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  1. Congratulations on the new instrument. Sounds great. I look forward to hearing more.
  2. The Button Box received my order for a Beaumont on 12/20/18 and finished the instrument on 2/6/19. That's a difference of about 7 weeks including the holidays.
  3. If you decide to work on it yourself, make sure you grab a copy of D. Elliott's book.
  4. Some detail can be seen in photo #8 showing a diagonal extrusion pattern typical of an FDM printer. As someone familiar with FDM printing I'd tell them to increase their wall count to smooth out the perimeter around the reed. I found this video of the instrument being played. Lucayala, is this the version with the printed reed plates?
  5. Great advice has already been given but I thought I'd share this video on making a different type of brass reed tongue. Some of the concepts might apply.
  6. Cillian King plays some highly impressive non-English/Irish stuff too. I don't understand why he doesn't have more views.
  7. It seems to me that if all the finger slide screws had been removed, that the slide itself could be removed. I wouldn't expect that metal piece to be glued down.
  8. If you only need the air button to close the bellows, then only the push reed needs to be removed. Edit: Oops, I see now that David has already made this point.
  9. In some instruments vibrational modes on the body are essential to radiate the sound. Examples would be a guitar, drum, violin, banjo. In these instruments materials will have a much greater impact on the sound since material density directly affects resonant frequency. I think the concertina is not in this class of instruments since the sound mainly comes from the reed itself. It will, however, be affected by the absorptive qualities of the material inside the concertina. Also, after watching this I was surprised at how similar a metal and wooden clarinet sound.
  10. Very nice linkage solution. I wonder what the lifespan of the Bowden cables is. I suppose they could be made replaceable if it is an issue. I'm also impressed with the finish on the handles. Is that stained wood-fill PLA? -George
  11. Seems they've had an admirable run but I'm sad to hear this. I'm hoping there's some way production of Morse models can continue. -George, proud owner of Morse #1481
  12. There's an interesting transposing concertina made by a Swiss company that plays chords on the right hand and bass notes on the left. Not sure if they'll ship overseas though.
  13. As a guitarist, I appreciate the concertina's ease on my joints and tendons. I imagine I'll appreciate this more with age.
  14. I sometimes use the Google metronome (type "metronome" in Google).
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