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  1. Duct tape! Just kidding-kind of......
  2. Agreed! Seems that Mandolin Cafe, Acoustic Guitar Forum and Scubaboard Forum among others are still quite robust too.
  3. I am also fairly new (Anglo). I try to play daily for about an hour or so. Working on a bunch of tunes; just started a new one yesterday. Play with a metronome when needed. Occasionally I go to a slow tune learning session which I hope to become a regular at soon. Mike
  4. mike_s

    concertinas in the movies

    Early in the movie North to Alaska, Fabian carries a 20 button Anglo into a saloon. Only some very brief playing, but it does make an appearance.
  5. mike_s

    Why Give Up

    This is great stuff and was what I was hoping for. I guess I was also in hope that those of you who give lessons would weigh in on why some of your students may have decided to stop playing. I suspect there is no pattern, but still interesting. I realize most of us here are “active” players and those who have quit most likely are not active on the forum. Thanks!
  6. I know that this is a stupid question (yes I believe there are stupid questions). I really don’t have a frame of reference on this as other than those I met at NHICS and my sometime instructor I don’t know anyone who plays concertina. I also realize we are a tiny segment of the music playing population. The only person I know who played thought it was too difficult and took up melodian instead. I started a couple of years ago and quit for no good reason after a few months of playing. Started up again several months ago and now play it more than the other instruments (all string). Another of my fellow students at the “School” who was way more enthusiastic than I was has now quit. So....... I know many of you probably know people who have started only to quit-why? This question came to mind as I see people sell concertinas in the Buy/Sell sub forum. It gave my curiosity a nudge. I know lots of people give up due to physical ailments. People often take up guitar thinking it will be easy only to quit in disgust. There probably isn’t any trend or common reason, but I’d love to hear them. Thanks, Mike
  7. mike_s

    See Music Pro sight reading tutor

    Michael, If you try it out, let us know what you think of it. Thanks!
  8. mike_s

    Concertina care

    I was not going to reply here but.......... This topic has been discussed frequently on the Mandolin Cafe. For stringed instruments it’s a bit different but humidity is an issue for all instruments. I live in the “high desert”. Humidity in our house averages around 38%. All instruments are kept in a small room with the door closed. Here’s what I recommend -buy a hygrometer and get a feel for the humidity where ever you keep your concertina -if below your desired level buy a room humidifier-you can also have one attached to your furnace (forced air) which can be set for a desired level and humidity the whole house. -if you expect to be away for a period of time turn down the heat and put a case humidifier in the case too I had not considered what Greg J said above, but that makes perfect sense to me. And high humidity is equally a problem too so the opposite may need to be done. Just my $.02
  9. mike_s

    Fingers slipping

    Interesting thread. I guess I must have different skin, technique or something. I am fairly new to the instrument (Anglo), but find the delrin buttons to be just fine. Not slippery to me. So, I guess I am a dissenter. 🙄
  10. mike_s

    Used, excellent condition Minstrel available

    Congrats to both of you on the new “tinas” Mike
  11. Thank you all for the thoughtful replies. This is my second try at the Anglo having failed miserably the first time. I have a much better instrument this time. When I decided to start up again, I didn’t consider other systems for no good reason. I think my plan is to attend the Noel Hill school next week and if that goes OK probably just keep on with the Anglo-maybe add in some pirate music for variety. If the school goes poorly, I may rent an English from the Button Box and see if I like that better. Thanks again for the replies. Mike
  12. I am sure I could get the answer to my question by spending a bunch of time searching around the web, but figured the expedient solution lay in the “expert” opinions I’d get here. I’ve started on the Anglo now for the second time in the hope of being able to play some tunes at an ITM session at some point. I’ve taken a few lessons and am attending the Noel Hill school next week. However, my learning seems to be paralleling other instruments I attempt to play (for example I’ve played mandolin for about 10 years and can only play one tune at session speed. At the tender age of 71, my fingers just are not as nimble as they used to be. So.......tempo is a big issue (I practice with a metronome). By tempo, I’m talking speed. Now for the question. If I regroup, and decide to just play at home for personal enjoyment (the main thing anyway as the local sessions occur 2-3 times a month), would I be better served switching to English, Duet, or another and what genres are those best suited, and which may be better for harmony/accompaniment? Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks, Mike
  13. mike_s

    NHICS 2018 in Cincinatti in July

    Hey Lefty-See you there! Are you staying at the lodge?
  14. mike_s

    Pirate Songs for Concertina - new book!

    Please let us know when the re-print is available. Thanks!