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  1. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com or do a search for ‘guitar’ and ‘tab’. These sites will only sometimes give you notation but at least you’ll definitely have the lyrics and chords. Most sites let you transcribe the song to your favourite key too. Funnily enough there are a fair number of French sites that give you notation for well known English and US pop songs. Another great one is Musescore.com you have, I believe, a 15 US dollar per annum fee but the quality of user shared music (midi player) is very high. Again the music can be transcribed to your favourite key.
  2. Ha, ha it will probably be helpful. -and of course it will only say ‘4:30am M5 Gloucester Services’ if that’s where your phone and your concertina were together at 4:30 or if there’s someone there with the Tileapp app active on their phone. Actually, you could possibly get readings from the locator months later.
  3. Here’s another one for cats. Actually, I might build something like this. https://perfectight.store/products/cat-gps-tracker-locator-device-for-pets?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&msclkid=2dda3fe90b3d1e22906a5fc2b2c65190 Hmmmm. It would be easy just strip out the gps module, use a large, long-life wafer thin battery secretly glued under a veneer on the reed pan, a blue tooth arduino for added options and a large wattage battery in the base of a beautiful mahogany concertina box used as a charging unit -one which works when placed on it’s
  4. Just concerning the Tileapp models, if you had the Slim fitted then the range would be 61 metres and the Pro model would be 122 metres. It will show you a map of the last recorded location (and time?) of your wayward concertina -and that location would presumably be about 80 metres down the road from the pub car park, riding in the vehicle of the laughing degenerate who had just swiped your beloved concertina. But all is not lost! You just match that to the close circuit TV (with time) from the pub and Bob’s your uncle! -Of course that makes assumptions about the thief... I gu
  5. I’m a complete beginner for concertina, but I play the mandolin etc. Thinking about some of the other instruments, I’d say that the group ‘Intermediate’ is huge and the group ‘Advanced’ is very small indeed. That’s because many people become really good but only within their field. -there are great players who can’t read music very well, classical players who can't play by ear, other wonderful players who play a large amount of free tempo music, and on. One way to get an idea would be to check the tempo on YouTube of a lot of the vids, especially Irish tunes. Check also t
  6. Two different types of pickups for guitar, the standard Fender type ones that work when they are near a metal string (or anything metallic/ferrous material) that vibrates and then there are the microphone types. The microphone type which would probably be used for concertina might not work so well because it can pick up lots of other frequencies. I guess you could fit a 48 button concertina with 48 magnetic coil pickups each operated by the movement of each individual reed. It would be a cleaner sound in some ways though that’s a lot of wiring! And how to access the inner reeds, th
  7. I think a lot of it’s in the metronome. Once your timing is solid enough (from using a metronome for at least 75% of your practice session) then you’ll get the confidence to be able to come in exactly on time, like full on. It may also be psychological. The audience is expecting you to come in on time and when you do there’s a sort of collective energy that the audience believes comes from your concertina. When it works you can sometimes not even play notes and in a sense the audience will play the notes for you. Try this for a couple of weeks! here’s a
  8. Got my mask too! -Problem is that I’m a bit demanding when it comes to timing and the mask makes me hesitate and stutter on some notes.
  9. It’s the English concertina app from AppCordions on iPhone, probably Androids too. It’s actually pretty good. I’m still looking for an English concertina to fix up so I’ve learned the English keyboard layout from this app. Difficult at first, lots of conscious effort because there’s only audio feedback on finger placement accuracy, but it will be easier once I get onto the real thing. A concave button may allow more nerve endings of the finger to be in contact with the button while at rest, maybe that’s a factor with getting a mental image and centering on the finger board?
  10. j -the smooth buttons on this concertina app. are helping me to think about spacings!
  11. Warning, no concertina content! But here’s the results from last summer using the Boya MM1 microphone on an iPhone 6 using a 5 metre (16 feet) extension lead. It costs about £30 plus the lead. The audio quality is better than iPhoneX internal mic, but it’s very position dependent (directional) and I use FilmicPro app £4? to be able to control gain. The microphone is in the leaves near my right foot (hence the slopping sounds from the foot tapping), the lead crosses above the stream to the left out of camera shot.
  12. Really nice, thanks. Very motivating! I like the way you’re playing B,c and d accompaniment with you’re ring finger almost hidden there. (c on the left, I guess) These baffles are a great idea, I guess being make from leather makes them more acceptable too -I have discussions with people about the acceptability of capos on long necked mandolin-family instruments. I’m wondering about sound that bounces off the baffle inside and comes out through the limited number of holes, did you try different internal materials? -and oooops! just saw the date on this thread...
  13. ‘As a prospective beginner, prices are important to know, why so secretive?’ -Excellent question Keith, lots of answers to that one, political, social, cultural, historic, commercial... The problem is though, that if you ask this in a thread belonging to one individual in the commercial section then it can get very partisan and confusing. The thing to do is ask the question as a thread in the General Concertina Discussion section where the different individual authorities on the subject may, or may not share information.
  14. I’d keep it too, and pass it on to another family member but I understand! However I am looking for one (first concertina) to repair and play, but not sure how much the postage would be (France). You can post me a message if you don’t find a wealthy purchaser. Good luck. Simon
  15. Welcome/Bienvenue! Photos? And a vid of you playing a scale would help- doesn’t have to be well played at all.
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