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  1. I think I've figured out the problem... working no fixing it now. Thanks, Paul
  2. Oh well. Worth a try. Actually, did you quit your browser and re-start it (or even re-start your computer to be on the safe side)? I imagine that once the audio playback engine has been instantiated it remains open.
  3. I wonder if it's due to the ability of the site to play a sound to tell you that you have a notification. Try clicking on your name at the top right-->account settings-->notification settings (on the right)-->uncheck "Play a sound when I receive a notification" and click "save". Maybe this will work... Paul
  4. Yes, I didn't even know it was off for normal members. Honestly, people need to remember that this is a commercial product... I don't know every nook and cranny of the software, I don't program it myself, and so before assuming that there is some nefarious plot behind some new feature or field or requirement, maybe just ask politely? Usually these things just show up in an update to the system (which yes, I do apply because they often include security patches/updates to keep the system safe from hackers/spammers/scammers... it's a constant battle!) and I can always look into adding/removing/mo
  5. I've turned this on for everyone now. If you think it should be turned back off for whatever reason, I can do so. Paul
  6. I've taken care of it. I merged your old account with this new one. Cheers, Paul
  7. By the way, I also significantly increased the PM box size for everyone not too long ago. Recently managed an upgrade to the storage capacity of the server... Paul
  8. Hey Ken, yes, the site certainly started earlier, but it only officially became "Concertina.net" I guess when I actually registered the domain name, which apparently as this day 20 years ago. Thanks for coming along for the ride my friend! Paul
  9. I just realized that the Community Calendar was locked down in the most recent update. I've fixed the permissions, so registered users should now be able to add events. Sorry about that. Paul
  10. Top left of site, "Activity". You can fully customize as well under the "My Activity Streams" option, and create custom streams, depending on your all kinds of variables and what you're interested in. Paul
  11. I meant the shift-return trick. The setting to have a paragraph every time you hit return is just a bit of a time saver since it's more natural to do it that way, as in a word processor. It's also a setting that can be enabled or disabled in most word processing/editing/messaging systems. Personal preference...
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