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  1. Here's what the English International booklet says: "Tom was from South Shields in Tyneside and in his younger days played in the South Shields Concertina Band when it won the Belle Vue (Manchester) band competition in 1921. He was a regular attendee at the London ICA meetings." There are many references to him on the ICA website in the archived newsletters: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aconcertina.org+Tom+Jukes&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS756US756&oq=site%3Aconcertina.org+Tom+Jukes There is more info about him in this old thread, in case you haven't already seen it:
  2. I think more likely a baritone, but I don't think there's any way to know for sure without hearing what note sounds when each button is played.
  3. We've pulled together information about all the planned World Concertina Day in-person and online events that we know about into one web page at https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day-events . I think it's a pretty impressive list! If you're planning something that isn't yet listed that you'd like us to include, contact us at wcd@concertina.org to let us know. Daniel for the ICA World Concertina Day team
  4. Looks likely to be a Carlsfelder to me too, and from a good maker (ELA). Not many people play Carlsfelders anymore. You can hear examples of Carlsfelder playing at https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/Various-Artists-Die-Konzertina-in-Franken/hnum/5715990 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x7gZUGfshE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdgZxLqz6BM , etc.
  5. As mentioned in another thread, Button Box has announced on their website that they will be closing their retail store on March 31 but continuing their repair service after that. I would guess that means that Doug was not able to find a buyer for the business. They say, "Orders for new R. Morse & Co. Céilí anglo concertinas will be accepted through March 31, 2022," which seems to imply that those concertinas may be built after the retail store is closed. With luck, Doug will chime in here to tell us if new Morse concertinas will continue to be made after those orders are complete. It's possible that that hasn't been determined yet. More info at https://buttonbox.com/transition.html .
  6. Peter - I have sent you a c.net private message about the issues you raised. Daniel
  7. There is one recorded concert that's being put together by the ICA itself: https://concertina.org/2022/01/06/world-concertina-day-concert . There are also a number of other World Concertina Day events being put on by local groups and individual players, including the Eastern North America video concert, Randy Stein's individual video concert and others. We're in the process of pulling together info about them - see the "locally organized events" at https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day.
  8. See https://concertina.org/2022/01/06/world-concertina-day-concert/ . It will be accessible to everyone. It will be in two or three parts and will probably be between 90 minutes and two hours long in total. It will be a recorded concert which will be available to view starting on February 6 and will remain available after that.
  9. FYI, we also have Caitlin nic Gabhann from Ireland who is in her early 30's, and I believe one of our South African players is fairly young.
  10. Geoff asked me to post this for him. He writes, "Just re-discovered this 'promo' for a TV documentary that may - or may not - be broadcast, put together by Jane Blanchard. Even if it doesn't go out, it's a lovely family memento." https://www.facebook.com/geoffrey.lakeman/videos/855826748467736
  11. Thanks, Stephen! I was hoping you would chime in on this one. Do you have any info about the period between 1862 and 1952?
  12. This is an international concert with players from all over the world. Tentative performer list is at https://concertina.org/2022/01/06/world-concertina-day-concert .
  13. Well...an article about Marcello Bastari by Oliver Heatwole in the Aug.-Sept. 1983 issue of Mugwumps magazine said, "Some wholesalers wanted large quantities of concertinas, but there was no Italian firm able to make them, there then being in Italy one company (now long out of business) that made concertinas, but only in small numbers. Dr. Bastari started his own company, in 1949, with an initial order of 100 concertinas. Success was immediate and growth followed. This was the beginning of Italian predominance in manufacturing German type concertinas." If that is accurate, then I think one can assume that they were in made in Italy before 1949 by that mysterious "one company (now long out of business)". I have wondered if that company might have been Frontalini, but I doubt we will ever know for sure, and I also doubt that we'll know when that company started making concertinas, or whether there was another Italian maker before 1949..
  14. I believe that all or most Hohner-branded concertinas have been manufactured outside of Germany. I think the older ones were made in Italy by Bastari/Stagi/Brunner and are typical of concertinas by that manufacturer: potentially decent low-end instruments, but with some quality control problems. I believe that more recent ones (D-40 model) were made in China to a lower standard than that.
  15. Greg Jowaisas (a very good concertina repairer who lives in the US) might have a 48 button vintage English that meets your criteria. He's a member here at c.net, so you can try to contact him via private message here. If that doesn't work I may be able to find his current email address for you.
  16. Item listing is at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334259532552 . I have no association with the sale! Here's what it looks like:
  17. The International Concertina Association's World Concertina Day (February 6, 2022 - less than two months away) is looking good! We'll have an all-star video concert available for viewing starting on that day, including new performances from Rob Harbron, Jody Kruskal, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Caitlin nic Gabhann, Paul McCann and many others. Local events on or near that day have been confirmed for Berkeley in California and for Hampshire, Sussex and Bedford in England, as well as a museum display in Somerset, England. Players in the eastern half of the US and Canada are putting together a compilation of video performances. Two US players (Randy Stein on English and Janet Dows on Anglo) are planning concert performances. You can get more information about any of these by contacting us at wcd@concertina.org. More events are being discussed but have not yet been confirmed. If you're not involved in any of these, consider putting on one of your own! There's a list of possibilities on our World Concertina Day web page. And World Concertina Day merchandise (T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more!) is now available for purchase from sites for the UK/EU and the USA and Canada. Check it out!
  18. Since this is a modern instrument from an active manufacturer, I would suggest that you check in with Concertina Connection if you haven't already done that.
  19. There is a system, developed by Paddy Murphy and refined and popularized by Noel Hill, that is popular among at least some players of Irish tunes on the C/G Anglo. There's a description of it at https://concertutor.wordpress.com/simple-and-more-advanced-cross-rowing/playing-across-the-rows-a-la-noel-hill/ and another description at https://thesession.org/discussions/16611 . There's also a good discussion of the pros and cons of that approach here: .
  20. Thanks! I have added it to the Student/Basic section.
  21. And now another one of these has turned up on US eBay (at a ridiculously high price) at https://www.ebay.com/itm/265370735719 . This one is grey rather than green and has a brand and country name: "Brevettata" and "Made In Italy". I looked up Brevettata and the name seems mainly associated with starter pistols (they don't fire real bullets). That's all I know...
  22. Thanks, Ethan and Taka - I hadn't known about this one. Looks like the maker's name may be Kevin Garnier. I will add him to the list.
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