depending upon how you intend to present/publish this information, using plain-text XML might work better. It would be a relatively simple process to create a webpage with the video embedded in it along with the controls needed to sort/format & present the information. It would be cross-platform/browser independant and eliminate the need for Word or other proprietary software. Someone with a website would simply need to offer to host the page....
  9. Very, Very Nice! And extra points because it's one that I'm familiar with...
  10. Lookie heeree! Navigator - The Pogues (for the basic chords...)
  11. Fabulous! Flowers & Chocolates to both! "Snowflakes" is delightful and you two play beautifully!
  12. Old Cowboy tunes - by which I mean songs sung by old cowboys for old cowboys, and sometimes about old cowboys... Down In the Valley Streets of Laredo Back in the Saddle Again Tennessee Waltz Don't Fence Me In John Henry The Wabash Cannonball The Old Cowboy's Lament Tyin' a Knot In the Devil's Tail And some other stuff like: Trumpeteer's Lullaby - (see the Tune-O-Tron) Bolero (well, not yet, it's proven very complicated) Tu Fidelidad (a Spanish-language hymn)
  13. Not on a school night. Because it's way too far to drive there and back and I can't get the following day free. But I'd LOVE to see/hear that rag up close as it's the sort of thing I really dig. Maybe next time.
  14. Nicely done! That's got a good fun sound to it. I certainly did not notice any "wrong" notes. Good for you! ...wait. Now that I've thought about it, it's terrible. You should quit playing the concertina altogether and send your Edgley to me...
  15. TG4 (the Irish-language televison network, not the TrannyGirl 4 musical group) worked ok out here in California. And we're out in the woods here. But over standard DSL, the videos played well. I've never seen this before. There's hours of fun to be had... KSC
  16. Doesn't work with the SeaMonkey browser, either. Told me so in Dutch. Seamonkey and Firefox both use Html5.0 rendering engines. HTML 5 does not support the frameset tag. It's been deprecated. So using them just causes both browsers to skip rendering those parts. Also, there's a DOCTYPE declaration error which is further confusing the browser. Use the W3C's validation page for more info and hints on how to fix.... And now, back to our regularly scheduled thread....
  17. In addition to your message here, go to Oakland and visit Smythe's Accordion Center. Concertina's are sold there. And a lot of fans of squeezable instruments pass thru too. Ask the owner if you can post a note on the store's bulletin board. ....
  18. Thirty Years a Stage Musician Thirty Years in the Old Music Hall The Rich , The Poor, The Pretty Comedians I've seen 'em all But of all those lovely young ladies One who could sing a bird off a tree Is waiting for me with a nice cup of tea Outside of the old stage door. (repeat last phrase) Is waiting for me with a nice cup of tea outside of the old stage door Maybe?
  19. Buy the Rochelle. Just like with any other instruments, the balance of cost versus "quality" is highly personal and complex. Search for the hundreds of other cnet threads if you want to read a thorough list of arguments on the subject. Then just buy the Rochelle.
  20. Ah phooey. Now I have to get a Myspace account. I hate My$pace. But this Cafe Noir stuff is good. I may have to buy....
  21. Which type of Concertina is best? a)The one being played by the puffy, bald-headed, traditional concertina expert b)The one being played by the pretty girl at the other end of the bar. c)The one that's been smashed to bits by the guitarist (or envious accordionist) d)All of the above. Sort of depends on your criteria for "best". What might appear to you or me as a redundant or idiotic question, may well be a turning point in the future of a budding musician. I'd say it would be very arrogant of either of us to assume any right to discourage, alter, or manipulate the forum's response to this or any question. Not to mention highly unlikely to suceed anyway. Next thread please...
  22. Twenty Thousand Dollars? Sheesh. I only paid 15,000 for my brand-new GMC truck.
  23. Are you being watched by Homeland Security? My bet is it's a DNS server or ISP issue - Browser code doesn't have trouble finding internet addresses - they don't do any finding. The browser submits the request to the server, the server does the finding and fetching. Plus the fact that they all do it suggests that it's not a glitch in any one program, but rather occuring at the common factor - the server which they are talking to. Solutions would depend on what happens when your problem occurs. Are you getting any error messages?
  24. I wonder if THIS would work? Or any of These. There seems to be a world of people with leather issues....not just concertinists. This sounds like a good research project for someone - to determine just how well this stuff would serve to fix/patch a bellows.
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