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  1. The minuet in G minor is a great one. Bach was really a genius, making simple pieces sound absolutely fantastic - and you're interpretation here is really paying it justice. Well done! Hope to hear more soon!
  2. The instrument has a beautiful sound, and the arrangement you're playing here is great - you definitely get a fuller sound than most EC arrangements. Here it really sounds like a multi-parts arrangements - would be curious to hear more!
  3. These records are excellent Boney! I love the very full sound you get in both At A Georgia Camp Meeting and Tobasco - in both you make a great use of your right hand, and I really love the occasional counter-melodies like embelishments, as well as the chord played with the right hand in the offbeat. Tobasco in particular sounds incredibly full, and the variations starting at 2:00, when you shift the melodic work to the left hand, are really good. You almost sound like a concertina playing V. Marceau! Did you ever publish the sheet music for these arrangements online?
  4. I'd love to hear you play this 65 key WW-2! There aren't many players using such instruments out there, and given what you were able to get from that 46-keys WW-1 I'm really looking forward hearing what you can come up with!
  5. I remember you had told me you were working on this piece - the result is magnificent! It does have this musette waltz feeling which I'm particularly fond of, and I especially love the part at 1:48 in which you get a very full sound with these drone notes, almost like a barrel organ... Hope you'll record other pieces in the same style!
  6. I love the invention Nr 8, it used to be one of the few pieces I could play more or less correctly on the piano... Can't wait to hear your concertina transcription! I did play Schaffs mit mir on the anglo, but I don't think I'd be able to play it anymore, it's been quite a long time since I last attempted it... I think there was one high note I had to replace.
  7. Have you ever tried to arrange Bach's "Schaffs mit mir" on the concertina? I'm pretty sure it could sound great!
  8. I really like your version! One question though; you chose to keep an "oom-pah" pattern in the bass whereas the original follows an "oom-oom-pah-pah" pattern - have you tried to play it that way also?
  9. Hello everybody, this is not entirely new, as we had already discussed that player's achievement here a while ago, but I stumbled upon his work again yesterday while searching for concertina arrangements of german well-known air "Puppchen, du bist mein Augenstern", for which he made a good arrangement. But what really caught my ear is his version of the Marino Waltz : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIhQ_NF5wbI He's playing a basic, two-reeded, 20 keys anglo - but in my opinion he has fuller arrangements, and a more beautiful sound than many of the more high-end concertina players that can be heard online. I also love the way he makes a good use of the lowest notes available on the anglo - which brings me back again to my point that duets makers are losing something by making their instruments often limited to the c below middle c. But I'd love to see more duets - and why not, english - players try to delve more into that kind of playing, and use the chromatic abilities of their instruments to make even richer arrangements - using chromatic runs and without any push-pull limit, you could get closer to what (in my opinion of course) would be the graal of the "full sound", the barrel organ! Thoughts aside, I hope you'll enjoy these videos as much as I do. He's really using the 20-keys anglo to its full harmonic potential.
  10. Tona, that's an amazing version! With these basses and counter-melodies, you almost sound like a string quartet. It seems that this tune fits the duet extremely well - the version JeffLeff recorded a few years ago also comes to mind. Forgive me if I already asked you this, but what's the range of your instrument? Now, with all the talents there are on this website, you guys should start to publish some of your arrangements!
  11. Great! Also, it's a nice example of the way you can come up with an arrangement in a different key for the same piece. It sounds great in D, and you're obviously having fun playing it!
  12. I'd be very curious to have a look at these videos! I didn't know that the concertina was played in Bolivia, it would be great to hear more!
  13. David > That's quite a fun story! I thought you had just recorded it for pleasure, hadn't guessed that this record actually was the first step in your acting career! 😀 Playing the concertina in such a setting must be an interesting challenge - are you also required to act while you play (not necessarily talking, but interacting with the other characters etc)? Looking forward to hear your latest arrangement - it'll be interesting to see how you managed to adapt it to the different key. Speaking of the arrangement, how did you come up with this one - especially for the bass part? Did you work by ear, or did you use a sheet music?
  14. The accompaniment for which piece? I've got to say that I haven't had much time to practice these past months, I should play a little bit more...
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