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  1. i had listed "ivory" buttons and eBay dropped the post ..simple
  2. we were all disappointed ..it's supposed to be fun
  3. this is the first time i've dealt with eBay and I got the combo wrong ..I may list it again or just take bids at bobblack9201@gmail.com ..could be easier
  4. Colin Dipper #47 A 30 button C/G Anglo concertina. Raised wood ends, bone buttons and JS Holman case all in excellent condition. The instrument was made for me in the early 80s and is 5 5/8” across the front, the sound is bright and clear. You can contact me here
  5. I have an anglo C/G Dipper concertina 30 button #47, wood ends I'm thinking of selling
  6. I have a Dipper C/G 30 button anglo, wood ends, excellent condition. Thinking of selling.
  7. I have a Dipper #47 C/G 30 button, wood ends, I'm thinking of selling ..
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