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  1. I know but I want to know which system is suitable for me. I'll try an Anglo somehow and I will decide whether I get an Anglo or not.
  2. Thank you for your kindness, but I live in Canada ?
  3. Thank you for good advice! I need to practice more with my EC and I'll look for Anglo to try.
  4. Hi,all I'm new to playing the concertina. It's pretty fun! I love it but I thought I might have mistaken choice. I bought the EC because I wanted to play any kind of genre of music. The EC can be made all notes. However it seems to be difficult to play melody with accompaniment. I'll keep practicing it but I want to buy an Anglo C/G 30buttons. I'm considering to purchase Rochelle or Wren 2. Both are similar price, quality,has 14days trial. I want to ask you some advice that Should I get new concertina or just practice my EC? Which is better Rochelle or Wren 2? If I want to play melody with accompaniment, should I get an Anglo which has more buttons or Duet?(I heard Duet is difficult and it costs higher than other concertina) Feel free to reply any advice, thank you !
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