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    Playing a G/D Morse Ceili since 2006, recently acquired a 40-button C/G Wheatstone; also into (in rough order of relevance) Morris, English country dance, science fiction, motorcycles (particularly BMW & Vincent)
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  1. Apparently there's nothing new about people playing music faster than they ought. Scott Joplin headed the sheet music to a couple of his pieces thusly: "Do not play this piece too fast. It is never right to play ragtime fast."
  2. Don, I think you have to buy it new to get the upgrade deal.
  3. About ten years ago, John Mock recommended the Gator double pedal bag.
  4. Oh hey, there's my wife with her rapper side right at the start. Not to mention me not really keeping up at all with the others in the c.net meetup...
  5. Had to miss it this year for the first time since 2003 (when I first heard of it). I expect I'll be back next year...
  6. Doug, I believe Chris Stevens' Portland is the wrong one for Lefty52's purposes.
  7. That is a symphonium, which Charles Wheatstone developed prior to the English concertina. They are not common.
  8. A nitpick: Captain Blood was a novel by Rafael Sabatini before it was a movie with Errol Flynn.
  9. Heh. Though really, Boston isn't constantly rude. Also, I got my affection for bull terriers (which no doubt informs my opinion that what's visible of the figure more strongly resembles that breed, regardless of its maker's intent and despite the Corgi-like short legs) from my childhood in Virginia...
  10. See now, I have a Storm Case (got it from Hardigg not long before Jim Hardigg sold to Pelican so he could retire) and it works well, but I didn't get one of those nifty ceramic bull terrier supports.
  11. Entirely irrelevant to the sale of what looks to be a lovely instrument (if I were thinking of taking up the MacCann...): do you happen to own a Triumph motorcycle manufactured between 1946 and 1955?
  12. Today's XKCD webcomic, one of its occasional intricately detailed (despite initial appearances) special strips, will interest certain members of this community. Go here to today's strip and, per the directions, right-click on the image. There's lots to explore in the resulting menu, but for the purposes of this post, select Games. Those at whom this post is directed will see what I'm on about.
  13. Oddly, when I clicked on the link, the forum page reloaded (and opening the link in a new tab did the same thing). In case anyone else is having the same issue, here's a slightly different url going to the same place: http://edgleyconcertinas.blogspot.com/2018/02/kingwood-with-spalted-maple-trim-here.html
  14. The Button Box came through for me when I had the same problem a few years back.
  15. A Linota or a Dipper would be nice...maybe some day, if I get some more liquidity in the finances (not holding my breath). I think your Red Hunter theory is most likely correct--an image search turns up some pretty similar-looking bikes, down to a fair bit of chroming on the tanks.
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