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    Found music in this second half of my life and I do believe it's saved me. Tinkering and plinkering, but mostly these days just being amazed by the wonderful music being made all around me.
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  1. Sean, I’ve owned a number of your cases over the years and they have held a wide variety of high end concertinas. I’ve never been disappointed in their functionality, aesthetic or in any other way. I still have a green lined one here in my cupboard now. All the best to you on your sales and your journey. JD
  2. I’ve been custom blocking, lining and adding straps, even leather panels to the Pelican/Storm im2075 cases for the past 6 years. I’ve made them to hold Jeffries, Wheatstone, Morse, Edgley, Tedrow, Crabb and today I just started a case for a friend’s new Carroll Concertinas Noel Hill model. It all started for me on a film job after I witnessed a piece of camera equipment fall 25 feet from an aerial lift in its case and hit the pavement below. It sustained no damage and was used for filming the scene with the hour. Heavy and bulky? Yes! Indestructible in protecting the contents in almost every situation except fire? Yes. I have a friend who kayaked along the Atlantic coast from New Hampshire to Maine with her Morse Ceili without incident. They’re the best for relatively inexpensive protection for your expensive instrument. The in process pictures are of a couple of cases I made recently for an Edgley and a Tedrow.
  3. I'd like to fess up. After selling all of my concertinas for health related financial reasons I've been missing playing terribly. I purchased this very instrument on eBay as I suspected it to be somewhat special given the maker(s). It arrived in it's original case, with original hand straps and I honestly think that it has never been played. Each and every note is spot on, the bellows are original, but look, smell and move like they were made yesterday. The insides are pristine and could have been made yesterday. not a bit of dust, rust or anything. I've been playing it for a week and I will echo Malcolm's assessment as given above relative to play-ability, tone etc. As to the number and date of this instrument: "...from the records I can confirm that number 10434 was 1 of 124 made during the 1949 - 1950 season." -G. Crabb I'll post a review and a photo documentary of this concertina here on Concertina.net as circumstances allow. Best to all
  4. This instrument is no longer available. Thanks for the interest and enquiries.
  5. Price reduction. $1800 or best reasonable offer.
  6. I'm selling my Wheatstone 40b C/G Anglo Concertina model 6A made in 1969 $2000 or first reasonable offer. All original Steel reeds in aluminum blocks slot fitted into the reedpan. Wheatstone saddle action levers. Valves and pads replaced 2 years ago. Original bellows are air tight. A really lovely instrument. Kept and played in a climate-controlled, non-smoking environment. Comes with its hard case. Selling due to health issues. That's the aforementioned Wheatsonte C/G Concertina with its case for $2000 or first reasonable offer plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS. Payment via PayPal, will take cash if local pickup. Will ship with tracking and insurance immediately up receipt of payment. I can be contacted here or more immediately at jdleedham@gmail.com Upon payment a donation will be made to Concertina.net
  7. Concertina has been sold. Donation to Concertina.net sent. Thank you all so much.
  8. Concertina has been sold. Donation to Concertina.net sent. Thank you all so much.
  9. Please see the for sale post with a reduced price, current photos and a description.
  10. $1500 or first reasonable offer. I'm selling the Harold Herrington concertina that I purchased on this forum last year due to my own health issues and the dire state of health insurance coverage these days. This instrument is a wonderful instrument and piece of concertina history. Please know that it's available immediately. It cost me $1,600 including the shipping last year. I live in NH about an hour from Boston and an hour from the Button Box if you wanted to come check it out otherwise I will ship it for the actual cost in the continental US. That's the aforementioned Herrington Concertina with case $1,500 or first reasonable offer plus shipping anywhere in CONUS. Payment via PayPal, will take cash if local pickup. Kindest regards, JD I can be contacted here or at jdleedham@gmail.com Upon payment suitable donation will be made to Concertina.net
  11. Here are a couple of recent images.
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