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  1. If you want to play classical music, you might consider an English or possibly a duet concertina rather than an Anglo. You can get a much better vintage concertina for the price if you stay away from Anglos.
  2. Recently added: Maccann player Herbert Green (aka Bert Greene) at the end of the Vintage section, and three great recordings by Crane player and c.net member Geoff Lakeman at the end of the Contemporary Recordings: Crane Duet section. Check them out at http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm . Daniel
  3. It's available for purchase on Amazon UK at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anglo-International-Concertina-playing-around/dp/B000FILMN6/ .
  4. Is that a similar set-up to a B/C button accordion, as played in Ireland? Irish-style button accordions have two rows tuned a half-tone apart (I think the two rows are most often in B and C, or C# and D) There has occasionally been discussion here about setting up a concertina that way but I don't know if any manufacturer has previously done it.
  5. I think it's possible that the Concertina Connection Jack/Jackie/Rochelle/Elise concertinas are made in a fourth factory in China, but I don't know for sure. Please post a report here if you learn anything more at the Music China Expo.
  6. Thanks - it's good to know about that, though I'm sorry that it happened.
  7. I was told by a reliable source in 2009 that there were four factories in China making concertinas at that time. If someone wants to buy a Chinese-made concertina from a Chinese source, this web page in China might be helpful: https://www.alibaba.com/products/concertina/CID100005383.html?spm=a2700.7724838.galleryFilter.3.60124047DRBrrJ&IndexArea=product_en . Most of the instruments listed there can only be purchased in quantities of 5 to 100, but there are a couple that seem to be available for purchase one at a time. However, I wouldn't vouch for the quality of any of these and I would not assume that they would be as good as a Concertina Connection or McNeela instrument, even if they appear similar from the outside.
  8. Gary-- I like it! Is that a bass English? If so, I didn't know (or had forgotten) that you played English in addition to Anglo and Jeffries Duet.
  9. I don't think the McNeela models come from the same factory as the Concertina Connection Jack/ Rochelle/ Elise models. I also think that the McNeela Chinese-made ones may be adjusted in Ireland after they arrive from China.
  10. It's at https://www.ebay.ca/itm/313653023128?hash=item49072d5198 . Here are the bellows:
  11. Stephen-- This is very informative! A question: I have heard people say that #11 (Newly Improved with inset metal ends) are better concertinas than your #8 (Newly Improved with to-the-edge metal ends). Have you found that to be the case? I realize that Lachenal reed quality can vary quite a bit even within each model.
  12. Chemnitzer concertinas (like our smaller concertinas) are sometimes made with accordion-type reeds. But many Chemnitzers use long-plate German-style reeds which are another type of reed. I don't know what the standard technique is for tuning long-plate reeds.
  13. Edited to add the Duckling in the Student/Basic category.
  14. More info now available at https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day ! The ICA encourages everyone with an interest in the concertina to participate on February 6, 2022 or on that weekend by taking part in or organizing an event in your local area. Some ideas: Gatherings of concertina players Live public concert performances by concertina groups or individual performers Events such as “concertina flash mobs” that lend themselves to social media publicity and local media interest Live workshop events featuring concertinas Local or national radio/TV interviews by concertina people Display or demonstration of the concertina at your local museum, library or community centre Sharing a recording of yourself or telling your social media friends about your interest in the concertina Any events could be pre-recorded and posted online on the day ….or anything else you can think of! If you would like to take part, have ideas, or would like to discuss any aspect of World Concertina Day, please contact us at WCD@concertina.org!
  15. New video of a fine young player at https://www.facebook.com/ClannRedmond/videos/153622323548284 . She may be American since this park is apparently in Pennsylvania in the US. The tune seems to be by Tim Collins.
  16. I don't know. Some of us (including the late Richard Morse) had a long and vehement discussion about the term back in 2007: .
  17. Sounds about right to me. I would add Marcus and Norman in the UK as early hybrid makers. And mention should also be made of the accordion-reeded May Fair concertinas made by Wheatstone in the 1950s which were significantly better than the accordion-reeded ones from Germany and Italy.
  18. Concertina Connection will also accept trade-ins of Rochelles they did not directly sell. You can contact them for details.
  19. I wrote to Bob yesterday to ask about this. His reply: "Hello Daniel, at the moment, I am not building. I am taking maintenance gigs on my previous builds and am a dealer for Concertina Connection instruments. I may return to building in the future. Do with me what you will. I am still here." Since there are several other makers on the list who are not currently taking orders, I will leave Bob's listing as it is now.
  20. Updated to add Concertina Connection's fairly new Rochelle 2 to the Intermediate/Mid-range category. I put it in that category because it has flat-mounted reeds.
  21. From the website of a friend of mine, the songwriter and English concertina player Carol Denney: http://www.caroldenney.com/concerti.htm . Here's Carol playing and singing one of her songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6dmtEjc51Q .
  22. Thanks, Peter! Baritone anglo video is actually at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGoNYfhpp8M .
  23. I believe the recording is at https://concertina.org/2020/07/06/harry-minting-at-the-ica-bloomsbury-1987/ - but it's in the members-only part of the ICA website.
  24. Recordings by another South African player Morgan O'Kennedy were also added! http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm
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