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  1. The buzzing is rather metallic so I assumed the reed was just rubbing against the frame.
  2. I'll check the action, it could be. I assume removing then rewaxing would be expensive and time consuming? I can always just grit my teeth through this one for some time then get myself a wren 2 at some point when I have money.
  3. Hello all. Just got an anglo today and I like it quite a bit. The only issue is there is a buzzing on some of the notes. Now I looked this up and I understand generally how to fix it, my issue is that my particular instrument doesn't seem to let me access the reeds that I need to as half of them are inside a box. I'll link a photo. The seller offered a refund but I'd prefer not to go through that hassle if its something I can fix easily. I'm also aware that it's a mass produced concertina. I have a long history with buying instruments that I play for like 2 days, so I didn't want to go in at a huge price point. Thanks a bunch! https://imgur.com/a/uJbSvXl
  4. I ended up pulling the trigger and ordering a 30 key anglo. It's gonna be here tomorrow and I'm excited! Picked up @gcoover's intro book tonight so I can get started tomorrow. I was wondering if there is a spot on this forum or elsewhwre on the internet to find sheet music and stuff. I can't seem to find Rising of the moon (or wearing of the green, or whatever). I really appreciate everyone's input, I'm very excited to get started!
  5. I've been strongly considering an Anglo-concertina for a while now because I absolutely love Irish folk, specifically stuff from the folk revival period. Recently, as the entire world has gone on lock down, I've been considering a banjo as well. I need some help deciding here. My one concern with the concertina is that all the music I can find is very traditional folk. The "more modern" stuff that I really like (Rising of the Moon, etc.) seems to be much less common on the concertina. Am I just looking in the wrong places?
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