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  1. Hello & Happy Holidays, I am trying to view programs on TG4 here in the US (Colorado) and having difficulty. I can get to TG4 but when I try to access a program ie, Tommy Mc doc or Geantrai I get a "http" error. Anyone out there familiar with this or know of a fix. Thanks Mark
  2. Hello, does nayone know the names of the Gavottes on The Eagles Whistle album by Michael Tubridy? Thanks Mark
  3. Sad news indeed, his "Tom Carey" CD from 2009 is one of my favorites. Mark
  4. Any recommended, available recordings in this style? Thanks again, Mark
  5. Anyone familiar with The Seaman's Concertina instructional DVD by John Townley? thanks Mark
  6. This is a really nice recording. Anglo with accompaniment on various tracks by Josephine Marsh on box and Therese McInerney on fiddle. Got it as the Button Box here in the US. Mark
  7. Whom else would you put in the "mature" catagory? Mark
  8. Anyone familiar with his playing? I see he has a new CD just released. thanks Mark
  9. Good on you Bruce and hello to John and Patrick. What a great class. I walked in with the sheet music crutch and walked out without it! A huge step forward for me. Definately hope to attend next years camp. Mark
  10. Thank you so much, lovely music. Is Kitty planning on releasing another CD, seems like I heard something that she might? Mark
  11. This is a beautiful CD. There is something (to my ear) distinctly different about her playing but I can't quite put my finger on it. Any insight from you Irish Anglo folks out there? Thanks Mark
  12. Started on the banjo (5 string) many years ago, the guitar and lap dulcimer and finally the Anglo. I now enjoy the concertina the most. Such a lovely instrument. Mark
  13. Isolated mostly, usually play alone or with my wife. There is a session about 20 miles away but I'm probably in bed before the first pint is tipped! Mark
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