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  1. Paul Schwartz

    Lost/Stolen Instruments

    From user fiddler2007 :
  2. Paul Schwartz

    Deleting a topic help

    By the way, I also significantly increased the PM box size for everyone not too long ago. Recently managed an upgrade to the storage capacity of the server... Paul
  3. Paul Schwartz

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Hey Ken, yes, the site certainly started earlier, but it only officially became "Concertina.net" I guess when I actually registered the domain name, which apparently as this day 20 years ago. Thanks for coming along for the ride my friend! Paul
  4. Yep, 20 years today. Go figure.
  5. I just realized that the Community Calendar was locked down in the most recent update. I've fixed the permissions, so registered users should now be able to add events. Sorry about that. Paul
  6. Paul Schwartz

    What happened to new content?

    Top left of site, "Activity". You can fully customize as well under the "My Activity Streams" option, and create custom streams, depending on your all kinds of variables and what you're interested in. Paul
  7. Paul Schwartz

    New look web site

    I meant the shift-return trick. The setting to have a paragraph every time you hit return is just a bit of a time saver since it's more natural to do it that way, as in a word processor. It's also a setting that can be enabled or disabled in most word processing/editing/messaging systems. Personal preference...
  8. Paul Schwartz

    New look web site

    It's actually standard practice. Just like in any modern word processor for the past decade or so... Same in just about any and every messaging or text editing environment.
  9. Paul Schwartz

    Is it just me?

    Thanks Dana! And thanks to you for being such a loyal advertiser! Paul
  10. Paul Schwartz

    Is it just me?

    Okay, all fixed up. Should be working fine now. Paul
  11. Paul Schwartz

    Editing interface problems

    1. Let me see if I can get this back. I think it's because of the tighter security controls enabled by default in the new version. 2. The link box works fine for me: here is a link 3. http://www.concertina.net again, still seems to work for me... what browser/OS are you using? Paul
  12. Paul Schwartz

    Is it just me?

    I'm working on it... it's because of the switch to HTTPS (secure) on the server...
  13. Paul Schwartz

    New look web site

    Done! I figured it out finally and the "who's online" is now hidden from guests. Paul
  14. Paul Schwartz

    New look web site

    Thanks! Yes, it went remarkably well after a few initial hiccups. Yes, return is now a paragraph, I thought that made sense. As in most editors/word processors, you can simply press shift-return to get a newline instead of a new paragraph. Paul
  15. Paul Schwartz

    New look web site

    Not surprised... makes sense to me. Mobile is meant to be minimalist; personally, I don't want to see everyone's enormous signature on my little phone screen every time 🙂