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  1. conband

    Wheatstone Oval Label

    Just to say, it's useful information, as I have a label exactly like that shown on my baritone. Difficult to photograph, as being brass it wears to easily. Les Branchett
  2. conband

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Great playing, Wolf. Enjoyed it very much. Deep mid-winter was particularly appreciated. Gustaf Holst's tune "Cranham" was named after the village where he lived, in Midwinter Cottage. I can see the Cranham woods from my balcony, and often I drive through them, but your fine playing has inspired me to do something different. Next time I will take my concertina, stop in the woods, and play some of his tunes. Happy Christmas. Les Branchett
  3. Hi Roger. Phone me on 01452 300163 and I can give you two tried and tested remedies. I can't transfer photos so I ask you to call. Les
  4. A perfectly good ploy I've used it myself, though I prefer the top high D sharp, on the right hand side: 1. Outside row, very last, so I can find it even with my eyes closed 2. It has an enharmonic mate, E flat, on the left hand side, if needed. 3. I never have been able to sing that high so don't really miss it. 4. No lasting damage. Les Branchett
  5. conband

    Concertina World

    Always looking forward to the next issue. I prefer the printed word! They used to call me old fashioned, but now publishers record that printed books are gaining popularity and E-books are waning. Three cheers for Caxton! Les Branchett
  6. Hi. Your concertina is a Lachenal Anglo model. The diagram next to the word English was their trade mark, it is a depiction of the reeds used to sound the notes. As an Anglo with three rows, it is more versatile. The age could be achieved approximately if you could read the number clearly. Bone buttons were quite usual, guessing a price without visual inspection, inside and out, is not really possible. Though hopefully some Australian player, there are quite a few, may be able to help you further. Tutor books for the Anglo are readily available, and Youtube has many postings. Hope you have a good adventure with it. Les Branchett
  7. On Ebay at the moment Shiresantiques have a Wheatstone incorrectly stated as No., 20877 (should be 20377), but what intrigues me is the keyboard layout. What was the purpose of this most unusual configuration, there is no reference in Horniman why this is non-standard. It knocks me flat, if you'll excuse the pun. Les Branchett
  8. conband

    What Is The Point Of Scales?

    Don't forget improving/creating manual dexterity/ Les Branchett
  9. conband

    Recent Duet At Auction

    Hi. Harland and Rollison were circus/music hall performers around 1900, which also coincides with the date of this bold instrument. Thus it probably has a very strident sound. Meant to be seen and heard! Les Branchett
  10. Metal ended Lachenal EC No. 52426 In 1958 from a proverbial junk shop in Reading I purchased my first Concertina. I recall the concertina cost me less than the case my Mother promised to purchase if I bought the instrument. It served me well, and eventually deserved the new bellows subsequently provided. Sadly green eyed envy crept in - that mythical ultimate concertina was on the horizon. 52426 was taken to Crawley in the early in 1980's in the hope of an upgrade (!) The shop was unexpectedly closed, but fortunately a prospective buyer, who I think came from the West Country, arrived at the same time. So as prospective seller and prospective buyer met, a deal was done. Sadly, after 25 years loyal service No. 52426 was callously gone for ever. If you own, or know where No. 52426 might be, please let me know. I may well be interested in a direct purchase or part exchange, adoption, etc. Les. Personal email: squeezy@easy.com
  11. conband

    Mistake Or Invention?

    An odd personal preference, I would say. If it were during manufacture, it would be unusual for an SA instrument to give up an E flat for an A, as the A would exist elsewhere. With their preference for Flat keys for the Brass connection it would have made more sense to sacrifice the top F sharp for an A. Don't think A minor, think F major. Thus F and B flat and E flat key would all be well provided for. D major would be sometimes used but not as often as their beloved flats! A minor rarely used. With that logic I come out on the side of "odd personal preference" - but aren't they very useful instruments. Les Branchett
  12. Jake: My experience is that Gardiner Houlgate are very good at getting descriptions wrong. What is worse is if you explain to them they do nothing about it, and it seems they just couldn't care less. Les