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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I ended up with the Jackie and have been enjoying it quite a lot. Bri
  2. Thanks for the invitation! If I end up with the English I will definitely come up. Bri
  3. Hello out there, I posted something and realized I haven't introduced myself. My name is Brian and I am just starting off with the concertina. I haven't decided between the Baritone English or Duet (either Jack or Elise) yet so any info about them is nice. I cast lead type for letterpress printing so hello to all of you bookmakers. One quick question, the Duet concertina seems more versatile as a "one person" band, but the English seems to have more sheet music opportunity. Is this correct to assume? Thanks to all of you for all of the posts in this forum. It has been very educational. Bri
  4. Hello all, My name is Brian and I am going to purchase a concertina. It will be either a Duet(Elise) or an English (Jack). I have browsed the forums for about a month or so learning as much as I can and boy is there a lot to learn. My wife has requested that I find someone who knows how to play it, or at least can fake it really well, and see if after I get my instrument I can take lessons or learn some pointers. There seem to be Anglo teachers, but not much in the way of English or Duet. I am located in San Francisco and can arrange to get anywhere within an hour or so outside the city. Thanks to anyone who knows anyone, Bri
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