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  1. Have to admit, I've been waiting quietly to see what anglo you may have available?
  2. Recognising overlooked inherent worth is a talent. No, "added value," necessary.
  3. This is someone hacking individual ebay accounts. They list hundreds of high quality items, often including conertinas, and they always instruct you not to bid but to contact them outside of ebay for a buy it now. They also always use the same pictures over and over. They hit me once about a year ago.
  4. This is a lovely instrument that this gentleman is selling. He accidentally mentioned the word "ivory" instead of bone buttons in the listing. eBay contacted him, telling him that ivory was a banned substance and that the listing would need to be closed. Great opportunity to buy a beautiful instrument.
  5. I saw a 30 button C/G Suttner on,"done deal", yesterday.
  6. Hi. Would it be possible to see the reed pan?
  7. Would love to hear what you may have available.
  8. If you find a decent sourse for vellum please let me know.
  9. Thank you for the sound advice. I have taken it and found a different concertina. You've likely saved me a lot of time and expense. I'll definitely check here first when puzzled by my next project.
  10. Hello very interested in the 30. Could you pm me?
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