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  1. Actually, it's working fine for me on Safari when I'm signed in. When I tried it on Chrome, NOT signed in, it brought me to the first comment. But then I signed in and tried again and it worked as expected, bringing me to the last comment. Paul
  2. Hmmm, strange. I'll report it... hopefully it'll get fixed in a revision (they release monthly revisions). Paul
  3. Those should be turned off now. I'll look into it. And no, we are definitely NOT selling personal info... targeted ads are common via cookies, that's all. So ads follow you around, nothing more than that.
  4. Sorry about that! I was told that the West coast school was sold out. I've edited the post. Paul
  5. Does anyone know if Paul Reid is still repairing concertinas.? If so, How do I contact him?

    1. Paul Schwartz

      Paul Schwartz

      Sorry, no idea.

  6. The USA Noel Hill Irish Concertina school is coming up and there are still a few slots available for both the East Coast and West Coast schools. For dates and contact info visit Noel's site: http://www.noelhill.com/irish-concertina-school/ I took up the concertina because of Noel, and I learned to play the anglo concertina from him, in his style, at these courses years ago. Well worth it if you want a fun and useful week of dedicated study!
  7. until
    McGrath's Edgewood Falls, East Durham, New York More info: https://www.noelhill.com/irish-concertina-school/
  8. No, of course it's still fine to use the DMs as usual, but just be careful if you receive a DM from a new user with no forums activity who happens to supply you with an email address of someone who has just what you are looking for. Be very, very careful, and check on the forums first by posting a reply in public before replying so due diligence can also be performed by other users. This issue was discussed in another thread... keep an eye out for bogus/re-used/inconsistent photos, inability to provide additional photos, things like that.
  9. If you post a message looking to buy something then receive a private/direct message telling you to contact someone by email that they have exactly what you are looking for, please do NOT reply and report the user to an admin immediately. This is a new type of scam going around. Thank you for your vigilance.
  10. Definitely a scammer. He's been reported and banned. In cases like this, definitely let me know ASAP so we can take action...
  11. Hello I have just posted a topic on 'letting the music go into the ether' in  a category it  maybe isn't ideally meant for [ I meant to put into general concertina discussion] but realise I put into one on sale of musical instruments instead [whoops!] hope this is OK? can it be moved?

  12. It works perfectly fine for me now (on a desktop computer). Either the server was busy at the time, or it's something with your connection or device. Try again, or try from a different browser/device if you can. Or just use Google as suggested... Paul
  13. Can you tell me what is best way to submit audio or video to this site what format and size limitations?  Assume you get  it from your own usb drag and drop ?  Mp4 format ? maybe


    1. Paul Schwartz

      Paul Schwartz

      I really don't know... don't encourage uploading large files here since hosting storage is somewhat limited. Best to post elsewhere using a proper dedicated site for that sort of thing and then just embed/link please.






  14. I guess it depends on what you're using to browse, but for me on desktop you just use the little carat I've circled in the attached.
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