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  1. Except that this is not just leaving some bits out, but a completely different reed pan design. Its not just that there are buttons and reeds missing.
  2. Not necessarily an "experiment" initiated by the Wheatstone company itself. They made many instruments to custom order, and I would guess that this is likely one of those. May be so. It seems an odd thing to order though as it must have cost quite a bit to get everything redesigned in this way.
  3. Interesting. I dont think I would want to reduce any more than 44 though, but never really use the top 4 notes...
  4. If it was it cost me rather more than £60!. Any idea of the number/age?
  5. I recently bought a 44 Key English Aeola. It has raised ebony ends and dates from around 1909, a time which unfortunately the Wheatstone records are missing. While I was in some way frustrated that it didn't have the full 48 keys, I couldn't resist as the sound and response were better than anything I had ever played. It so light, yet loud and effortless to play. I'm guessing this may be a unique experiment from Wheatstone? I certainly can't find records of another 44 key except from the earliest days. The advantage of dispensing with the top A B Bb C gives more space to create a more evenly designed instrument, allowing a wonderful response and sound by removing little-used reeds. It may be that it was unsuccessful because the 48 key model was the standard. Any thoughts anyone.....
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