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  1. Brilliant, thanks to everyone for the comments so far.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering what concertina related attractions are available in London, UK. This can include makers, sellers, performers (including Morris dancing), group lessons, and history. Probably because this is a niche interest, there wasn't much I was able to find aside from a couple of music stores. Curious about anyone's knowledge on this. Thanks!
  3. Theo, I'm prepared mentally for further cracks in the wax. Though, having seen how simple it was to fix, I'm not as concerned. However, knowing what the problem is, I'm almost certain it's due to the last trip out, where it was in my luggage though left too long without climate control in freezing temperatures. I thought I'd given it ample time to adapt to room temperature (and maybe I did), but it's very possible it was the freezing ride it took on Quebec roads in January.. the roads are about as smooth as your average vaccine rollout. Parker, I started (not that long ago) on a Stagi (thanks to a very kind member of the community, thank you again), and the difference is night and day. You're actually better off learning on the Stagi, because if you can control your air on it then you'll find the Ceili always has more. The buttons themselves require much less effort/pressure to push which did take some time to get used to. Because it's so easy to play, you find yourself trying to catch up to it because of how responsive it is. In that sense, it takes almost a finer motor skill than the Stagi which is so fun to smash the buttons on. I think this will be the biggest difference, aside from the sound itself. The Ceili is much brighter, and louder (at least mine is). It also took some time for my ears to adapt to it, but when switching back to the Stagi, it's almost as if the sound is muffled in the latter. The appearance, weight, and size are also significantly better in the Ceili's favor. With that said, I love and play both for different reasons, but I'm very very happy to have found my Ceili (ahem, thanks again, you know who). Apologies for the typos, I've been using my phone to send these along. Cheers
  4. Thanks, all, for the great advice. I spoke with Doug at Button Box and he shared the idea that it was a wax issue. Upon closer inspection, I did notice that the one reed plate was loose (the wax let go of the wood, not the plate). I was able to find a very helpful accordion repairman who helped me re-melt the wax for a quick fix. All he did was heat what basically looked like a soldering iron, but with a very unique spoon shape like the one in Don's recommended video (thanks again Don). However, this was only after he did a few tests that included regluing the leather flap/valve, another that involved taping the leather shut to ensure it wasn't flapping around. It was here that we noticed the plate wiggling in its place, and fixed it. The repairman was very confident and wasted no time diagnosing and fixing the instrument. The repair and chit-chat cost 40 dollars CDN. This included some glue for the valves if something goes again. Here is his contact information if anyone needs a repairman in the Quebec, QC, Canada area: Accordeon Mr. Albini Gallant Tel. 418-877-2227 www.accordeons.ca Again, thanks for all your help! Cheers!
  5. Thank you so much for the advice, everyone. I do believe it's a reed plate (not block - thanks Don) that's loose. I looked around and noticed visible cracks in the wax around several plates, so I tried squishing the problem plate further into its recess, into the wax, to create a better seal. It worked, temporarily. I have one screwdriver and a fold out knife at my disposal, so I'll have to wait until I get home to deal with this. I'm going to try the soldering iron to close any could be gaps. Could this same issue affect the pitch of other reeds? It's been something I've noticed getting progressively worse over the last few months. Thanks again for all the advice. 👍👍👍
  6. Hi Don, I was thinking about this as a possibility. The temperature has been colder than usual but with about as much humidity as you are experiencing. Could wax from the reed blocks be problematic if it were to come in contact with the reeds?
  7. Hi Don, been meaning to catch up with you Yes, I've replaced the felt (though it feels like very soft leather), so that shouldn't be the problem. I just assumed it was glued because other buttons hang on to the material, though this could be from the continuous pressure over time. Otherwise, it's just sitting in the hole, which I think would just vibrate or rub out eventually. I'll keep an eye on it.. But the other problem.. everything was smooth until one day it wasn't. Cleaned the reeds using a little rubbing alcohol on the edge with a Q-tip stick (no cotton). Multiple passes of paper. Still no love. I can't see or feel any restriction or rubbing. Have you ever heard that sound before? It's trying to speak but developed a muddled warble.
  8. Thanks for that. Yes, I'll call them tomorrow. I've taken the thing apart about a dozen times to clean the reed and I think I'm making it worse. Now I can hear a buzzing sound.. Thanks again
  9. Hello everyone, I'm not sure what I'm dealing with. The reeds (accordion, inside a Ceili) for a button wouldn't work in or out, I took it apart and ran some paper underneath the reeds and it fixed the pull, but the push sounds like it's pulsating. (Sample attached) Any ideas? Also, in the process, the leather rub strip inside the button (where the lever goes through) fell off. It's back in place, but I think it needs to be glued. Any ideas what kind of glue I should use? Thank you! Voice 005_sd.m4a
  10. I also recommend Gary's book. Good variety of tunes old and new.
  11. Great playing Gtotani! I like how you take your time with each of the songs; makes for very pleasant listening Gary, you're right, everyone can use some of this uplifting music right now. I'm getting this book too, so that I can offer a little bit around here!
  12. Good point! You're absolutely right. I have a C/G anglo, so either of those keys I suppose.
  13. Good day, Has anyone ventured to tab the fingerings for Mary Poppins' "Feed the Birds" on anglo? Before I get to it, I thought I'd check. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHrRxQVUFN4 Thanks!
  14. Well Luke, I think you did a marvelous job by ear. I think there is a great advantage to players who can use their ear over reading alone. It's like having an analogous off-road vehicle that can take you anywhere you like, without being limited by the roads available. I am sure I can think of a more elegant analogy for this, but basically you can transcend the limits of available sheet music! If I can make a decent recording without playing the wrong notes constantly, I will share it with you!
  15. Hi Luke, Thanks very much for the links. I used the sheet music for the tune as a basis. I've transcribed what I was able to discern from the recording. I assume many of the chords were arpeggiated, with all but one (or two?) being in root position. Or are there some chords that have the third omitted? I've heard these can sound off at times. Also, how would you describe what you refer to as squeaky? haha
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