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  1. The date of this recording was 2014 - not 2004 as written in the post performance video text. Sorry! Dick
  2. Thank you everyone for your kind words. The rolling motion and the movement of the instrument (in answer to Jack's question) is just my natural response to the music. Dick
  3. Re: Tango Caliente As both a concertina player and a tango dancer - I loved it! Concertinaballads
  4. Dear Blue Eyed Sailor and Bruce McCaskey, Thank you so much for your comments. I work hard at the instrument and the message I want to convey and truly appreciate the feedback. Concertinaballads (Dick)
  5. Thanks for the complimentary comments. They are well appreciated. I also very much liked hearing that you enjoyed your own musical efforts. Often not easy --- so Bravo! I would love to hear your "Beyond the Reef."
  6. Sorry everyone, I didn't realize I had posted this previously.
  7. Great moves and mood shifts there. Couldnt make out what box it is (I would have been distracted by a souwester and umbrella just as much as your tan tenue!) Thank you for your kind words! It's a Wheatstone English. I am puzzled by your last comment. What is tan tenue?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C47zTfVY_MQ
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