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  1. I’m working on a church harmonium-style arrangement of one of our songs on the Morse baritone EC. I might post a sound file when I’m done - though i say it myself, its coming on nicely!
  2. I play chordal accompaniments on my Morse Geordie, and although you have to put some thought into bellows direction I rarely run out of puff. The Geordie also has an air button in place of the top b, which can be useful in ‘leaking’ a bit more air into the bellows - but can also catch you out if you transfer a tune from treble that goes up that far, and instead of a top note you get a breath of air!
  3. Chapeau! That’s really good, thanks for posting. I do like concertina reed trebles playing with accordion reeded baritones ...
  4. Did someone take you up on this or can I buy it off you?
  5. Very very old thread - but has anyone got a copy of Phil Hopkinson’s book that they would be willing to part with, or any idea how to get hold of a copy? My EC chording is stuck in a rut and this sounds like the perfect inspiration!
  6. The book is very well produced, nicely laid out with a very readable music font, and small descriptions of the origin of each tune. Best of all it lies flat on a music stand or desktop so is very easy to use and play from. The tunes are notated with the melody plus chord letters; to be greedy, it might have been nice to have had one or two full concertina parts transcribed as an example. Well worth getting for the dots from Meanders and the definitive version of other tunes of Rob’s, finishing with a few pages of versions or rearrangements of traditional tunes. Excellent stuff.
  7. But if you’ve got a, er, mixed ability set in front of you, do you play to the best dancer, or the worst, or ... I try to aim at the middle. If I get roughly equal complaints that it was too slow and too fast, I reckon I’ve done a good day’s playing
  8. The Eurosession I go to uses dots (although off-piste is not discouraged) as this is a good way to allow people who aren’t that confident with the balfolk and Scandi repertoire to get involved and discover the joys of this music. This can lead to a bit of parallel playing rather than playing together, but usually works quite well. a standard English music session I would hope to work without dots to let the musicians interact with and listen to each other - the joy of a session for me is when the group works as one by listening and reacting to each other, rather than the dreaded parallel playing recital that so often happens. So I’m literally in two minds on thsi one depending on context!
  9. So what are those of us who play both concertina and mouth-blown bagpipes (not simultaneously I hasten to add) meant to make of this? I’ve been told more than once that I look severe whilst playing concertina, I need to cultivate a more serene expression...
  10. +1 for Musicians Insurance Services. Cover includes gigs and theft from a locked vehicle, and although I’ve thankfully never had to claim myself, I’ve heard very good reports from unfortunates who have. To @Little John ‘s point it would take me approx. 40 years of my premium to replace all the instruments I’ve got insured.
  11. I would want to know more about Revrd. Hilier and his ‘playing upon two instruments at once’ ... if that didn’t draw the crowds I don’t know what would!
  12. The Jackie will get you plenty far enough to know if the English concertina is for you and does what you want it to. They are by far the best beginner EC at their price range. You can then make the investment in a better instrument secure in the knowledge that the EC is right for you, and everything you learnt on the Jackie will transfer across to any future instrument.
  13. Works for me - nice video (and nice concertina, is that a Wakker? )
  14. Unfortunately our lot are often quite happy to dance in the rain, which means that either they accompany themselves by singing (which, from experience, nobody wants to hear), or we play in the rain ... we go for the plastic poncho Boil In The Bag look
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