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  1. Wow - that is a scorching hot price for not very much at all. $208/button.
  2. Fascinating. Why does it have an exhaust pipe?
  3. Thanks very much for putting up the link Alex and promoting it!! and to Gary and Chris for your very kind words. Feels good to put the recording out there a bit more. I'm listening to Charles O'Connor's album on bandcamp. Very enjoyable. It mentions that he was a founder of Horslips so I'm assuming its his concertina that was augmented into the design of that famous Horslips album . I have a copy - but its in Ireland! Also, I am getting back to finishing the other album that I've been working on. Its half recorded and but I hadnt touched it in 2 years. Getting back to the right headspace to complete it so I'll put up a note here when its close. Ciaran
  4. Hello! if anyone is interested in a rather esoteric duet album, "The Hunting Room" by Aifric Boylan and me, I'm happy to say its now available on Bandcamp from today. "The Hunting Room" was recorded in Castletown House in Co.Kildare on a balmy summer evening in 2013. We did print up a small number of hard copies a while ago but we dont often do concerts so I thought making a digital version available would be good. For the nerds among you (which is probably all of us), I used the high c and simple bellow dynamics to mimic the sound of a Hospital Heart rate monitor as an introduction to the Foggy Dew on track 1. We were feeling the direct effects of the Global financial crisis. It still feels relevant in these coronavirus times. My concertina was lovingly made by Colin, Rosalie and John Dipper. We played one of John's tunes on the album - Ruskin Mill Waltz ( a beauty) and followed it with one of Rob Harbron's - Copernicus (Another). We're not sure who made Aifric's fiddle. Search ciarangogrady.bandcamp.com or The Hunting Room on Bandcamp and you'll find it. If you're looking for a high-octane trad Irish album - this is NOT it. Hope you like it All the best Ciaran, Melbourne
  5. Many thanks for that, Steve. A shame you wont make the NFF. Hopefully we'll catch up again before too long. Cheers Ciaran
  6. Hi For anyone interested, I’ve just come back from an intense and fun weekend in Chewton, Victoria rehearsing for a new concertina album. I’ve teamed up with Kate Burke (an amazing multi-instrumentalist and singer – see TroubleintheKitchen.com or Kateandruth.com), Aifric Boylan (a great fiddle player and partner) and Graeme Newell (a jewel of a guitar player from Melbourne). I’ve been promising myself that I’d record a concertina album for many years but never made the time and I didn’t really feel comfortable recording a straight-trad album – there are already too many great ones. We’ve worked through 15 sets of original compositions – some in an Irish traditional vein and many others leaning on other folk music influences - Hard to define - probably best left to someone else. I’ll be playing a custom anglo C/G concertina made by Colin and Rosalie and John Dipper. It has a lovely range and tone with some great baritone sounds to boot. To be honest, many of the tunes wouldn’t exist without that concertina. Anyway – we’re recording in April in Melbourne and I hope to have something to share a few months after. I’ll keep you posted. All the best Ciaran P.S. And for anyone that might make it to the National Folk Festival in Canberra at Easter, Aifric and I will be playing (with Graeme) – sort of launching the album, “The Hunting Room”, that we recorded in 2013 and then lost -and then emigrated to Australia - and then found… Long story.
