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  1. Steve Mansfield

    Videos on playing chords for English Concertina

    Works for me - nice video (and nice concertina, is that a Wakker? )
  2. Steve Mansfield

    Keeping instrument dry in rain

    Unfortunately our lot are often quite happy to dance in the rain, which means that either they accompany themselves by singing (which, from experience, nobody wants to hear), or we play in the rain ... we go for the plastic poncho Boil In The Bag look
  3. Steve Mansfield

    It's going green!

    Great, thanks Geoff. I was worried it was going off 😀
  4. Steve Mansfield

    It's going green!

    So that’s actually the original colour coming back through, rather than a concertina lurgy?
  5. Steve Mansfield

    It's going green!

    My treasured 1854 Wheatstone EC has developed an alarming green tinge on some of the leather work; photo attached which tells the story better than a thousand words. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening, and anything I can do to reverse the green that's already developed? I always keep silica gel packs in my concertina cases and I'm not aware that it's got damp (it's not been played outside for example). All advice much appreciated!
  6. Steve Mansfield

    New British £50 note.

    I’ve nominated CW as well for services to optics, mechanics, and concertinas
  7. Steve Mansfield

    Microvox mics and foot pedals

    Just as another alternative what about putting a simple A/B switch in the chain? I’ve got a Boss AB2 on my bouzouki which works a treat and is completely silent even without anything plugged into the ‘off’ socket, but there’s loads available. That would make the chain Microvox belt pack >> 1/4 inch cable >> AB pedal >> 1/4 inch cable >> DI box >> xlr >> sound engineer’s gubbins
  8. Steve Mansfield

    Top octave on English

    Thanks for all thoughts so far, & it’s working. @d.elliott I’m mainly doing this on my new Morse baritone so the tuning is pretty spot on: but after seeing your post I tried the same on my Wheatstone treble, and things are, er, a bit more scrobbly up there ...
  9. Steve Mansfield

    Top octave on English

    I’m looking to get much better at using the top octave on my 48 key English for octave-hopping, variety, and because those buttons are there. I guess it’s basically down to practice! But, taking that on board, has anyone got any useful brain tricks or exercises to help my fingers get used to the fact that up there, everything is on the other hand and the other row compared to playing the same notes an octave lower?
  10. All congratulations to Mohsen Amini, crowned this years BBC Folk Awards Musician of the Year on Wednesday. I think Im right in saying hes the first concertina player ever to win the accolade! Also Lankum took a couple of gongs with Radie Peat on anglo, so it was a good night for concertinas in the Folk Awards this year. https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/em6v9r
  11. Steve Mansfield

    Sheffield Sessions Festival

    Im just the other side of the Peak District but prior work commitments get in the way - as you say, hopefully next year. Friends who have been speak very highly of it (and are there at this very moment!)
  12. Steve Mansfield

    Bandonion Feature On Bbc Radio 4

    If you download the podcast there’s another tune from the Santiago Quartet, another Astor Piazzolla composition. Lovely stuff
  13. Steve Mansfield

    Line Numbers In Easyabc

    As regards the original question, If on the menu you go Settings >> Cold Restart That will clear any customisations you've made including accidental ones. If that fails it's a full uninstall and reinstall. If the font is still tiny after doing all that, it might be that another program on your machine has updated the font that both EasyAbc and the other mystery program use - and, quite frankly, good luck tracking that one down!
  14. Steve Mansfield

    Line Numbers In Easyabc

    EasyAbc may just not have been seen often enough by Norton to gain sufficiently high reputation; email them and question the blacklisting. That is exactly what I did with EasyAbc being blocked by Avast, so if you're running Avast and download EasyAbc without problems, you're welcome. I can certainly see the argument that AV is better blocking something it doesn't recognise, particularly from somewhere like SourceForge, rather than letting it through by default!
  15. Steve Mansfield

    Using 'p' (Parts) In Abc Code...or Not

    Are you writing the abc to generate sheet music or to generate MIDI playback? Abc2MIDI, which is the standard playback engine in packages like EasyAbc and AbcExplorer, does have some issues around the D.C. syntax, most of which can be resolved for playback by being very particular about where you put your repeat marks (and, of course, using the correct !D.C.! syntax rather than adding the markings as text.) For most standard repeat scenarios the syntax is fine, but abc2MIDI does struggle with really complex repetition layouts. Where I would agree with Jack is that we'll be able to help more with an example of the code. As a side issue could I try to persuade you off of the outdated and non-standard Abc2Win onto one of the more moderm packages like the two I mention above? They're free to try and keep, Abc2Win hasn't been updated for many years and you're missing out on a whole raft of updates to the syntax that will make your scores so much nicer .... [edited for typos. Too early in the morning.]