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  1. Thanks for these. I have learned a few instruments over the years and consider myself reasonbly good at self-teaching but still need these reminders. Sounds like a great book. I will check it out. A mindset that helps me is to relish the struggle, because learning something challenging is a way to relive an aspect of childhood. -George
  2. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. -George
  3. Thanks, Didie. And thanks for posting your superb renditions. They helped persuade me to give the instrument a try. Adapting to the Beaumont was not too difficult. As you may know David played a 67-button Maccann which spans a few notes lower than our instrument, down to G. Hence a few notes had to be raised an octave. I used MuseScore for notation. It has a playback feature that let me decide if the adaptation sounded acceptable before I invested practice time. I also used Don Taylor's soundfont (see here). I do hope to post more videos and do my humble part to spread the word of this underappreciated instrument. -George
  4. I'm late to this party but thought I'd demonstrate how David Cornell's arrangement can be adapted to a 52-button Hayden. I much prefer Dirge's rendition but hope to add more feel to my playing with time (started 5 months ago). -George
  5. Hello all. I too am a new duet player and am looking forward to whatever comes of this. Earlier in the thread there was an effort to collect links to existing duet recordings. I searched through the forum and couldn't find mention of this excellent collection from Lesley Henniker performing David Cornell arrangements: https://soundcloud.com/user-655309308 -George
  6. Not everyone does. Morse concertinas from the Button Box use cherry plywood ends. I own one of their Beaumont models and am quite pleased with it. That said, I wouldn't be too concerned about solid ends since the instrument won't experience the same humidity extremes that a breath instrument would. -George
  7. The fretwork appears similar to that in the thread below. So, Nickolds probably? -George
  8. What a beautiful instrument. Does anyone know if the D# and Eb on the right side use separate reeds? -George
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