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  1. Heres an example of the Lakeman style on the Crane. I like it and was a little surprised to hear an old County favorite sung in the UK.
  2. 😁To answer my own question... https://www.directtextbook.com/isbn/9781953208040 Available in several places, mine is on order.
  3. Unfortunately, the Red Cow website shows out of stock (already). Any other vendors I wonder?
  4. I blame Walt Disney to some extent for the popular sailor/concertina connection. I know I may have been affected (infected?😁) to a small extent by the leading man sort of playing one in one of the Jules Vern remakes Disney did in the '50s. I think the word 'shanty' has come to apply to most sea music, much as the term 'classic' now applies to most automobiles more than a few years old. The language seems to morph and I suppose it always has. The instrument (any flavor, duet, anglo or english) seems to suit the sea music genre, it depends on the player not the instrument to interpret it. Its all good.
  5. My Jefferies anglo was my companion aboard several ships I worked on for many years. I haven't flown commercially a lot since retirement in 2007 but prior to that had crew changes pretty much worldwide. There was never any problem traveling with any concertina. The closest thing to any excitement was arrival at the New Orleans airport from overseas and a TSA agent opening the concertina case and loudly proclaiming: "Wow!. Thats a Jeffries concertina!".
  6. Maybe these links will help... (I like the first version in A) https://thesession.org/tunes/13158 and... Have fun. Its great to see you're enjoying the Morse. Jim
  7. Alex, pictures of your end use of the LV would be interesting. My limited and non-concertina experience with Lignum Vitae has been that it is a difficult wood to use. My samples were sections of shaft bearing material from large trawlers, very hard on tooling. oldchief/Jim Richardson
  8. This young lady seems to have overcome the 20 button 'limitations'.
  9. The C/G Morse is sold and donation has been made to the site. Thanks.
  10. Does this 20B appear to be an authentic C. Jeffries 20 button concertina? I understand in the past some sellers have enhanced value of their concertinas by applying the Jeffries stamping. The font of the stamping seems to be consistent with pictures of other pre- Praed St. Jeffries. The fretwork seems a little coarse but the bellows embossing looks good. What do you think? I guess the price is a tad optimistic. 🤑 https://www.ebay.com/itm/144547819665?hash=item21a7b8b091:g:w9kAAOSwtzdhTjYU
  11. very interested in continuing the conversation on pm but new here so not sure how to enact PM - can you help?



    1. lachenal74693


      I'm confused. Is this addressed to oldchief or to me (my picture appears in the



      Whatever, go to the top right of your screen and click on the 'envelope' icon

      to get at the PM mechanism.


      That's on a computer - I have no idea of how it's configured on a 'phone.

  12. The Ceili is a Jeffries layout. Sorry I neglected to include that information. It also comes with a Morse-supplied hard case and the original papers. Jim
  13. Build date of the concertina is April, 2012, and its barely played in, it came from a friend's estate a year or so ago. Its everything a Morse should be. The reason I'm moving it on is that I am more attracted to vintage boxes(And I may be more of a collector than a serious player). I would trade this concertina for a Maccann duet concertina. An upscale (not a tutor) 65 key Wheatstone or Lachenal would be ideal. I wouldn't mind if it was in old pitch. Shipping and insurance costs will be the buyer's responsibility. I'd prefer contact by PM to exchange email or phone numbers. Since I'm a bit of a Luddite I have no idea how to post a sound file. Oldchief/ Jim Richardson
  14. Heres a link to one discussion here... General consensus seems to be they weren't all that popular. Stan Hugill has written they were not seen and he was there. I'll have to admit to carrying my Jefferies anglo on the bulker I sailed on for years, many times around the world taking surplus US surplus grain to an assortment of third world countries. I don't think I was the only one to do this. Walt Disney may have contributed to the sea-going concertina popularity. I would chase down the Dan Worrall book if I were you. Have fun.
  15. Good morning, Michael- I have a copy of the notes you are looking for. They are by Harry Bradshaw. They are in a 5x7 inch format and run to nearly a hundred pages. I have no way to scan or to copy them. If you do, I'd be willing to send them to you to copy and return. I guess the downside of the plan is I am located in the US, so there would be some time lag and some expense but I'm willing if you are. My email is jdouglasrichardson@yahoo.com Regards Jim Richardson
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