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  1. Jewish Leprechaun

    Anglo Crabb/Shakespeare For Sale

    I'm working on thinning out the herd to make way for my Dipper. Up for sale is my Crabb (from an email discussion with a knowledgeable authority, this may actually be a Shakespeare). I purchased this from David Robertson. The following is his description of the concertina. "32k Crabb Anglo concertina in C/G, circa 1900, with unusual slightly raised ends, probably made by Crabb to special order. Fully restored with new 7-fold bellows, new pads, valves, bushes, phosphor-bronze springs and straps. Metal ends, buttons and fittings polished, woodwork refinished in French polish, and all chamois seals replaced. Tuned to modern concert pitch (A=440Hz) Original leather case modified to accept 7-fold bellows and re-lined." All in all, it's a beautiful instrument, standard size about 6 inches across the flats. David did an absolutely wonderful job on this 'tina. i believe it was originally in Bb/F, now it is in C/G. Asking $5750.00, I'd rather keep it in the continental US for ease of shipping. Would be willing to possibly meet+deliver in the Florida/Georgia area. If sold on the forum, an appropriate donation will be made. PM me for any further details. -Lep
  2. Jewish Leprechaun

    WANTED - Suttner / Wally Carroll concertina

    Hi Wolf, It's seems a bit quick to me too, but that's what Suttner's website currently says "Current delivery estimate 2.5 years." Perhaps it's been a while since he's updated it...
  3. Jewish Leprechaun

    WANTED - Suttner / Wally Carroll concertina

    Might be hard pressed to find a 38button Suttner or Carroll on the market. You can try contacting Chris over at barleycorn concertinas to see what vintage stock he has http://www.concertina.co.uk I believe he usually has more than what's listed on his website. I own a Suttner myself and I've had the opportunity to play a couple Carrolls, absolutely wonderful instruments. Might be worthwhile getting on one (or both!) of their wait lists. Both are around a 2.5year wait (according to their websites which isn't really too bad). You might save some money this way too. A few years ago I waited almost 5 years for my Suttner to be built and I can say it was definitely worth the long agonizing wait!
  4. Jewish Leprechaun

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    Haha well now I think I'm torn between Drowsy Maggie and Fig for a Kiss. I guess I'll just have to rotate between the two 😄
  5. Jewish Leprechaun

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    I really like the sound of Fig for a Kiss. I can't find any music (tried youtubing them and the session) for Aileen Og or the Dancing of the Sheets though. Perhaps alternative names for them?
  6. Alrighty, I could use some input. So I want one or two tunes to launch into after Scarborough Fair (open to any suggestions reels, jigs, etc.) One tune set I've heard played at sessions is Star of the county down (it'll be sung) and then afterwards everyone launches into Cooley's Reel and then Rakish Paddy. I'm looking for something along those lines (yes I know SOTCD is a barn dance followed by reels while Scarborough Fair is a waltz followed by... ) -Lep
  7. Jewish Leprechaun

    31 Button 5 3/4 Inch C/g

    Look great, well done!
  8. Jewish Leprechaun

    Lachenal Anglo Wanted

    Haha yeah I was staying away from them too for that reason
  9. Jewish Leprechaun

    Lachenal Anglo Wanted

    I'd say watch eBay, there has been an abundance of Lachenal's recently. Might be able to snag something for a pretty decent deal, depending on budget. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lachenal-30-button-anglo-concertina-C-G-Brass-reeds-fully-restored-with-bag-/152495495999?hash=item2381709b3f:g:pRUAAOSwA29Y4XG8 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-30-button-Lachenal-vintage-anglo-concertina-old-box-/201877713700?hash=item2f00d97324:g:AzUAAOSwDmBY4VoC
  10. Jewish Leprechaun

    Identify The Concertina In The Video

    Hmm I wasn't familiar with José Claro's instruments, but definitely liking the way they look, going to have to get my hands on one to see how they play. I was suspicious if it was one of Dipper's smaller models, like y'all are suggesting.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3ikv6GN4fw At approximately 2 min 46 sec, there's a young boy playing what appears to be quite a small 30 button anglo (or maybe it's just my eyes). Anyone have any ideas on what make the 'tina is?
  12. Jewish Leprechaun

    Sizes Of Different Anglo Concertinas

    My own Suttner A1is just a hair over 5 9/16"
  13. Jewish Leprechaun

    32 Button "hot Rodded" Lachenal

    Little trouble uploading all the photos at once...
  14. Jewish Leprechaun

    32 Button "hot Rodded" Lachenal

    Alrighty, well, it's come time to sell my Lachenal. Selling it because it just doesn't get enough attention compared to my Suttner these days. I bought this off another Cnet member about 5 years ago who I believe bought it from Paul Groff (who gave it a huge overhaul) and before that I have no idea. 32 button Lachenal- metal ended "Hot Rodded" by Paul Groff (he used to do this back in the day, fixed this lachenal up real nicely) -Modified note layout, there's a picture of the note layout, but I switched around my C# so that it's a push C# on the top outter row and a pull C# on the button under, kind of the reverse of a jeffries layout for those two notes. No serial number (must have been lost in the ages) Dipper Bellows (these are absolutely awesome bellows) Fine riveted action (something Paul added I believe)- not the typical lachenal hook action Pelican case- I blocked this and padded it and glued in the velvet, not the prettiest of interior jobs but the blocking is good and you won't find a sturdier case I'm looking for in the ballpark of $3500 including shipping to any of the contiguous states (and of course I'll make the proper donation to Cnet) Sorry I don't want to ship outside of the US. Oh and lastly there is a little bit of ware on the bellows on the edges from playing, and as it is an old instrument quite a few of the reeds are shimmed in place. I took a picture where some wood is separating in the reed pan (not cracking), I believe this is just old glue not holding and see little need for immediate repair. Plays great, it's an awesome concertina. Send a message if you're interested.
  15. Jewish Leprechaun

    Tuning A Harmonica Vs Tuning A Concertina

    I use 400 grit diamond files, I find that 200 grit is too course for control. but remember that the oldies used fine files so you need to be that smooth or better. Micro cracking results from corrosion pitting, or from stress raising deep and sharp notched scratches leading to fatigue failure. the finer the polish the longer the reed life. Dave Is there a brand for the diamond files you'd recommend over another?