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    Playing fiddle tunes, folk and country music on anglo concertina, mandolin, and guitar; writing and publishing; letterpress printing; casting metal type for said printing.
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    Longview, WA

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  1. Does a 36-button Wheatstone C/G have a pull C#?
  2. I believe Mr. Hillman is the Niall Vallely CD-ROM Sweepstakes winner. Boy howdy, that was quick!
  3. Somehow, while I wasn't looking, even audio CDs essentially became obsolete. For whatever it's worth, I've got a copy of Niall Vallely's CD-ROM that I can't play on my Mac. If anybody wants it, I'll send it to you if you cover the postage, etc.
  4. That engraved fretwork is gorgeous!
  5. Concertina Connection has thumbscrews and inserts for both English and anglo concertinas.
  6. Where are you in the PNW? I live in SW Washington, and I'd be happy to let you fondle some anglos. You'd at least get to feel how different one is from another, and that might help you make a long-distance decision with Barleycorn.
  7. Hiya Sadie, I've sent a personal message. All best, Joe
  8. Sadie, I sent you a message asking why the Carroll didn't get the playing time that you'd surely envisioned for it. I didn't mean to offend, if I did, or suggest anything judgmental. Mainly I'm curious as to whether the Carroll was competing for your attention with an instrument that you were already accustomed to playing, and if so, what is the other instrument? I'm still trying to make up my mind about justifying another concertina purchase. Anything you can tell me will help. Thanks!
  9. Well, dang! I don't need another concertina, but yours is really tempting. I'll keep thinking about it.
  10. Is your Carroll still for sale? If so, where are you? If you're in the Pacific Northwest, I'd like to play it first and then decide about buying it.
  11. Give Dana Johnson a visit. He's practically your neighbor, there in Kensington, Maryland. If your daughter likes playing one of his instruments, not only does she get a really good concertina at a reasonable price, but she also gets the care and attention of the guy who built it. In my experience with him, Mr. Johnson is the real deal.
  12. Kalen, I'm interested, and I've sent a message. -Joe G.
  13. Dan, were there many editorial changes after the premature copies escaped from Amazon? I haven't noticed anything in mine that would have called for editing, but I'm curious. I look forward to meeting you at Consairtín.
  14. Wim Wakker's Concertina Connection has adjustment screws for both anglo and English straps, the anchor blocks that they screw into, and end bolts as well.
  15. This is a Jeffries 30 button anglo in Bb/F. It has "C. Jeffries Maker" stamped between the right hand rows, so I would guess it was made toward the end of the 19th Century. It has a six-fold, all-business black bellows in very good condition, certainly not original but not new, either. It's been worked-over by Greg Jowaisas at some point in the past few years (not to restore it, but to put it into good working order), and it plays very well, indeed. The action is light and quick. While all the reeds are steel, set in brass shoes, Greg J. told me that they aren't all Jeffries reeds. The tone, however, is very well balanced, if less strident than you might expect. In short, it's a Jeffries that won't drive your partner out of the room, and it's a lot of fun to play. I'm asking $4650 for it, shipping included to the Con.US (negotiable for a Pac.NW, in-person sale).
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