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    Playing Anglo concertina...Early music, English and Scottish folk music, Morris tunes, 17th c dance tunes, the odd tango, any tune I fancy....and messing about on melodeon .... the dark side has it's pleasures 😁
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  1. The main dance and concert venue in the Spa is being used as a Covid vaccination centre, working from 8am to 8pm every day with the car park above the Spa cordoned off to make a one way system so will probably be unavailable for some time to come. 🎢 looking forward to seeing everyone safely next year πŸ˜πŸ‘
  2. ☺️ just checked my bank statement and the automatic payment to the ICA went out last week. Competitive playing does not really appeal to me but there is great pleasure in meeting other concertina players of all the varied systems, Anglo, Duet, English, comparing and listening to the instruments and having a good tune session. ...... with songs for those who can sing, I can't carry a tune in a bucket singing ☺️
  3. looking forward to the eventual lifting of all the restrictions, at some future date, OH and self are planning to head to Mussleburgh where he went to primary school and where his Dad was born, for a bit of a break. OH's Grandad lived on Fisher Row ( born Dunfirmline). I know we live in an East coast seaside town and planning a holiday in another East coast seaside town might sound a bit odd but if this present crisis has done anything it has made us list all the jolly things we'd planned to do and not got around to yet No idea when this will be but half the fun is in the planning and anticipation so if anyone has any advice on where to go, any possible sessions or if you live in Mussleburgh and would like to meet for a coffe, what to see in and around Mussleburgh we'd love to hear it we'll be going by pubic transport (train/ bus when they're back to normal)
  4. https://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/ Whitby Folk Week 2019 lots of concertina interest .....and melodeons too
  5. Whoops.... I'd better start a 2019 Whitby Folk week thread 17th to 23rd August this year??
  6. follow the advice of George Garside, a superb melodeon player and teacher ...... leave your instrument where you can pick it up easily as the whim takes you and play any tune you like for as long as you fancy ..... then relax and put the kettle on for a cup of tea ( or open a bottle of wine or beer )
  7. the shop on Goodramgate in York had shut when we were last there but the website Red Cow Music gives an address at Stillingfleet
  8. If you're any where near me on the North Yorkshire coast I've a 20 button Anglo that gets lent out for people to try to see if the Anglo is for them ......it's basic but in tune
  9. For anyone coming to the festival, or at any other time this web site Whitby Weather has details of the tide times on the left hand side of the page. Very important as the tide comes in all the way to the cliffs, please check tide times before strolling along the beach. There are also links to local webcams and other useful information
  10. Update to parking ...... the Battery Parade, Endeavor Wharf and Marina car parks have been brought into line with the other council car parks and a ban on overnight parking for motor homes and caravans between 11pm and 7am put in place from yesterday August the 1st. Unfortunately the car parks were becoming unofficial camp sites for motor homes and caravans, the local paper carried a photo of the car park beyond the Co-Op packed with motor homes, 60 at a rough count, barely a car to be seen and there are no facilities for rubbish/chemical toilet disposal etc. ( unless you are a Marina permit holder paying a small fortune to berth your boat)
  11. had a go on a Suttner last year, they are lovely instruments
  12. Whitby Folk Week on the lovely North Yorkshire Coast, always plenty of concertina and melodeon interest, the List of Artists booked so far is impressive and this year there is no clash with the Regatta. Whitby week also follows on from Saltburn Folk Festivalto see the details scroll down the Cutty Wren's web page that the link takes you to and click on the small yellow Saltburn Festival logo found on the left side of the page. Or www.cuttywrenfolkclub.com
  13. Accommodation can be a right 'so and so' , we have friends who have stayed with us for the festival for nearly twenty years ... they arrive with bags, instruments etc. and almost the first words uttered are ...... " will we be OK to stop with you next Folk Week"
  14. http://whitbyfolk.co.uk/node/16 On the bracing North Yorkshire Coast lots of music and dance with the added attraction of the 176th Whitby Regatta http://whitbyregatta.co.uk/ for the first few days, yacht racing, sea rowing over the weekend and the fabulous firework display on Monday night ..... general fun for the non folkie members of your family. Will post more useful info. bus times etc. nearer the time
  15. A small word of warning ..... some of the really good German tunes were 'appropriated' during WWII and had new words set to them. Luckily for me a friend recognised the tune I was happily playing with gusto was no longer known as 'The Adventurer', a song from the late 1800's, but had had new lyrics to it by Horst Wessell and was used as the Nazi party's song!! I'm told it's still illegal to play the tune in Germany ....... Having slightly older friends with good memories can be a blessing, all 'new to me' German folk tunes/ songs are now run past them and vetted to avoid causing offence.
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