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  1. The cancellation is now official on the Whitby Folk Week website home page. Here's what it says: WHITBY FOLK WEEK 2021: IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM THE DIRECTORS In the light of the continuing pandemic and the uncertainty of restrictions such as social distancing and face coverings being fully relaxed by August, the Whitby Folk Week directors have taken the extremely difficult decision to postpone the 2021 festival until the 20th-26th August 2022. The very essence of Whitby Folk Week is our community; being together to dance, sing, play music and be with friends and family
  2. Whitby Folk Week, 21st - 28th August 2021, is now cancelled. I've just heard from the organisers who deal with the artists, dance teams, and workshop leaders. Sue Houston writes: After much deliberation, Whitby folk week directors have reluctantly had to make the decision to rollover the festival from this year until August 2022. We have no idea whether social restrictions, such as social distancing, will be fully relaxed by August and we envisage a lot of people descending on the town this summer. We know this will be disappointing news, but I am aware that many of yo
  3. Hi Ciaran, Glad to see you on board here. Like many others, I know your Dad and have bought several instruments from him over the years and also recommended him to my friends too. Are you going to be taking over the business? Last time I was over to see Chris about three years ago, he was on about retiring...
  4. I have now obtained the relevant brass band parts, so many thanks to all of you who have helped. You know who you are!
  5. Sometimes you have to remember that monetary value is not the only thing to consider. Despite the possibility that this concertina may not be quite as good as the high quality 'golden period' of Wheatstones, it nevetheless looks to be a very nice concertina with (as you say) a great dynamic range, which suggests that the reeds are good. Overall it looks to have a lot of potential. I would suggest a couple of things: Try to get a look inside to see the reeds. If the pads have fallen off due to being stored in a damp place, the reeds could be rusty and/or the reed frames corrod
  6. Many thanks to you both, David and Stephen. I will try contacting Dick Miles and John Adey, as you suggest. Edit: I don't seem to be able to send a message to Dick Miles. Perhaps he has terminated his account here. 🙁
  7. This forum seems as good a start as any and I hope my query is not inappropriate. I am hoping that Dick Miles may be able to answer, but he doesn't seem to have been active on here for a while. I am trying to source the sheet music score and/or parts for 'The Carabineer' by J.A.Greenwood. It's the first track on the New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet vinyl record (Plantlife PLR 071). John Ambrose Greenwood (1876-1953) is/was well known in the brass band community for his arrangements and compositions, as well as for his band leadership and conducting. Many of his arrang
  8. Wheatstone Aeola Tenor-Treble English Concertina No.31869 - SOLD Donation to concertina.net made.
  9. Hi Bethan, This is as good a place as any to advertise your concertina! The value of a concertina depends on all sorts of things, but main criteria would be, condition, age, make, serial number (if visible), types of reeds, e.g: steel, brass, accordion reeds or traditional concertina reeds (there is a huge difference!). Also people will want to know the type of concertina: Anglo, English, Duet, etc. It's a good idea to give a general location (e.g. 'this concertina is located in Manchester, UK'), whether you are prepared to ship overseas, and whether you wil
  10. I have just received this e-mail message from Dave Townsend. Not unexpected really... ? With great regret and a heavy heart I have to announce that Witney Supersqueeze will not take place this year. Unsurprisingly, the school is currently unable to give any assurances that we will be able to use the premises for the weekend, and are delaying a final decision until the start of the September term. This is much too late to cancel if it becomes necessary, and I also feel that a lot of people will be reluctant to commit to the weekend or even to take the risk, however small.
  11. As anticipated, Whitby Folk Week 22nd - 27th August 2020 has now been cancelled, due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic. As a workshop leader I'm sad but relieved too; it's the right decision. Next year's festival will be 21st - 28th August 2021. More information on the festival website.
  12. Brian - looking at your photos, the reeds are accordion-type reeds and the thin plastic valves on many of them are bent, curled or missing. Charlie Marshall (cgmmusical) can also supply replacement valves and the adhesive. You should really clean off all the old wax (it goes brittle and cracked with age), then replace all the valves with new (they are very cheap) before you re-wax the reeds back onto the reed blocks. You will then need to retune the reeds, which is a big topic in itself. I'm not sure if there are threads on re-waxing and retuning accordion-type reeds on this forum, but there i
  13. Having been taught by David Elliott (thanks Dave!), I also use the screwdriver method described by Mike for cleaning rust off the undersides of the reeds and a well-worn, fine 400-grit diamond file used very lightly for the top surface of the reed tongues. And no liquid of any sort. Removing any rust, especially of the degree shown in Notemaker's photo, will almost certainly affect the tuning of the reeds, so it will be necessary to check the tuning of the reeds in situ in the instrument and then carry out any fine tuning (and reed tip set) adjustments, as may be needed.
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