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    Playing a G/D Morse Ceili since 2006, recently acquired a 40-button C/G Wheatstone; also into (in rough order of relevance) Morris, English country dance, science fiction, motorcycles (particularly BMW & Vincent)
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  1. I expect you've have mentioned it if it were there, but just in case: do the words "Trade Mark" and an outline of a reed appear on the handrests?
  2. Another bump with a lowered price.
  3. Giving this a bump--still available, will entertain offers.
  4. I've now edited my photo posts to link to Dropbox rather than Google Photos, which I'm hoping has solved the problem. In case it doesn't, here's a Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zc1ovo56rlz5pid/AAALZAGI-hzbWOggWORvYtC0a?dl=0
  5. Apparently linking directly from images in Google Photos doesn't work if you're not the account holder. How about that. There's probably a way to make it work so everyone can see the pictures in the post, but for the time being at least I've added links to click to see them.
  6. Oh, and the Horniman ledger page (to save people a step or two):
  7. Hm. I thought I put the pictures in properly and I can see them--anyone else having problems?
  8. I'm offering s/n #57063, my 40-button Wheatstone Anglo with its original case, purchased some years ago from Ben Otto. I just haven't been playing it lately (don't worry, I have another instrument I'm keeping). $3,500, shipping included in the US (will entertain offers). ETA: linking to Google Photos didn't work, so I'm trying Dropbox. If you still can't see any pictures, here's a link to a Dropbox folder with all of them: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zc1ovo56rlz5pid/AAALZAGI-hzbWOggWORvYtC0a?dl=0
  9. That's one fine-looking instrument. Jewelry box maker in Franklin Co.--have you shown at Paradise City?
  10. Judy Hawkins of the Button Box did a series of posts comprising a "harum-scarum" (her description) Hayden tutorial a few years ago--I expect a suitable search would bring them up.
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