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  1. Hello to all, I am down in Northern California for a week or so and was wondering if any California members could tell me of a shop that might sell concertinas or melodions? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello, I am looking for some easy irish music that have parts that our beginner group might learn by St. Patricks day. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi, I started out on a Rochelle two years ago and NO problems with the instrument. The Rochelle was a much better box than I was a player. I just recently upgraded to a Morse. Mike
  4. Hello, Are there any cons (besides price) to using a Pelican Case to protect my concertina? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hello, I have a two year old Rochelle in excellent condition for sale .$250 plus shipping. If interested please PM me. Thanks, Mike The Rochelle has been sold.
  6. Hello, How does one make a donation to Concertina Net? Thanks,Mike
  7. For a beginner what does playing in F or any other note mean? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hello, i never met Rich, although I did buy a concertina from him. I did find him a moderate voice on many topics that I thought were about to become argumentative. Mike
  9. Hi, I joined the forum before I had a concertina because I knew nothing about them. I now have a Rochelle and I read the forum daily. I have learned a lot by reading the posts. I don't post often because I have nothing intelligent to add. Thanks, Mike
  10. You could always come to Alaska. We have had snow for 6 weeks and will have it until the end of April MIke
  11. In another debate PeterT said that there was a statistic that most people online are 50+ blokes...I said that explained the grumpyness. And someone else said there wasn't many young people or girls. And I'd thought I'd see how it balanced out here. I'm hoping there will be a nice even demographic. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Maybe the under 50 females are working and not spending as much time on the net as we over 50 males are. mike
  12. Thanks to all for the quick and good Information. I guess I haven't tried out any tunes with flats in them. In looking over my key lay out it seems that I have 3 Bb's and no others. anyway thanks again for the help. Mike
  13. Hello, I have been reading this site for 6 months and have learned a lot. I have a Rochelle that I purchased from the Button Box. It is my first musical instrument. My question is, what does this mean? Bb. It is the small b that confuses me. Actually I have lots of questions, but this will do for now Thanks, Mike
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