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  1. Concertina now sold and donation made to C.Net.
  2. Thank you for that, very nice, I hadn’t seen one before. same era as my two I would guess. Is it a good player?
  3. Jones Jones 26 key rosewood ended anglo in C/G. This concertina has ornate fretwork ends in excellent condition and comfortable sized bushed buttons. It has six fold original bellows in great shape. It has just been fitted with new pads and valves and tuned (from old pitch) to concert pitch. It has very little wear on it, seems to have had a sheltered life and there is no damage or signs of any repairs. The sound is less strident than some Lachenals but has a lovely warmth and woody tone. Hear a couple of tunes on th
  4. Sunbeamer, I have never seen a 20 button metal-ended Jeffries. Any chance you could post some more pics of the instrument please? Are the dimensions similar to 30 button instruments? thank you.
  5. Bill, I think you'll find that it sold for $600 and the practice with Skinners is to publish the price including commission.
  6. Have you seen this ad? http://www.adverts.ie/brass-wind-instruments/wakker-concertina-a4-model/12331516
  7. Concertina now sold, donation made to c.net. Thanks to all for your interest.
  8. Greg, I didn't try to remove the verdigris as I figured I might interfere with the tuning and that's an area that I don't feel competent to meddle with. The buttonholes in the ends have been bushed with a black felt. Des
  9. Jones 34 button Rosewood ended Anglo in the keys of G & D with two 2 drones, each tuned in G but an octave apart and 2 novelty buttons with a cry and whistle. Nickel silver buttons and 7 fold bellows. I don't have a history on the concertina, but the previous owner passed on and left it to a non playing relative. I have been told that it hadn't been played in a number of years. A few notes were a bit squeaky, but are now sorted. On examination, it would appear to have been overhauled and retuned to G/D concert pitch. I don't know what the original keys were. There appears t
  10. Jody, I can't help you with the legalities, but Irish doors have featured on posters and doormats, as in this link; http://www.irishcalendars.ie/products/doors-of-dublin-placemats Perhaps the publishers, should you contact them might have experience/advice to offer.
  11. Simon I was fortunate enough to be at the concert. Great stuff and your individual performance was a revelation to a lot of the audience, many of whom would only have heard concertina on an anglo. The ensemble piece was like a breath of fresh air. Well done!
  12. Notemaker, I have no affiliation with Ben, the seller of the concertinas in question, however, I do know that he has been dealing in these Wheatstone concertinas from South Africa for some time. I also know that he has a fine reputation to uphold. I believe that your characterisation of the condition of the instruments shown is at the very least 'lazy' and at worst insulting. While I don't play a 20th century Wheatstone concertina, I do know that they can be very fine instruments, equal to, in many cases newly made concertinas. As for them harbouring diseases, I would suggest that
  13. Hello all, I think Paul is somewhat modest in stating that he has spent some time listening and playing traditional music. The truth is Paul is a wonderful musician and teacher whose teaching and playing contributions helped keep concertina music vibrant in the Boston area for a number of years as well as playing and hosting traditional sessions in that city. He is also a mine of knowledge on various instruments historically and technically, particularly concertina. He is a patient and dedicated teacher and I would encourage anyone intent on improving their abilities on that instru
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