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  1. That is what I figured if you wanted to play all types tunes. I also thought it might be easier to learn on but not sure about that. It may not matter. I am sure there are a lot of tunes a person could learn on with the 20 button one would have to realize if it was in a key needing sharps and flats and their concertina was a G/C instrument they may want to avoid the tune or transpose it to G,C, Am,or Em.
  2. Thanks for the list Daniel. I had no idea there were so many makers of concertinas. From your list you were showing Hohner but I figured they had stopped making them since I had not seen any on their site. I thought some other company was making them under their name. I was hoping it was not a chinese company making them. It sounds as though as you stated they are new made by Hohner but still on the market as excess stock.
  3. I see some of these listed at times but as normal the prices are just about as the 30 button concertina. Am I correct in stating the 20 button just lacks the sharp and flat notes in the scale of like G/C or what ever key in the concertina is in? I guess the 20 button may be a little easier to play but may be limited by the notes available but it appears from the people I have seen comments about that the instrument is sufficient to play all the tunes they desire. I am just curious since I am new to looking into concertinas and need to educate myself.
  4. Thank for the comment Simon. As you stated, "But at the end of the day it is also the person behind the instrument that is literally 'instrumental' in getting the most out of their choice of instrument." I have to agree to the point that the instrument you are using has quality and stays in tune. I know guys that could pick up any guitar in tune and just blow you away at how good they were. After playing it they would then tell me how difficult it was to play that particular instrument and how on a better quality instrument they could play just as good or better but it would not wear them out trying to get a good sound out of it. Glad your concertinas are working well for you. Have a great day.
  5. Thank you lachenal for the comment on the leather bellows. I have to agree 100% about that.
  6. After much research and the good advice from you guys on this forum I have decided to hold off and purchase a better quality concertina than the lower priced units out of China. I think I will go with gtotani's suggestion to check out the concertina connection web site for one of the Rochelle units they have. What is the difference in the Rochelle and the Rochelle2? I saw an excellent video today on youtube showing issues with some of the beginner models out there today. Very revealing and educational. Check out this link.
  7. Thank you hjcjones. Good information and I will tell you gear4music as you know has a very good warranty(30 day return /2 yr warranty) and also have in house quality control which is good to know. They did let me know the concertina is one they brand as their unit but they do have them made in China like so many retailers. I am glad to see they are up front with information request and are very good at responding which I really appreciate. It appears to me to be a very reputable company to deal with. Since I am low on funds and do not want to wait forever to get started I will probably order one of these since they also come with a very good return policy. If I order one I will have to post a review and sound sample if possible.
  8. Thanks for the good info and the web site gtotani. I appreciate your advice.
  9. Thank you for the reply. They just told me these were made by them so I guess I should have asked even if they were in the U.K. if they were made by them in China? I agree with you about some of the Chinese units having issues and had seen some critiques on the Scarlatti that are made in China. Was the Scarlatti made in Italy at one time? I checked on craigslist all around the U.S. and not much out there. On Ebay it looks like Chinese units but the price they are asking for them i would rather buy one of the McNeela units which I think are very well made instruments at a pretty good price especially when you get them on sale.
  10. Has anyone had any experience with this company's concertina? It is an Anglo 30 button unit that they offer for about $240 shipped to my location. They tell me it is made by them. It is a company located in the U.K. I am trying to get started learning the concertina and have limited funds. Thanks for any information or advice. I live in the U.S. and there are not many concertina dealers or sales shops in the U.S. that I know of and am looking for a beginner model and heard a guy on youtube playing one of these that sounded pretty good. Thank you.
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