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  1. We operate from home which is about 50min from Sydney where you can come and view concertinas . All our contact details are on our web site www.concertinashop.com.au P.J.
  2. I have a 20Key Jeffries metal ended in the pipeline and has been for some time but it has my name on it and will arrive here one of these days P.j concertina shop australia
  3. This week we have a beautiful Richard Evans C/G Metal Ended in our shop www.concertinashop.com.au Check out the web site for more details and other concertinas P.J.
  4. Have a 38 key Jeffries in G/D but in Australia P.J.
  5. A lachenal 55 key plus air button # 4164 Raised metal ends , metal buttons ,steel reeds ,6 fold bellows. Someone started work on this concertina and never finished it. I can see new pads are fitted. There is some air coming out the ends and some patches on the outside of the bellows . One of the finger rests needs to be attached . The concertina is playable as it is but needs some attention It has a hard case in good condition and inside the lid is Crabb business card so it looks as if the concertina may have been in their work shop.The concertina will have tracking worldwide and shipping is included in the price.For more photos email me patrickcullen54@hotmail.com $1900 US
  6. Hi Deirdre I am in Sydney Australia. As yet no more info on Tom but i have found out where the Jeffries was prior to 1968 which was in an outback town in Queensland and i have contacted a person who is looking into it and when i find out more will post it on concertina net. P.J.
  7. Have a number of concertinas for sale including a Duet Aeola which belongs to Richard Evans email for more photos prices etc. Also i have just purchased a Jeffries which has the name of Tom Molloy on one side. Does anyone know who was he , did he play concertina or maybe this was presented to him ? The person i got it from had nothing to do with Mr.Molloy and he has had the concertina here in Australia since 1968 My email is patrickcullen54@hotmail.com Happy christmas P.J. ( djangojessie the name of my dogs )
  8. Hi,

     not sure if you’d be interested. But I have an ac Norman GC posted. Looking to trade for an English or possibly a McCann.


    If this might be of interest let me me know




  9. 2 x Lachenal Duets 46 key + air button Metal ends Bushed metal keys Steel reeds 6 fold bellows with papers ( # 2437 ) 7 fold bellows ( # 3459 ) with corner patches on the outside ( professionally done ) Non original cases In concert pitch and restored by Richard Evans. # 2437 $1450 #3459 $1350 Will ship worldwide If sold a donation will be made to concertina net Email me for more photos
  10. Hi Geoff Do you need the baritone now ? I have an 48Key Aeola ( April 1925 ) in the pipeline. I could have it before christmas this year i hope P.J. djangojessie
  11. For sale is this 56 key baritone aeola. # 30375 ( 1924 ) Model 14 Its extended upwards , goes down to G Richard Evans looked at this concertina and said it is a wonderful concertina and great condition for its age and it plays and sounds great. It is not in concert pitch , a couple of end bolts are not original and one button is not original but works fine . Comes in original brown leather case. Price includes shipping with tracking 3000 Pounds Email patrickcullen54@hotmail.com
  12. Hi Geoff Can you email me on patrickcullen54@hotmail.com Thanks patrick
  13. Hi Geoff Yes this concertina now lives in Victoria with one very happy owner. Richard Evans looked at this concertina and said it was the best english concertina he had ever seen , played or heard P.J.
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