  7. Here are the links to the Youtube videos that I made during a 30 day composition project in March. Hope you like them Ciaran Day 1 https://youtu.be/EFbkHi6Y3u0 Day 2 https://youtu.be/VVlJ2ed7dxI Day 3 https://youtu.be/9CvOY9hFACE Day 4 https://youtu.be/q44fXL6BGeQ Day 5 https://youtu.be/C-I6RO6GLcE Day 6 https://youtu.be/jZEtKZ-zy6U Day 7 https://youtu.be/oOhEet5AeRg Day 8 https://youtu.be/-P1zyUmIzWA Day 9 https://youtu.be/JQbMhb8Rl4c Day 10 https://youtu.be/JnXoKbX1dpA Day 11 https://youtu.be/mEpfg6RRAkE Day 12 https://youtu.be/nUjKH3bkuVg Day 13 https://youtu.be/W5p7jNrckUc Day 14 https://youtu.be/3WFODCRw3Wo Day 15 https://youtu.be/YWYNO7n__Qg Day 16 https://youtu.be/FmIQjObP0uQ Day 17 https://youtu.be/_TkRQEHAquE Day 18 https://youtu.be/5hQVHXRKHpQ Day 19 https://youtu.be/fioDyhGL0YA Day 20 https://youtu.be/U0iVE1J2TVQ Day 21 https://youtu.be/ufeFrTQmBJ8 Day 22 https://youtu.be/SokLIuB2Z98 Day 23 https://youtu.be/RkK-eD8Dxlk Day 24 https://youtu.be/2Tr0DKMc4YI Day 25 https://youtu.be/8b9bpi6oidI Day 26 https://youtu.be/ArFFW8Yp-5E Day 27 https://youtu.be/ImfGE2L9DN0 Day 28 https://youtu.be/K7fP6GnnpEg Day 29 https://youtu.be/RgsyL0Lzvig Day 30 https://youtu.be/DweYyihKvYs
  8. For anyone that didn't get to see/hear the new tunes and would like to, I'm putting them up on Youtube currently. The link to the first one is below. You should be able to find the rest from there. (20 uploaded so far - the rest will be up by tomorrow). Link: https://youtu.be/EFbkHi6Y3u0 And here is a list of all the tunes. Each video has an introduction/bit of background to the tune. Reel – Four Balls Remaining Waltz – Cape Otway Reel - Bonny Boy of Ballarat Slide – in Support of the Government Reel – Carrowkeel March – O’Grady’s Valour Waltz - West End house Tune – Last Walk with Dad Jig – Poodles Jig – The thick with the Brick Hornpipe – The migrant Tune – Halls Gap Tune – Alaskatoooo Polka – The Leagrave Jig – Sopwith Camel Reel – Radnor Reel Hornpipe – The March of the Barnpipe Waltz – The Brides Sadler’s Hornpipe Polka - Moleskine Polka No Name yet I got good news I got bad news Jig – The Fudge Jig Back to Back Reel Donncha's Kangaroo Polka Slipjig – Carty’s Polka - Ruairidh Gene’s Polka Tune – The Path Ahead Reel – The Fairfield Reel Waltz – The Equality Waltz All the best Ciaran
  9. Hi from Melbourne In the last few days I've set myself a challenge to write a new piece of music every day for 30 days and upload it on Facebook. I've done 2 so far - a sort-of-reel and a waltz. Today is likely to be a jig. All the tunes are/will be played on a fabulous C&R Dipper & Son concertina. I had better get cracking. I dont know how to create a link to my facebook page but if you search Ciaran O'Grady, hopefully you'll find and enjoy it. All the best Ciaran
  10. Hi Joy I arrived I in Melbourne last month from Ireland and brought 2 Dipper concertinas through Tullamarine airport. Customs didn't even ask what was inside. I'm sure you'll be fine. Ciaran O'Grady Now in Heidelberg, Melbourne!
