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  1. Thanks John! To be sure, I'm still wrapping my head around the accidentals and their placement. The layout would surely have been deliberate, so there should be some logic behind them. Good tip on the classical guitar music for accompanying chords!
  2. Thanks John, all of that is very helpful. I am very pleased with the thought of playing baroque music on the anglo. And I can see how the English concertina would provide that wider range of keys to work with, but again, my intention is to focus on the sea shanties. Also, while this might be unorthodox (I'm not sure), I could improvise the melody (vocal) with something that might be outside of my range. But, for now I need to get the hang of the instrument first. With that said, a community member was so very kind in helping me locate a concertina to try (C/G tuning); what a great community! After recording myself play a melody and harmony (separately for now), I was able to comfortably sing the melody during the playback (GMaj). So far so good! With my very limited experience and exposure to the instrument, I feel this is something I can work with and enjoy going forward. Though, I'm sure I'll pick up on the nuances as I go. A big thanks to everyone who replied! I suppose I will take the conversation elsewhere on the forums, as I have a lot of questions related to technique and style!! I'm sure someone has asked these questions before, so I will certainly look there first. Thanks again to everyone!
  3. Don, you're absolutely right. Does that mean I've come down with CAS already??
  4. It's definitely going to be an anglo. My uncertainty was nestled in the thought that I would lack the flexibility to play different types of music. Finding the three performers you recommended led me to Adrian Brown. His arrangements are beyond what I thought the anglo was capable of, including early music and baroque. He was performing his arrangements on a 30 button anglo and they sounded amazing. The three recommendations: Louis Killen's music is exceptionally clean and precise. His music tends to follow his voice in unison, which I appreciate, however, the 'bounciness' of the anglo when accompanying John Roberts voice serves as very pleasant harmony. I am currently listening to Gary Coover, and this is the music I'm expecting I'll start with! Thanks again for the recommendations!
  5. Hi there, thanks for the reply! I would like to play sea shanties, which I believe would be inline with the anglo. However, I am uncertain if a 20 or 30 button would be best. I have a tenors voice, though I don't necessarily intend to sing all the time. My background is in strings (violin, guitar) which makes me melody-centric, and for this reason, I thought an English would be best. But, again, sea shanties are what I expect to play.
  6. Good day all, I'm new to the concertina world and looking for a reasonably priced English or anglo for a beginner. I've contacted several shops on several continents and the entry level used inventory is very low. It was recommended I check here, so I've taken that advice! Not knowing if I will enjoy the instrument, I can't justify buying a better quality concertina, so please feel free to offer even what you might consider sub-par. Does anyone have a concertina that they've learnt on, which they're willing to part with? Thank you (Edit: I'm in the Eastern Ontario, Canada, region)
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