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  1. I agree, Sean! Caitlin's course is wonderful. She teaches a variety of songs (reels, mazurkas, polkas, and more), and for each tune she has a variety of resources: a video lesson; an audio track you can speed up, slow down, or even loop to repeat various phrases you want to play along to; sheet music in notation and another version that simply has the notes written out in letter form. She addresses air control, too, and as Sean mentioned above, shows you alternate buttons for different notes to optimize air control. I hope your playing is going well, Helen!
  2. Hi Helen, If you're interested in learning Irish music, I really liked this intro lesson offered by Caitlin Nic Gabhann. The initial lesson is free and she teaches you the reel "The Primrose Lass." I really liked her teaching style, and side views of her concertina show you exactly what buttons she's pressing. If you like the free lesson, she offers access to beginning and improver courses on her website for a monthly or yearly fee. Here's a link to the free lesson, and details for her website are in her comments:
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