  11. Ken, Dan, Terry and the Blue Eyed Sailor Thanks for the good wishes and the advice and the suggestions of the people to look up. Im very keen to look up the Australian style(s) of concertina music too and I have to say, Dan, your article was a great introduction to it and to the people. Thanks for the link - it makes great reading. The picture of the concertina caterpillar looks like something from an Escher drawing and I love the mob of Piano accordion players in Victoria. They must have enormous pouches! I'm really looking forward to seeing this other branch of concertina music and meeting the people keeping it going. Thank you Terry for your lovely story.My parents emigrated to England from Ireland and met in London as thousands of other Irish couples did in the 1960's/70's. They had their own humble stories and funny observations. Dad was a carpenter too. I think mum is sometimes embarrassed about how naive they were but it reflects the simplicity of much of rural life in Ireland at that time. Many of us would covet some of the simpler ways now. Really looking forward to our adventure. I'll drop a line on the forum when we're settled in Kind regards to all Ciarán
  12. I never thought when I responded to Michael Sam Wild in December 2010 that the emigrants that we spoke of would include myself. I suppose I thought that Ireland would be back on its feet by now. Emigrating always seemed to be something that other people had to do. Well, now its us. My wife and I and our 2 boys are moving to Melbourne, Australia in mid July. We'll be taking our instruments and maybe even a CD that we're finishing up. Looking forward to the opportunities ahead. Ciaran O'Grady, Kildare (for now)
  13. I was lucky to start my concertina life with a 28 key c,jeffries and thought I would never need anything else. I was 8. At the age of 13, a school teacher saw me play at a school concert and said that his wife had one of those "accordion things" at home but that it was taking up a lot of space. Thinking this was some sort of giant piano accordion, I offered to take a look at it for him and make some sggestions as to how he could off load it. A few days later, he bought in a small concertina-sized box and I opened it to find a wooden ended 26 key concertina in need of some work. I did wonder to myself how small his house was but it would have been rude to ask. It had a dent in the fretwork and a few keys were pretty toothy. But importantly it sounded very warm and woody and was in Bb/F. The teacher said if he got £200 for it he'd be happy. I thought this sounded reasonable and was confident that Colin and Rosalie Dipper would be able to get it into Formula 1 shape (which they did). I managed to convince my Mum to give me £200 to bring to school (result!) and brought the box home. It was a number of weeks before we could get it down to Wiltshire and as I was playing it one day at home, the sunlight came in through the patio door and I noticed very faint text on the top of the left side. On closer inspection it read C.Jeffries. I suppose in reality its worth a bit more than the £200 but its not particularly relevant as I can never see myself selling it. It's a lovely instrument and god knows where it would have ended up if it wasnt rescued! Ciaran O'Grady in Kildare, Ireland(...but not for long)
  14. Me again The evening in Dún Laoghaire went really well (we could do with a little more practice but two full time jobs and a family mean we rarely play before the late evening - hence the 9pm project!). I set up a small DVD camera and managed to record some (unfortunately not all) of the music. The venue was an old mariners church and the acoustics were splendid. We played on the steps of the altar and the altar itself is now home to a huge lighthouse optic from Howth Lighthouse -capable of generating 2,000,000 candlelight. Thankfully it wasn't on full power but it was revolving during the performance and gave a magical atmosphere to the maritime-themed pieces. We hope to play there again some day soon. It's a lovely little museum if any of you visit that part of County Dublin. Now - to business: I would be grateful for any advise on the follwing: 1. How do I transfer the mini-DVD recording to a format that can be uploaded to You-tube? 2. what tool/programme is easy to use to edit it down to 2-3 minute chunks before I upload it? 3. Bear in mind we have a rubbish acer laptop One of the organisers ,Yvonne Cullen, recorded half a piece on her Iphone, a bit of an air played by Aifric and accompanied by me. The air is Amhrán na Leabhar (compsed by Thomas Rua O'Súilleabháin). I understand he was transporting his priceless collection of boks in the 17th century and they sank enroute to their destination. Apparently he is now buried opposite the spot where they sank. Because the we were lit from the back, the visual quality isn't great but you should get the atmosphere of the Lighthouse optic. Hopefully this link will work: With help, I'll try and upload some of the dvd recording. Best regards Ciarán
  15. Good afternoon Just to let you know that The Nine PM Project (which is essentially Aifric Boylan on fiddle and myself on Concertina (Dipper C/G))will be playing as part of the Poetry Fringe at the Mountains to Sea Festival in Dun Laoghaire Co.Dublin on Wednesday 5th at 9pm. The event is taking place in the Maritime Museum (the old Mariners Church)so it should be acoustically very enjoyable. It's a mix of quality poets and music from us and Northlight with no doubt a few maritime themed pieces thrown in. Aifric and I will play English and Irish Folk music as well as some contemporary folk compositions of our own and the likes of the great John Dipper (Oh that he could join us!). Tickets are €5 on the door so if you're in the vicinity and or know interested friends who are, please pass this on. I will try and video it and get a few clips on to Youtube (in the coming weeks). Ciarán O'Grady
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