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  1. Thank you. I’m on Dana’s “to be built” list. He suggested I look for a previously owned one here too. Hence this thread. I’m only looking at about 6 months for a new one if a used one doesn’t turn up.
  2. We could possibly meet halfway, where do you live?

    1. mike_s


      Bend.  Still not sure if I’m really interested or not.   I’ll let you know….

    2. rockportland


      No problem thanks!

  3. Perhaps. I’ll pm you if I decide to make the trek up there. Thanks
  4. The title basically says it all. Only interested in those located in the US to avoid high shipping and duties. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the info. I did the two free lessons and found them well thought out and presented. I’m currently working on shifting from a modification of ABC to standard notation and then I’ll give her course a go…..
  6. Michael, They are all listed on her web site
  7. I played Anglo about two and a half years, then took 2 years off due to some hand issues. the issues have mostly resolved themselves and I've been back to playing about 5 months now. I've attended Noel Hill's "school" 3 times and all is good in that regard. Our local "slow session" which I used to attend is fine, but most of the tunes I am not familiar with and at 77 years old my learning would not be characterized as fast, ha ha. Anyway in an effort to be able to participate in the session, I need to learn some more tunes. I'm thinking of signing up for Caitlin M's on line lessons. I've done the free ones and they seem fine. The tune list includes a few I already know and some that are done at our session. I welcome opinions as to her program. Personal experience with it would be very helpful for me to figure out if it would be beneficial . Thanks!
  8. I've been playing Anglo for a few years (with a 2 year break in the middle). I have some issues with the straps and my somewhat arthritic knuckles (primarily index) which accounted for the two years off. I've modified and padded the straps so that I can play, but I have noted that the English only has the thumb strap so wouldn't have to worry about the problematic knuckle issue. For others who play both or who have made a move from one to the other, how difficult and time consuming is the transition? Or any other ideas would be helpful too. I've considered padding some fingerless gloves as an alternative to the padding of the straps as well. Thanks!
  9. I would love to attend, but will be out of the country on June 10. Shoot!
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