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  1. thanks theo, i'll be having a look again tomorrow... John there's one on ebay for 49 pounds... While trawling the net i fell ove this little beauty which has go me dreaming
  2. "doesn't sound" might be a not too serious affair, as I had detected some stray grains of sand between the non-sounding reed and the reed shoe back then. Had been just a bit tricky reaching all those poor stricken reeds... I've had a look in the back and there was only a large box, presumably holding the bellows - so i took off the piece of wood on the front just under the keys and found a long thin box that i'm guessing holds the reeds, but with no obvious screws or latches that would aid in removal. I was going to just say heyho and live with it or rather without it but that C is needed in every tune I've tried to bash out so far. So tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find some diagrams on the net,
  3. I haven't had a look inside yet, a low g is buzzing badly and the "middle" c doesn't sound. And i think the bellows might have sprung a few leaks- you have to pedal like mad to play chords and melody at the same time (damn good excercise that) - but it has a great tone and what is amazing is it sounds quiet when you are sitting at it but can be easily heard 6 metres away.
  4. Here it is newly arrived 275 dkr including delivery sorry for the off topic post couldn't find anywhere else to put it
  5. The ring and middle finger have a shared tendon , try putting your hand flat on the table, palm down and bending your middle finger in under your hand, now try and lift your ring finger without lifting any others... I had a similar problem when first trying to finger pick on the guitar and spent hours holding my hand vertically and then trying to bend each finger at the middle knuckle without moving the others it helped a lot being able to do that both with strength and control.
  6. if you use a mac google a programme called get iPlayer automator - not sure if there is something similar for windows
  7. All opinions help, even if it is only to prove the opposite... I'll start by saying it's a 20 button lachenal anglo with brass reeds, repadded, valved, tuned and repaired by theo gibb. So far I've been mainly using my right hand but using both push and pull notes. I've ventured over to the left hand but it's tough remembering whether a note is on the push or on the pull. I can see what you mean about the optimal distance between the ends and for the leaving of liverpool there is a perfect distance or at least one that is perfect for me BUT when I tried to butcher the trumpet hornpipe ( never been able to play it on any instrument ) all those repeating g's and d's defeated me and I ran out of bellows in both directions.
  8. Beware: One of the common Irish ornaments is known as the "cut". It's a lovely thumb but I don't think it would "Cut" it as an ornament... I can hear the sound of a thousand bellows groaning under the strain of that one.
  9. See that helps. And funnily enough fumbling around trying to remember the sequence of notes and adding three extra notes both push and pull helped too... Still having trouble getting my thumb to do anything other than rest like a ham on a butchers table. Thanks for the suggestion - now back to the concertina.
  10. Hi all After an hour of trawling the forum trying to find a thread that I might have imagined existed.... So here I am battling with my new 20 button anglo and my main problem so far is running out of air. Am I to assume that the air button is placed by the thumb to solve this problem? And how do you get your thumbs working after using them to hold an EC? The melody I'm trying to play is the leaving of liverpool and I'm using both rows on the right hand side: D E F# F# A G F# E D D1? B A D E F# A A B A F# E As soon as there is a doubling of notes on the pull ie F# F# A the bellows are fully extended ( yes yes I need to learn better bellows control too ) and the A is almost impossible to sound a little push for a brief b occasionally adds a little variation but more often than not makes the tune unrecognizable. SO short of getting a twenty fold bellows any suggestions on how to combat this problem? Also I'm missing a C# and have heard mention of a work around anyone care to explain how?
  11. Hmm that would explain 90% of the conflicts I've had in the past 30 years - why does no one tell you these things when you need them?
  12. otsaku, Congratulations - on your new instrument, and on your initial success with it! You may be surprised to hear that some beginners on the Anglo start with melodies, and seem to think that chords and accompaniments are somehow difficult. You've got the Anglo feeling right from the start - the almost automatic chords! This is the feature that sets the Anglo apart from all the other systems. You'll soon get the hang of the melodies, too. I's a good idea to get a simple tutor that shows you what buttons to push and pull to get the scales - that's how I and probably many others got started. Cheers, John Thanks. I've managed a couple of melodies today and trying to get some chords working at the same time but right now it's tough remembering there is a difference on the push and pull - then again I'm still struggling with chords on the EC but the hell with it - I like my melodies
  13. Welp as of today I'm now the proud owner of a twenty button c/g anglo from http://www.theboxplace.co.uk/, Grabbed it out of the box and immediately started pressing buttons and was a little confused as to the placing of the high notes, until i realised i had it face about arse! Having it the right way round I've been able to make some wonderful oompah rythms often accompanied by a drone... but melodies so far are escaping me - well recognizable melodies. Thanks to the discussions here i was able to make the choice of a brass reeded lachenal 20 button over an expensive 30 button and thanks to theo four days after making the decision I'm sitting with my new concertina. Now only time will tell if i can make sense of it and play a tune.
  14. thanks, the chords i have, it's the talent i'm lacking to work out the melody
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