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  1. jggunn

    New Model 48 key Treble

    can you ship to USA?
  2. I think you are probably asking for too much, that is, a vintage instrument that fulfills the requirements you indicate. You might find a tutor model of a Lachenal for that price but it would not likely, for example, be something you would want to keep for a long time. But look at the website of Chris Algar in the UK or contact Greg Jowaisis at gjowaisis@fiopticscam1 or search his page on this site
  3. jggunn


    Some very nice melodies are often hidden behind music that played at a high speed
  4. jggunn

    How far is the salt air dangerous...

    salt air is not the problem. The problem is humidity.
  5. jggunn

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    It is difficult to generalize about the USA. The Albany NY area where I lived for many years still thrives -- for example, The Old Songs Festival. I also lived in Davis CA for many years, and folk music is strong there. I now live in the Brunswick/Bath area of Maine, which I would consider healthy with folk/traditional music. I think that what obscures the decline in some areas is the fact that anyone with a guitar who sings personal folksy sounding songs is likely to class themselves as folk singers when they may not really know the traditional music well, if at all.
  6. jggunn

    MIDI concertina project

    I had a midi built from a shell by Chris Algar and constructed at Accordion Magic in the UK. I do not use it a great deal but it is fun to play a violin and dozens of other instruments on a concertina but also to transpose from a treble concertina to a baritone etc. Paul Hardy also has one of these instruments.
  7. I put off the surgery for several years despite hands going numb when playing -- especially not resting instrument on my knee. Also happened when bicycle riding, driving a car, etc. Bu by the time that I was really losing feeling permanently in my thumb and first two fingers, I bit the bullet. But a neurological test was very pessimistic and indicated I had total nerve damage in one hand and about half in the other. But after having the release surgery, virtually full feeling returned in a little more than a year. The immediate problems after the surgery were minimal -- about a week per hand.
  8. jggunn

    bellows vs button

    Hi, Wolf. An example is eighth note followed by quarter note followed by another eighth and quarter. I can play it either way, that is, with finger rolls or bellows changes but I cannot really here the difference although in some ways the bellows change seems smoother and more like a violin
  9. Is it doctrinal for the English concertina to use buttons for successive notes on same line or is bellows movement acceptable? The latter often sounds better to me.
  10. Hi, I would say the duet is probably the most versatile but I play English and find that it is well suited to any genre from classical to Irish (if you punch the latter up with some bellows movement). It has same chromatic range as a violin and violin as well as mandolin music is well suited o it. It is probably the best of all for complex chording and it works well with simply chords for singing along.
  11. jggunn

    consecutive notes

    Really how important in playing the English to use alternate fingers for consecutive notes? It is difficult for me to discern any difference in the sound, and I do not find it faster. And why not use the bellows for articulation in these cases.
  12. jggunn

    Sea Songs And Shanties

    Amazon says "currently unavailable"
  13. jggunn

    Early Extended Treble Edeophone With Glass Buttons

    what is the status of the instrument? On your website it is listed as reserved.
  14. jggunn

    Concertina Songs For A Beginner

    please look at the website The Session. Multiple tunes in music notation, abc, and midi and in various versions of each.
  15. jggunn

    Midi Would Be A Game Changer

    Speaking as someone who owns a midi concertina (from Roy at Accordian Magic), they are great for various purposes, but it is hard to conceive them as an answer to the problem posed. The Jack/Jackie is the best product available, but it is difficult to think of anything comparable that would meet Steve's price proposal and still have the configuration and sound of an actual concertina rather than simply a device that could play through a computer. But the video of the classroom was indeed inspiring.