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  1. 2 x Lachenal Duets 46 key + air button Metal ends Bushed metal keys Steel reeds 6 fold bellows with papers ( # 2437 ) 7 fold bellows ( # 3459 ) with corner patches on the outside ( professionally done ) Non original cases In concert pitch and restored by Richard Evans. # 2437 $1450 #3459 $1350 Will ship worldwide If sold a donation will be made to concertina net Email me for more photos
  2. Hi Geoff Do you need the baritone now ? I have an 48Key Aeola ( April 1925 ) in the pipeline. I could have it before christmas this year i hope P.J. djangojessie
  3. For sale is this 56 key baritone aeola. # 30375 ( 1924 ) Model 14 Its extended upwards , goes down to G Richard Evans looked at this concertina and said it is a wonderful concertina and great condition for its age and it plays and sounds great. It is not in concert pitch , a couple of end bolts are not original and one button is not original but works fine . Comes in original brown leather case. Price includes shipping with tracking 3000 Pounds Email patrickcullen54@hotmail.com
  4. Hi Geoff Can you email me on patrickcullen54@hotmail.com Thanks patrick
  5. Hi Geoff Yes this concertina now lives in Victoria with one very happy owner. Richard Evans looked at this concertina and said it was the best english concertina he had ever seen , played or heard P.J.
  6. Model 18 Ext Treble Ends all original as with all the concertina djangojessie
  7. For sale is this amazing condition Wheatstone Aeola . Its a 56 key with gilt fittings, steel reeds, 5 fold bellows with not a crack no crazing nothing missing just like it left wheatstone yesterday. Serial number is 25225 ( 1911 ) its a model 18. Its measures 6 1/2 inches across the raised ends The reeds are like new and it sounds great. There is a stamp on the inside M. Martin 245 William St, Perth , WA. One of the reed pans is pencilled 522 would indicate that it was originally( or later ) tuned to New Philharmonic Pitch and its very much in tuner with my guitar tuner. A few keys are a little stickey from lack of playing but that easy fixed up. Comes with original Wheatstone brown case with needs some attention even has the original key. The best condition concertina i have had or seen in over 20 years just beautiful. Open to a good offer and if it sells here i will make the usual donation to concertina net. I will ship world wide at you expense Good luck
  8. This concertina was not on ebay and it is a a C/G
  9. A very nice Lachenal 32 plus air button in the key of C/G It has been restrored and has a new Peter O Connor 6 fold bellows. The whistle and squeak buttons work. Serial number 118880 The left hand side is a standard lay out. The top row of the right hand side is a Jeffries layout. I have been told this may have been a special order instrument. It come in a carrying case not the original case. The price includes shipping and of course if it sells here a donation will be made to concertina net. ( also have a similar 30 key c/g available with standard layout ) Price 1800 pounds
  10. Fantastic single action wheatstone baritone.43 keys , steel reeds from 1880s restored with new ends that look great in concert pitch. Very rare . Restored at R.Evans workshop.Bellows has air inlet valves. Richard said it was made specifically made for a concertina band. It has very strong reeds and is very very loud. I can forward photos if you send and personal email to me otherwise.Open to offers before i go down the ebay road
  11. Yes this one sold the other day i do have a 56 key metal ended Aeola tenor treble from 1920s here in ex condition Also 48 key Aeola ebony ends Baritione in the pipe line and a few others including a 43 key Wheatstone single action bass from the 1880s currently being restored And a 20 key metal ended jeffries in the pipe line Patrick
  12. Yes it was the angle as i was trying to show the missing ebony around the edges All is cleared up.
  13. Added is a new photo of the bellows from a different angle to my ebay ad Thank you Malcom P.J.
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